OT: World Cup Semifinals Thread - Spain v Germany

Submitted by Plegerize on July 7th, 2010 at 2:26 PM

This is for the right to play the Netherlands in the World Cup Finals.

Germany v Spain -- 2:30pm EST

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I personally am rooting for Germany to play the Dutch. I like Spain, but Deutschland has proven to be a formidable force to play against.

EDIT: By the way I have to work at 3:30pm so I won't even be able to watch the whole thing :(



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How are the three-letter abbreviations for countries determined?  Is it up to the country?  I can understand why Spain is ESP (for España) but why is Germany GER when its native name is Deutschland?


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Spain dominating it would seem, but so did Argentina for large portions of their 4-0 loss. Torres out for Spain, Pedro in. Germany defense very organized early


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I bet that is the rule per FIFA.

But did you see the replay - clipped his heel and then magically both of his legs fell out from under him.  He was not running at full speed from what I could tell.  Super huge flop.  Maybe if he doesn't flop he gets the call.  I don't know.


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The last few games (Portugal and Paraguay) they have dominated the ball without really threatening the goal all that often.  They are a much different team without a fit Torres.  Seem to be lacking that killer instinct and true goal scoring threat.  I think the Germans have had as many or more actual chances so far and wouldn't be surprised to see them pull this out 1-0.


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Finally creating chances but nobody there to bang them home.  Ramos could easily have won a penalty but I think if you aren't going to call the earlier one for Ozil you can't call that one.


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Casillas denies a wide open chance in the box for Kroos.  Right when the Spanish look like they could win it any time the Germans get their best chance by far.


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Disagree.  Good no call.  Puyol's tackle was legit and Schweinstieger tripped over his leg after the fact.  The ref has let minor contact go throughout the game, it would have been completely inconsistent to call that.


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He might not have.  And I should be clearer - by legit I don't mean it was good tackle, rather a tackle that was rather unharsh and of no danger.  In some games it could have been a foul, but since the ref let the players play through a lot of contact, I think for consistency-sake it was a good no-call.


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The ref did a good job of not handing a result to either team today. I wish every game were called that way. It would probably do away with diving.

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I think it's interesting when you try to compare that to our football. They played the game by dominating possession and slowly weakening the Germans down until scoring chances arose. It's a really similar mindset to the conservative style of football where you establish the run game in order to create chances for damaging passing plays. 


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The defending European champions against a team that has won every single game in both qualifying and the World Cup while featuring possibly the two most in-form players in the world (Robben and Sneijder).  Spain has owned the ball but hasn't been terribly sharp in the final third without Torres fully fit (though they haven't had to be in their three 1-0 knockout round wins).  Would love to see what happens if the Dutch can get a goal and really open things up.  Should be fun.


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Both made over  60 appearances at Real Madrid in their two years there scoring double digit goals from midfield.  They won La Liga once and came in second once (to a historically good Barca side).  Then they were sold so that Madrid could bring in Kaka, Ronaldo, Benzema, etc. who proceeded to also finish second and go out in the Round of 16 in the Champions League. 

I don't think they were flops so much as victims of the unrealistic expectations at Madrid.  Their recent success with domestic doubles at Bayern and Inter while leading those teams to the Champions League final, coupled with Madrid's continued struggles (by their standards), would suggest they weren't the problem at the Bernabeu. 


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why people keep overlooking Spain in WC.  They pretty much dominated in every games even with the two losses against USA and Swiss.  They lost two games in the last 54 matchesand the former #1 team in the world(for several weeks) for a reason.


Spain is an outstanding posession team and will wear you down defensively.  They certainly wore Germany down and caught them napping. The better team won.  I expect Spain to win the WC.

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I'm actually very happy with the teams in the final. It will be nice to have someone new win a World Cup. The whole "if you aren't named Brazil, Germany, or Italy you have no chance in any World Cup ever" meme is a little irritating.


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The final matchup has interesting historical overtones.  The Dutch were once ruled by the king of Spain, before revolting and declaring their independence in 1581.  The Dutch national anthem pays tribute to William the Silent, Prince of Orange, who led the revolt.  Ironically, the final line of the anthem actually says "The King of Spain I have always honored."