OT: Would you EVER marry a buckeye?

Submitted by WichitanWolverine on March 20th, 2010 at 3:40 AM

The question can't get any simpler: would you or would you not ever, under any circumstances, marry a bucknut?


The following comes from a very inebriated, very close-minded Wolverine.

Personally, no, I could not. Being as objective as possible, I could never see myself marrying a Buckeye. If I found out that the love of my life was a Buckeye, then maybe I could. But I do not see myself ever engaging in an intimate relationship with a Buckeye, knowing that she was one beforehand.

I don't normally promote prejudice, racism, or hatred toward any group of people, but I, honestly, feel nothing other than sheer hatred towards anything or anyone associated with the OSU community.

Again, I am shitfaced, but I am who I am. My parents met at the U (of M, we are over 100 years older than Miami so we are IMO the rightful owners of "The U") so without it, I wouldn't be alive.




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Against my better judgment (the little head was thinking for the big head) I had a relationship with a smoking hot gal from the State of Michigan who had a 20+ year relationship with a former OSU football player. He paid for her daughters education at OSU and she worked at OSU for a number of years. She said she bled scarlet & gray and believe me that on more then one occasion I wanted to stab her to find out if it were true. Her hatred for U of M was unreal and her love for the buckeyes knew no boundaries. The fights we had over the rivalry were of legend. The makeup sex equally so. Our last fight ended the relationship. Finally after an OSU basketball victory over UofM she was going on and on about how great OSU and how shitty we are with the venom of a viper. Once she tasted wolverine blood she became unbearable. I was afraid she was going to go out side and tip my car over in her personal celebration. I finally couldn't take her anymore. I told her you may have won the game but you'll always be an asshole. I left and never saw her again. Thank God!


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Why? Because, tattooed on the head of my schwanz is a snarling wolverine head for my soldiers to come marching out of! You know it, bros. We're always bangin' out to Journey and Motley Crue. In my room, I got my smoke machine plugged in 24/7, and a box of sparklers for special occasions.


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I wonder how many "principled" "I would never do/date/marry an OSU grad" folks would turn this young lady away? And by the time she is done and asks her question, how many would not have so much drool dripping down their chin that they would answer any way she wants? And if she actually turned out to be a girl worthy of taking home to mom and spending many years together, would do so in a heartbeat?

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She went to collage at tOSU. Every year tOSU sends her a letter, we need $ from you with those little address stickers in them with our address, I cut off the block red O and use the tags. screw you buckeye school.....no soup for you.

I live in central Ohno and have two little M fans running around the house.


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And we made our reception entrance to "The Victors," with all of her Sparty friends and family in attendance

For a brief, shining moment, I was full of win.

Kalamazoo Blue

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I was in Columbus for the game in 2006. I had a brief conversation with a nice woman dressed in scarlet and grey. I'm paraphrasing her:

"I'll bet you've been treated just terribly here today. I hate that about our fan base. Please understand that about 10% of us think Michigan is a special place and we just enjoy the rivalry. I apologize for our jerk fans."

She was sincere and a class act. Wouldn't automatically rule out her or the other 10% of the Buckeye lady fans.


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Isn't the offseason wonderful? This is by far the busiest thread today and we have spring ball and the NCAA tourney to talk about, and this is the busiest thread...wonderful!