OT: Will Alabama be Investigated?

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@DanWetzel: Does NCAA have either the resources or the resolve to investigate Alabama or is this a turning point? Column: http://t.co/msPjTOyQU6 Dan Wetzel openly wonders if the recent NCAA violation reports will finally lead to the NCAA to investigate Bama? Good article, but as we all know, nothing will come of it. But it's good to know that someone is finally taking a stand. http://sports.yahoo.com/news/ncaaf--will-alabama-case-force-ncaa-to-inv…



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that's for sure. Most of our actions seem to suggest we'd rather have corruption than have our bread and circuses shut down. MSU players saying they took money, open evidence of money changing hands in three or four programs, young women used to lure players. . . If the NCAA were going to act then aggressive news conferences in which investigations were announced would certainly be a START down the road to actual follow-up; we get none of that.

No way the organization, absurdly charged with overseeing itself, even has the personnel to conduct all of the investigations that would be required. . . We're definitely at a very low-water mark, and all of the bandaids contemplated only acknowledge the creeping commercialization of the sport. No way does this become fairer, etc. Then when you think that only 22 football programs make money, 12% of athletic departments? ? ? Wow. This is not a machine that does too much more than road-grade, in just one direction. . . 


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I dont think anybody's tolerance for corruption is rising (most fans want the game to be cleaned up), everyone is just resigned to the fact that the NCAA does not give 2 fucks and instead of penalizing a big school that gets caught redhanded they will just go find poor bumfuck East West Northsouth State and level the banhammer on them for the most minor of infractions.




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Yes, and they will get the same punishment as USC.  Wins expunged. Post-season ban.  Scholarship loss.  And the NCAAs most brutal punishment to date: Forcing Lane Kiffen to coach your team.





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Agreed SDW.  I'm sick of the 'holier than thou' attitude of fellow Michigan fans.  How quickly we forget there was a good amount of smoke surrounding our beloved Charles Woodson and involvement with an agent during the 1997 season. I doubt anyone here thinks the '97 national championship is tainted, but we just assume that everyone else who wins one somehow cheated to get it.  This stuff is going on everywhere, even in Ann Arbor.


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Not until the media is tired of doing stories about how great they are. Then they can run a bunch of stories about how they did it all by cheating. Wait...that sounds like USC.


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Alabama will do an internal investigation first and claim that it was a one time only event and that it has never ever happened at any other time ever, ever, ever.  The NCAA will accept the report as the word of God and that will be that.

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The NCAA might do an "investigation," but to actually think they'll actually do anything should they find anything is almost laughable.

Worst-case scenario for Bama: 6 schollies lost over 3 years, 2 years probation, and poof, its like nothing ever happened.


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He should have to set out like the first 45 seconds if the Manziel scale is precedence. All I have heard was it is less than $500 and he paid it back.  I haven't heard what the loan was for or the actual amount.  What if he forgot his wallet and ordered a pizza?  Coach spots him a $20 and then he pays him back?  This is under $500 and a loan. Is $500 the reporting level, so it would be < or >?  There are alot of reasons this could have happened some bad, some innocent and all against the rules.  You don't win if some one else loses, I don't understand everyones happiness for misfortune. 


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$500 would have a lot of money to me. Paying back $500 would have been hard to do. Now if Ha Ha borrowed $500 to cover his rent that he would gladly pay coach back on Tuesday when the scholarship room and board check deposited, that's a pretty minor thing compared to say signing all kinds of memorabilia in a hotel and alledgedly getting nothing in return ...


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I'm looking forward to how the NCAA will treat Alabama once Saban leaves, but unless Dix sets fire to a schoolbus full of puppies I don't expect him to miss anything more than a half.


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College Football is corrupt.

Professional Football is corrupt.

At this point...it makes sense to not care and just enjoy the games and not take the outcomes so seriously...

unless you are putting money on them...


BTW I hope my Mgopoints went to a good cause.  It felt good telling that asshole to fuck off...so it was a worthy donation!  Go Blue!


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Of course they wil be investigated. The results will show that Alabama is clean and none of this acually happened. The truth is the Clinton-Dix had his bank account hacked.


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I know it's Bama and we're supposed to hate their guts, cheer their downfall etc etc, but I really can't find it in me to care.  So the kid got loaned $500.  La de da.  Run your team your way and we'll run ours our way.  In the end, what difference does it make?


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I am 61 years old and barely over six feet tall.  I have more chance of playing center in the NBA than Alabama does of actually getting punished.


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This is all you got guys? Alamaba self-reported which means their compliance staff is doing their job. They will lose a great member of their team for several games for it. Why should any school self-report if a minor violation would result in a full scale NCAA investigation?

Alabama very well may be dirty but this isn't exactly the smoking gun.


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You almost hate to say that it has come to a point where you have very little faith that the NCAA will dole out a meaningful punishment (i.e., one that would hurt a program like Alabama) even if they investigate this matter and find significant issues beyond what has been reported, but that's sort of where I am at. 

If anything, the most stinging inconvenience might end up being the loss of the team masseuse on Wednesday after afternoon contact drills. Just on Wednesday though. 


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Won't amount to anything as far as the program but it could have consequences for saban. If he bolts to Texas it likely means that there is trouble brewing for bama. Bama just exists in periods between sanctions anyway and it seems they are due for another round of sanctions about now.

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We should take note of the apparent fact that Alabama took action in this case before it bacame a splashy story in the media.  The 'Bama story, from the perspective of the media, was that Alabama administrators had found something amiss, and had suspended both the player and the coach in question.  No doubt but that part of it all was Alabama's self-reporting a secondary violation to the NCAA.  The NCAA might well look upon all of that as a secondary matter, or else as a major violation deserving little in terms of investigative effort.

The NCAA doesn't want to open large-scale investigations on anybody.  Those investigations are expensive and time-consuming.  They sap NCAA resources.  They tend to make everybody involved look bad.

The NCAA relies upon the self-reporting and self-investigation of its member institutions.  Yes, it will do investigations.  The Michigan case in August/September of 2009 is a case in point; absolutely wild and eye-popping allegations made in a newspaper, to which the member institution cannot say "Yes, in fact we have already investigated that and self-reported it..."

And that is the monstrous nature of what the Free Press/Rosenberg/Snyder (you left out of your post any mention of Mark Snyder, -- who is still working the Michigan football beat).  Rosenberg worked at creating a story in which they deliberately kept Michigan administrators in the dark until the last possible moment before publication.  Even to the extent of making the published story much crappier than it needed to be by virtue of having gotten so much information wrong about technical aspects of CARA time computations.  That, as a result of never having talked to anybody of consequence in the Michigan Athletic Department questions about what they were working on.

The Michigan case quickly turned into a joint Michigan/NCAA investigation because of the way it unfolded, with Michigan unable to respond to allegations so terrible that they were almost bewildering.  Alabama might not have that problem.

We saw this very thing, when other schools became aware of the Michigan situation, and began to self-report secondary violations with regard to CARA time calculations and other related matters.  And nobody got hit with major violations when that was done by way of self-reporting.

So two things:  (1) Alabama's self-reporting (and I confess to not knowing exactly what they have done privately with the NCAA) might put the institution in good stead with the NCAA.  And (2); please let's all not forget that Mark Snyder and his newspaper are still in our midst and he ought to be treated as the suspect character that he showed himself to be in 2009.

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It is one of the MGoBoard policies that I mostly endorse.

But I'll respond to your post with all due respect to all, excepting of course Drew Sharp.

Drew Sharp doesn't much care about Alabama.  Sharp is a college football nihilist.  Sharp says basically that the Big Ten will never ever compete with the SEC, because the SEC plays by some very dirty rules, and the Big Ten plays by less dirty rules.  Sharp thinks everybody who administers college football is dirty, and the dirtiest ones win.  Sharp is all about how poor collegiate athletes are abused by the system which ranges from dirty to filthy to awful.

So Sharp would answer you by saying that yes he might just have more interest in Michigan, because (he says) Michigan feigns respectability, whereas Alabama doesn't even care.  Sharp's column would not be about cheating, it would be about hypocrisy.

Drew Sharp could do the world a favor by simply not writing about college football anymore.  He'd do me a big favor by not writing about anything anymore.