OT: Would Saban Take the Texas Job?

Submitted by MGoVoldemort on September 8th, 2013 at 10:36 AM
With Mack Brown likely out, I couldn't help but think about who would likely be candidates. Texas is clearly going to go after a big name coach, because that program seemingly demands it. That being a factor, the first name I came to was Nick Saban. Saban has an ego as big as Texas, and if Bama manages to threepeat this year, he may feel like he's accomplished everything he wanted to. In Texas, Saban would walk into a talent rich area, a large football budget, and another huge fan base. I honestly think Texas will come calling, and they will be bringing a large amount of money with them. Definitely something to keep an eye on, could get very interesting.



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Pete Carrol is doing quite well in his 2nd go-around in the NFL

I'm saying the NFL is the only level he has yet to conquer and he's a competitor. He's going to prove his worth by being successful in the NFL. He's done everything he can at the college level. Once the national championships start to dry up, Bama fans (ultimately spoiled by this point) will put the pressure on him to win. His margin of error is 0 there.


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Would you rather have the resources of a 2 or 3 time national champion or clean up a program someone else messed with? Any amount of money Texas can bring to the table I expect Bama can match.


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Saban - or whoever replaces Brown - would not exactly be "cleaning up" the program.  Texas' roster is an deep and talented as there is outside of Bama and the program is as healthy as ever.  The issue with Brown is the underperformance on the field given the talent and resources at his disposal.  


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If both programs are at the height of their power, Texas is the better job. The Texas athletic department makes more than anyone, and their boosters have been hankering to get rid of Mack for years.


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That's a good question.

They both absolutely own talent-rich recrutitng areas and can also have their pick of national recruits.

They are so close top-of-the-food-chain wise, that i think it would come down to a life style choice, probably of the coach's wife . . . do you want the glamor and spot light of LA or do you want the more comfortable family friendly environemnt of Austin?

Happy wife, happy life.



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Actually its funny that you say that. No doubt, Texas is a recruiting juggernaut, but do they really ever pull in "national talent"? Texas had so much talent coming out of highschool, that they can be a top 5 recruiting class every year without ever recruiting outside of Texas. I cant recall any 5 star prospect outside of Texas committing to UT recently.  


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Most desirable is very subjective, but I think Texas has the biggest advantages.  Huge financial resources and great recruiting base.  They are in one of the big three recruiting states, but more importantly, they have more influence over recruiting in Texas than any other school has in Florida or California. 

Mr. Rager

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Conventional logic says, "no" - but it's not completely out of the realm of possibility.

1) He's moved around before

2) If Bama was about to get hit with sanctions (highly unlikely, thanks NCAA) - then it would make sense for him to pull a Calipari.  


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Bama was hit with major NCAA sanctions twice in the last 20 or so years (which makes the whining about that institution not going after big targets sound pretty hollow as well).  Gene Stallings won a national title in 1992 and had a top-5 finish in 1994.  Mike DuBose won an SEC title in 1999 (lost to Michigan in Orange Bowl.  Dennis Franchione won 10 games and the SEC West in 2002, but the team was ineligible for the title game.  Mike Shula went 10-2 in 2005.

Saban showed up at a power program that was just coming off major sanctions.  Four straight coaches had success there before him, they just weren't able to maintain that success consistently because of near constant NCAA sanctions.

Perkis-Size Me

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Doubtful. He's got everything he could ever want at Bama: a stable, dominant program in the country's most dominant conference, and Bama will match whatever Texas is willing to pay him. Any top recruit in America will want to come to Bama. Saban's results recruit for him.

The only reasons Saban would leave Bama now is if his ego is so inflated that he feels he should go out and prove himself again that he can build another dominant program, which to me is pretty foolish considering he's proved that multiple times over. Or, the right NFL job comes calling. Like the Pats, especially with the Saban Belichek connection.


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I wouldn't be totally shocked if his "people" put out some rumors of interest in order to leverage a new deal (as if he needs one), but leaving for Austin at this stage in his career would be a head-scratcher to say the least.


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Texas will likely be open as will Usc. 

Also consider Saban's family, they moved from East lansing to baton rouge in 2000, to Miami in 2004 to Alabama in 06/07, I don't think the family wants to move and establish all new relationships right now........with all new unreal expectations in a building process, again. 

Jmho, Saban has reached the summit of coaching in college and the only thing left is the nfl and he isn't going back. 


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Not that it means much, but I had thought that when Saban signed his last extension, he had said something to the effect that it represented a commitment to to remain at Alabama for the remainder of his career in coaching. He's been circumspect about any offers in the last few years, but he has mentioned on numerous occasions that his current job will be his last as a head coach. 


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Attractive then USC at this moment. Kiff has killed that program so much that most top recruits are and will continue to look at UCLA and up North. I would take Texas In a minute. Not having to deal w Oregon and there deep pockets is a plus too.


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Is what offers float Narduzzi's way.  I recall BC looked at him hard.  But what if bigger fish come calling?  Pure speculation, but if Narduzzi leaves for an HC position and Dantonio soon retires, MSU could be in real trouble.  (Of course, they might make a great hire, but that's iffy.)