August 6th, 2014 at 1:54 PM ^

To follow the strictest interpretation, it isn't technically an impermissible benefit if it is something which is generally accessible or otherwise available to the student body as a whole. As we only saw one room, we cannot be certain that Coach Anderson didn't have the required 40,000 or so Wisconsin bucket hats (one for each student on the Madison campus) stowed elsewhere. If we don't see a campus full of bucket hats come September, it might be cause for concern definitely. 



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The team meeting had broke and Udey sat in his chair alone, clenching his newly awarded scholarship with a look of disguist. He had just saved his family a fortune but it didn't fullfill him. He watched as his teammates all crowded around Kyle......Kyle and his bucket hat. Kyle put it on and strutted  back and forth from one end of the meeting room to the other like some kind of super model peacock. All while exchanging high fives and pats on the back. The chant of "Ky-le, Ky-le!!" drove Udey mad with envy. "Why couldn't they have asked me his question? I knew it was Caputo" he wondered. Udey had a void that a scholarship couldn't fill. Only a bucket hat could make him feel whole. Kyle's bucket hat. He was alone now that his teammates had lifted Kyle on their shoulders and carried him out of the room. "Screw you Kyle" he said to himself.