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Submitted by Inflammable Flame on January 21st, 2018 at 7:47 AM

Since it's the weekend and there's not much in the way of significant sporting events until this afternoon, I took it upon myself to help you pass your time until your upcoming camping trip.

My question to the board is this: What is the best internet wormhole you have ever fallen into?

For those that don't know...an internet wormhole is basically when you mindlessly surf the web and find yourself either balls-deep in something super intriguing or when one web search leads to a string of endless web searches that leaves you wondering where you are and how you got there.


Mine: After hearing about the Bhopal-Union Carbide disaster, my googling led me to the Johnstown Dam disaster, which led me to the Three Mile Island accident. After spending too much time on that, I was then led to Chernobyl; which is where I found a pretty cool video by Discovery Channel called Zero Hour (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ITEXGdht3y8). Before I knew it I had too much time invested in this journey and am now pretty much a self-proclaimed man-made disaster expert.



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Last summer/ early fall I found myself watching a ton of you tube videos of people breaking into and exploring the silver dome. It was interesting to see it at various stages of decline. I would have like to have been able to go inside before it was blown up. I have a lot of childhood memories there. Also, urban exploration is kind of intriguing to me although I haven’t done any myself.

Laser Wolf

January 21st, 2018 at 10:06 AM ^

There has been a few picture essays about abandoned malls here in Northeast Ohio and they’re really eerie. In many cases there’s still signage, kiosks, etc. Just a snapshot of rampant expansionism and capitalism frozen in time.

Inflammable Flame

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Ancestry is a good one. Especially when you start getting back 100-200+ years. The furthest I can go back is to about 1600 when my many-greats-grandfather came over from Northern France.  Was even able to figure out the name of the ship he came over on, and how much he got paid upfront to guarantee labor once he landed in Canada. Pretty cool stuff


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parents from same small Island that has been 100 percent Catholic since the 12th Century. Marriage records are well kept. Not that hard.

Its tracing back before that that is virtually impossible except through DNA.

Inflammable Flame

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Depends how much work and time you want to put in. I started with Ancestry, which lets you build your tree for free as long as it's domestic information (like dates and locations from American cities, church records, etc). You can take some of that information and try googling those names and see what foreign records sites come up. Mine came up with a church records site from France that had to be translated. Gave me a little more information but prior to 1700s-ish paper records can be "translated" differently, or miswritten (is that a word?) such as adding or removing a letter or two from a name. Can add some difficulty to searching if your name is changed thru the years. Mine ends in a "d" but some records have it ending in a "t".

The Oxford Wolverine

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A lot of times, public libraries have ancesetry departments that allow you free access to ancestry tools. Also, while I haven't done much with my ancestry in the last few years, I used the Church of the Latter Day Saints research database, which is free. Between ancestry.com and the LDS database, that was the majority of my research. Now, if you got serious about it, you can always order microfilm of birth and death records, depending on if they exist from your country of origin. Fascinating stuff. 


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So the famous line when Vader reveals Lukes lineage (spoiler alert) I always thought he said "Luke, I am your father." Welp, apparently I somehow misremembered that and it actually goes "No, I am your father." Anyways, that got me into the mandela effect which subsequently got me looking up multiverse and conspiracy theories abound. I was wearing a tin foil hat for a good month before I calmed down.

901 P

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Funny how many of us gravitate toward these conspiracy theories. (We're interested in them, not that we believe them.) A couple of weeks ago I got drawn into QAnon. Very strange and more than a little disconcerting.


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I once spent a hefty amount time reading some , what I thought , pretty convincing arguments on why John Wilkes Booth wasn’t actually killed in the surrounding barn (someone else was) and he lived a long life .

901 P

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The history of radical movements in the 1970s, which then sometimes shade into weird cult-like groups. A few months ago I started reading about the Symbionese Liberation Army. i had heard about it in relation to Patty Hearst, but I really knew nothing else about the group.

Inflammable Flame

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I remember that show. I think I only watched one episode, something about the uber-rich people all meeting together in like upstate California or something? They were on a boat trying to gain access up a river or something...I'm scraping the walls of my memory for that one. 


EDIT- Quick googling leads me to Bilderberg Group.

EDIT 2- TruTV and Alex Jones are mentioned. This conspiracy must be true.

Flying Dutchman

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I have 2.


And the mob killing Kennedy. There is no way the mafia isn’t primarily responsible for shooting JFK. Oswald on his own just didn’t happen but so many history books want it that way.