OT: Worst restaurant/bar experiences, stories?

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Piggybacking off of my thread from the other day on wild shit at sporting events, what are some crazy bar or restaurtant stories?

whether it's douchey service, fights or anything else. You have a story, I want to hear it.

mine: was at a Red Lobster once and a guy had a meltdown because they got his order wrong and he threw his plate of shrimp scampi against the wall, sending customers screaming/running while he continued to throw things. Police were called and he was arrested due to resisting arrest when he was trying to fight a bartender.




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Went into a restaurant recently and told the waiter my soup tasted funny... he asked why I wasn't laughing

I'm here all week - thx

Jehu the Damaja

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I worked at bar on a lake a few summers ago and this girl fell off the back of the boat and got run over by the propellers. One of the most gruesome things I've seen, her ankle was barely still hanging on and had these giant gashes all over her back. She actually came in about a month later and told me the whole story and showed me all the scars. Crazy she's even still alive.

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I was at the Big Boy on Washtenaw and someone died. They made everyone leave and we walked by a body with a white sheet on it. It was in the newspaper the next day.

MMB 82

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Went in without reservations on a busy night, they offered us table service in the bar area. Fine, no problem, my wife had been a waitress in her youth, we understand. But what they did was get the hostess girl to wait our table, or at least tried to; she was obviously pissed off to the extreme that she should have to wait a table, and proceeded to do whatever she could to ignore, abuse, disdain etc., we couldn't even get served water. Eventually I asked for the manager and politely expressed my desire to apologise to the young lady for inconveniencing her. We declined having our meal comped, but it remains the only time in 30+ years I have ever not tipped a server.

MMB 82

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when we lived in Chicago- it was right across from our athletic club. Any restaurant can have an off night or be very busy, but this girl was way beyond anything we had ever experienced.


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Yeh I know its only fast food, but watching the empolyees behind the counter argue and insult each other was really awkward.  Couple that with slow service and cold food and I haven't been back to a BK in over five years now.


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since the stories can go on, and on, and on.   but how about one that is from ann arbor where i wasn't technically in the story.   'we' were out eating at the brown jug late one night.   one table didn't have enough $ and decided to do a 'dine and dash'.   well the manager somehow figured that out and when that particular table was on the way out they were confronted by an ann arbor cop.  one of our football player buddies (no names here, but he was a lineman) panicked and without saying a word hit the cop on the button and dropped him on the spot.   reminscent of caddy shack, they all quickly walked away leaving the cop.....



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It isn't so much noteworthy as it is mystifying, and it wasn't an actual sit-in dinner but instead me ordering takeout. The Texas Roadhouse in Taylor - if you catch them on a night when they have people who can do things in parallel - has OK service. This was not such a night. 

I called in a takeout order - or tried to do so - and heard "Texas Roadhouse, please hold". Click. I called again - same words, but this time actual hold music - for 10 minutes. I hung up and called again, figuring I had been forgotten. I assume the phone there has caller ID because now I get a frustrated, "WHAT??" from someone who can't be more than 18 perhaps. 

I explain that I want to place an order, so they graciously let me do this and I give my last name - "Cook" - and they tell me 15 minutes. It takes 10 to drive there, so I leave after I call basically. I tell them I am here for a takeout order and I give them the name and they have no idea who I am. 

"What did you order?"

I tell them what I ordered. Apparently, I am "Michaels" somehow, but as I could describe the order in graphic detail, I somehow get it - 15 minutes after my arrival. As was about to pay, I stopped and I asked to talk to the manager and I described my experience and managed to get my meal for 50% off, paying only for the entrees. 



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This reminds me of the Seinfeld episode, "The Chinese Restaurant". Particularly, where the host calls out "Cartwright". George later goes up to find out when they'll be seated, and the host says he already called them. Jerry: Who's Cartwright? George: Apparently, I am.

At least you got your food.


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I worked at Wendy's in high school (early 90s). Guy comes in, orders a burger, and proceeds to bring it back to the counter to complain about why it doesn't look like the picture on the board. Mind you, this is a couple months after the movie Falling Down came out. He then proceeds to "tip" me a dollar for the "crappy food" we serve and goes back to eat his burger. After his meal he comes up to the counter again and "tips" me five dollars for our supposed crappy food and then walks out. I spent the rest of my shift convinced he was going to come back and spray the entire restaurant with an AK-47.

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