OT: WMU coach P.J. Fleck uses onside kick to deliver scholarship to walk-on

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I know you are correct, but as a WMU alum I hope he stays for a long time!  Won't happen, but nice thought!

Not sure how we were able to get Sparty to play at Waldo Stadium, but DAMN!

My cousin is neighbors with Chance Stewart and says he loves playing for PJ.  Chance should be the starting QB next year!  Chance was a 4* when he committed to Wisky, but only a 3* after he flipped to WMU.  Interesting??


True Blue Grit

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on the radio and he's one impressive sounding coach.  He's going to land a major school job sometime in the near future I'd guess.  But, this was just a very cool thing to do. 


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He had a rough start his first year when WMU went 1-11, but last year they improved to 8-5. although they lost to all the good teams they faced. This year will be a big test. At 34-years-old, he's still a bit young to be offered a major job somewhere in the near future. If he does well, he could have a Tressell/Brian Kelly type career trajectory, where he's at a small school for a decade or so and does well there then gets a power 5 offer. 

The Mad Hatter

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One of Fleck's first actions as head coach was to rescind scholarship offers to incoming players who had verbally committed to Western Michigan. The withdraws occurred weeks before the national signing day, and left players unable to arrange other Division I scholarships as slots were already filled at other schools

The Mad Hatter

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for screwing those other kids out of their scholarships, right?  Also, he fucked his own alma mater by taking a job with Tampa Bay ONE DAY after agreeing to be the OC for his old team.

Come to think of it, this might have been the thinking behind the "Oakland is still in play" reporting, since it had happened before.


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Where did I say it makes up for it? I said he's known for this sholarship surprise stuff. 

On that topic... 

Quite frankly I'm not surprised that a new incoming head coach would sever ties with prior verbal commits. Especially on a squad that was rubbish prior to his arrival. It happens every year and Fleck's case was, what, 3 years ago now? Very well could have changed once he got his program swinging. 



The Mad Hatter

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It just seems like he might not be this great guy that everyone seems to be making him out to be.  I don't hate him or anything; I just think there's more to him than rowing the boat and handing out scholarships.

He'll probably be the head of a 5P program sooner rather than later as he's a good coach and obviously very ambitious (the alma mater thing).


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Taking a NFL position coach job is a great boost to his resume. Much more so than an OC position at a MAC school. Harbaugh was already an established head coach. He didn't need any job. He could select from many suitors if he so choose. Comparing Harbaugh's situation to that of Fleck is like comparing   the Big House to Saline's football field. Superfically they are both stadiums, but one is jusssstttt a little more impressive than the other.

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I'm not sure, but what I think you're trying to say is that Brady Hoke's decision to build a house closer to Saline "stadium" than to the Big House should've been a red flag indicating his questionable judgment in appraising impressiveness, hence the great weeks in practice, the best running back by a mile sitting on the bench until he was the only one left, etc.

By this yardstick we can already see how much better Harbaugh will be than Hoke just by looking at the map and comparing the relative distances from the Big House between Saline and Ann Arbor Hills.


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I don't know what position that kid plays, but I hope he dominates in their season opener and ends up being the reason they win. Whoever it is they happen to play.


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That was pretty awesome, and indeed, a very creative delivery too as right in the middle of practice is about the last place where you would expect that to happen. Awesome work, Coach Fleck and congratulations to that kid.