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Submitted by Ron_Lippitt on June 18th, 2012 at 1:54 PM

Karsch and Anderson (97.1 The Ticket in Detroit) had a discussion last hour about the worst sports injury seen on video.  Of course, the Theismann leg comes immediately to mind, but after viewing the following beach soccer video, you might agree that this is worse...

WARNING:  This is not for the weak.  Scroll down past the Theismann and Malarchuk injuries.





June 18th, 2012 at 2:03 PM ^

What about the one where that kickboxer's leg turns to rubber?  There's also one from a WWE match where guy jumps off one of the corners of the ring and shatters his leg.  I'm not going to look them up and post them because I'm a wuss when it comes to things like this.


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Most horrific one I've seen was Martin Taylor's tackle on Eduardo da Silva. Also, both times Cisse broke his legs were pretty gross.


Edit: Here's the vid. NSFL.


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I wasn't even going to look at it because I'm not into gore, but Gator just kept going on and on and on about this video for an entire hour.  I guess I just had to look.

It's more "curious" as in -- how is that possible!!?? --- than gory.


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Depends.  You don't have a desire to torture small animals, do you?

In all honesty, that beach soccer injury looks awful, but it's probably just a dislocated kneecap.  Not great, but much less awful than knee injuries I've seen on my own left leg - I've kneeled sideways after my femur slid off the tibial plateau after an ACL rupture and an LCL avulsion fracture. 


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I remember seeing Clint Malarchuk at a San Diego Gulls game when he was the coach of the Idaho Steelheads.  He had one wicked scar on his neck.  I read somewhere that the doctors told him that if the trainer had been something like 10 seconds later in using that towel to apply pressure to his neck that he would have died.

I also find it a little crass to see the ad for treatments for arthritic knees at the bottom of the beach soccer video where the guy's knee gets destroyed.  Computers may be able to automatically target ads but they cannot exercise judgment . . .  yet.  At least not until Skynet comes online.


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Can't watch this kind of stuff. More power to those of you who can though. I've broken multiple bones and when I see these injuries it just takes me all back to the excruciating pain I went through.


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I have seen some pretty gruesome injuries in person and on tv, but the worst was when the lanky running back on my fifth grade football team slipped, started doing the splits and then had a 6 foot tall 200+ pound kid fall on his leg. Snapped his femur in half like a twig.

Drew Sharp

June 18th, 2012 at 2:44 PM ^

the malarchuk injury hit a whole different level because everyone there knows he could very well be dying in front of our eyes. Nothing else even compares. seriously...

a) busted knee/leg/arm/whatever


b) bleeding to death


June 18th, 2012 at 2:54 PM ^

McCallum's 90-degree wrong-way knee injury against the 49ers is the worst injury I think I watched as it happened. Worse, in my opinion than the Theisman injury. If I recall, they showed the replay once, sort of to see if they really had seen what they thought they'd seen, and that was it. I remember the defender laying under McCallum for several minutes until they could get him pulled out.


June 18th, 2012 at 3:06 PM ^

I used to watch these videos all the time during my seminar class back in high school. Could watch anything and not think a thing of it. That is, until I was playing basketball my senior year and watched as an opponent jumped, grabbed a rebound, and landed right next to me but not before shattering his leg. His ankle was up by his knee. Since that day I cant watch those videos anymore. The fact that I tore my ACL and meniscus in April and I know what alot of those guys experienced probably doesnt help.

The videos of broken bones, dislocated joints, etc are bad enough, but the video of the hockey goalie getting his throat slashed by a skate is truly horrifying.


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That beach soccer injury looks horrible but I think it's just a dislocated kneecap.  I know "just" is easy to say when it's not my knee.  I saw a very similar injury in person playing intramural softball in college.  I guy crossed home plate and slid on the plate and caught the catcher's leg and ended up with his kneecap halfway around his leg like that.  One of our faculty coach/players was a former wrestling coach and he pushed it back in place with the kid's permission.  He was hobbling around campus the next day with a knee brace.


June 18th, 2012 at 3:33 PM ^

It may not have looked as gruesome, but how can we all forget Zoom busting his elbow?

I mean, do you remember him shaking and convulsing in pain? I thought he was going to vomit all over.

Also, I tend to avoid looking at these things. I remember one of my 'friends' trying to get me to watch the Daniel Berg video back in the day. NOT GONNA HAPPEN.


June 18th, 2012 at 4:33 PM ^

still gives me chills, as does Dan Wheldon's crash at Las Vegas.  I know some people won't consider these 'sports' but they were just so sudden.


also Alex Zanardi losing both legs in a crash



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I can't remember the details or names but I watched a game where a (Redskins?) kicker punter got hit on a blocked punt or FG. He was wearing one of those old school single bar face masks and broke his nose so badly it looked like a chunk was missing from where the bridge of his nose should have been and he was bleeding so bad it was practically squirting. That's probably the worst I've seen live.


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Disclaimer :  This is a "Cool Story Bro" moment.  I generally stay away from them but this is on topic.  Deal with it.

I reffed a lot of Intramural (IM) soccer at U of M.  Most of you who attended Michigan and played intramurals are familiar with the breakdown of the various divisions.  For those that aren't, there are (were?) the following divisions:

  • Independent A (IA)
  • Independent B (IB)
  • Fraternity A (FA)
  • Fraternity B
  • Sorority
  • Residence Hall
  • Grad, Faculty, & Staff

Independent was basically the "open" division.  For the most part, the best teams/players were in IA (or FA).   IB was a mixture of players of all abilities.  One fateful day, my name was called to officiate an IB soccer game filled with players predominantly of no ability.  Some might think that would make it easier to officiate, but it is quite the opposite.  Inexperience players tend to kick and jump into opposing players... a lot.  When that happens, someone is going to get injured, which concludes my lead in.......

I can't remember any of the particulars of the game other than the quality of soccer being too terrible to have a reference of comparison.  But I will never forget "the injury."  There was a point in the game where one team's goalie ran out and jumped for a loose ball.  There was a terrible collision as players from both sides also jumped at the ball.  Shortly after, one player came running away from the pile whimpering, "I heard it break." 

All IM officials are required to go through First Aid and CPR training, so I did what I was meagerly paid to do.  I ran up to the unfortunate player (the aforementioned goalie) to see how I could help.  He was lying on his back with his leg pulled up to his chest.  When I looked at his foot, I almost turned around and walked away.  The bottom portion of his leg and his foot were "dangling."  The only thing that I could think to do was hold his foot and support it in as normal of a position as I could. 

Now, the U of M hospital is a short 10 minute walk from the IM fields mind you so I didn't think that I would be in that spot for all that long but, of course, it took an ambulance about 45 minutes to get there.  The first responders (a fire truck) was marginally quicker.  This kid was in rough shape.  He couldn't reposition his leg because it hurt too much.  Every few minutes his leg muscles would spasm because of the strain from the position the leg was in.  The spasms would shake his leg which, by his reaction, was also quite painful.  Thankfully, for myself as much as the kid, it was not a compound fracture.

As it turned out, he had to drop out of school that semester.  I never did find out if he re-enrolled. 



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Back when I was a kid, I remember a play where the kick returner from the Patriots was running down the sideline about to score a TD and he got cut down from a tackler at an angle which snapped his leg clean in half and he kept running for a few steps while his leg dangled there helplessly.  It was painful to watch and even painful to describe here years later.  I never saw a clip of it anywhere other than that one time on TV.


June 18th, 2012 at 6:04 PM ^

His injury did it for me. Enough for a lifetime of youtube injury lowlights. 

Given the proliferation of defensive end size, speed and strength, I'm surprised to this day that we haven't seen a real live decapitation in the NFL.  It's probably coming.



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Oddly I was at a Christmas gathering with him last year. We all watched the Todd Marinovich story on ESPN. It' was funny listening to him tell story's about Todd and the Raiders while he flashed on and off the screen when they showed Todd's teammates. For some reason I thought he played again after that, but he told me he almost lost his leg. But anyway...

Dude Lebowski

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Hey dudes, first post, but long time lurker.  Felt compelled to post since a few of these horrific injuries were dislocated or fractured patella (knee cap).  Shattered my knee cap back in December 2009 while rollerblading and spent the better part of 2 years and 3 surgeries to get mt knee back to working condition. Here's a pic of it.  Now I know why the Mafia would break people's knee caps.  OUCH!!!

Dude says GO BLUE!!!