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Submitted by Togaroga on July 29th, 2010 at 9:08 AM

In order to make room for Jhonny Peralta, the Tigers designated Wilkin Ramirez for assignment.  I think I know how that works, but I'm a little worried about it, so I would love some clarification. 

What would have to transpire for the Tigers to lose Ramirez? 

Can another team claim him? 

If so, can the Tigers bring him back on anyway?

What was DD thinking when he DFA's Ramirez?  I thought he was our best OF on the farm.

(FWIW, I really think DD has been a solid GM for the Tigers.  He brought us back to respectability.  I would not bash him.)



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The thing about the minors, is you never know how guys are going to pan out.  Striking out in the minors isn't uncommon at all -- it's extremely difficult to judge at a minor league level how someone will pan out in the majors.  Not saying Ramirez is a future all-star but it's really tough to base anything on the minor leagues. 


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I think what you are saying works one way and not the other. If someone rakes in the minors, it doesn't mean he is going to be great in the majors. If someone sucks in the minors, most likely he will suck in the majors.

Everyone loves Wilken Ramirez and I don't know why. He is a bust.


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I don't love Ramirez -- just saying that it's difficult to judge based on minor league numbers.  Pitchers are often trying to work on certain pitches and hitters are often times working on developing certain areas of hitting (i.e. strike zone, plate discipline, etc.) for 2-3 years into their careers in the minor leagues.  And for a lot of guys, especially latino players, it's their first time playing with organized teams, wood bats, and long seasons.  Now in the case of Ramirez, he has surpassed many of the development stages so I am not backing him up on this observation.  I'm just making a point that numbers aren't everything in the minors.


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Dude is batting like .214 this year with 4 hr's if i'm not mistaken. He was at one point one of our top OF prospects but has been surpassed by Casper Wells and obviously Brennan Boesch among others.

On a side note, please Boesch, don't turn into Chris Shelton 2.0.

Kilgore Trout

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Continuing on the side note, if I'm Leyland, I'd move Boesch to the 3 hole immediately.  He needs the fear of Cabrera behind him to get some better pitches to hit and get less pressure on him.  I would put someone like Damon at 5 behind Cabrera.  I know it goes against the conventional power wisdom, but Damon is more of a professional hitter that should be able to handle the pressure of hitting when they've pitched around Cabrera and at least put the ball in play. 


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Couldn't agree more. I didn't think about that but I mean, imagine the pressure of having them walk Cabrera to load the bases to get to you, twice! His head is probably spinning right now. In the 3 hole he will definitly get good pitches still and way less pressure.


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Some statistician named Bill James, baseball folks may have heard of him, put this out a few years ago (25 yrs ago) in his baseball abstract and called it MLEs. Not that it should have taken a statistician to prove to people that there's a correlation between a guy hitting .280 in the minors to hitting .275 in the majors.


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Much rather see him in the 3 hole than Rugburn. Couldn't think of a better remedy for a slumping hitter than hitting in front of Miggy.

Smitty D

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Be cause he strikes out at a ASTRONOMICAL rate look at this


In 2009 Wilkin had 465 AB with 143 strikeouts

This year 365 AB with145 strikouts that is like really really bad