OT: Winged design on cranial band for babies

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Thought the board might enjoy this.

The bands are to correct plagiocephaly (nothing serious, just helps correctly shape the head as it grows, they are only in them for 2-4 motnhs).

When our daughter who is now 3 needed one as a baby, I kept bugging my wife to let me put the winged design on it. To shut me up she promised if we had a boy that needed one I could put it on his. Little did she know we were going to have twin boys that both needed the bands.




Everyone Murders

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Only one is adorable, and the other one ... let's be honest.  Pretty meh in comparison.  And I think we can all see who the cute one is.  And maybe more importantly, I think the twins know too.

(Good going on the helmet/bands, OP.  When faced with the prospect of doing this for my oldest - who grew out of the issue - I asked the pediatrician if this was a possibility and he was on board.  My Spartan wife, not so much.)


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can be a serious problem if left untreated.

My daughter had the same issue and the Pediatrician kept assuring us she would grow out of it...delayed and delayed on the bands.

We finally went around him and went to a specialist...who informed us she should have been in one months and months ago - and it was almost too late to help her.

Thankfully it helped correct most of the problem but I remain mad a.f. at that PCP.


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similar story with our daughter. But my wife is on top of this stuff so we went around our pediatrician to the specialist pretty early on. After that we switched pediatricians.


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we got one of those 2 cuz my gf said my son needed it and the doc was either persuaded by her or agreed. well I didn't think he needed it. anyway $1800 later we got one. It was during the summer and my son would sweat so much wearing it that he hardly ever wore it. a couple months later, turns out the doc said he must have worn it during a growth spurt cuz his head was fine even though he only wore it like 10% of the time.


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What great little Michigan fans!  Hope to sign this two to play for Harbaugh in the class of 2035! (taking a dig at the loser who made that last post that was deleted smh)


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My now 12 year old hurt her arm and needed a sling when she was 5.  When the nurse pulled out the sling with the huge block M on it, she instantly got a huge grin and couldn't wait to show it off to her friends at school.  She still has that sling!

Thanks for giving me a great smile today!