OT- Wiz Khailfa "Black and Yellow" remix "Blue and Yellow"

Submitted by rtsannes62992 on March 2nd, 2011 at 12:04 AM

Hey guys, I wanted to share this little remix with you guys. I did a  search for this and it hasn't been posted from what I was able to find, but not putting SIAP becuase I seriously hate when people do that. It makes me think they were just too lazy to look. Obviously the quality is a little bad seeing how it's off youtube, but I seriously loved the part at 1:04. This is my first post so don't murder me if I mess something up please.




I just came across this. Yay for being bored in college.

And again it's off youtube so of course whoever made this is not the most talented, basically just liked the line at 1:04.

p.s. If anyone knows how to/wants to embed, be my guest. Out of my skill level.



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cant we just let pittsburgh have there own thing i mean come on.. I never realized every pro team in pittsburgh was black and yellow til that song though


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I wasn't alive for 4 of them.  I've witnessed 2 wins and 2 losses in the Super Bowl, and if I've known a member of the opposing fanbase I have never, ever talked smack to them. 

Up here I get verbally assaulted by old men (true story).  It's really sickening.  Liken it to having that "X Days since U of M beat MSU at football or basketball" and having that rammed down your throat at least once a day, every day, since the game ended.  Annoying.


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Remakes and freestyles

Many remakes have been made, mostly in tribute to other sports teams, referring to their respective pair of colors. Some of the notable remakes include:

swan flu

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Sorry to be all "Hey you damn kids, get off my lawn!" but Our colors aren't Blue and yellow.  They are Maize and Blue.  That is all.