OT: Whose shirt did I buy? Also, thanks for the shirt

Submitted by oriental andrew on April 21st, 2018 at 10:50 PM

This past spring break, we drove from Chicago to Atlanta to visit family. On the way, we decided to take a short detour and go to the Unclaimed Baggage Center in Scottsboro, AL (northeast corner of the state). I don't know how my wife heard about it, but seemed like an interesting diversion. 

We weren't really planning there to buy anything specific, more to just browse. I decided that if there was anything related to Michigan, I'd buy it. Best bet seemed to be the vast t-shirt section (which I rummaged through right after electronics). I focused on the blue and yellow shirts, which were grouped in various spots through the expansive t-shirt area. After about 10 minutes of looking through the many, many racks of shirts (did I mention how big it was?), I was about to give up when I decided to go through that one last section of blue shirts. I had had a few false alarms with blue shirts and yellow graphics, but finally hit paydirt with this beauty:

Brand new, with tags, and even the correct size. I had never heard of Valiant brand, but this article in the Detroit News tells me it was created by John, Jack, and Jared Wangler and Ian Bunting and is relatively recent. 

So, to whomever lost their bag and this shirt, thanks from the bottom of my heart. One of the best $6 investments I've ever made. 



April 22nd, 2018 at 12:10 AM ^

There was a show on for a little bit about this...essentially an unclaimed luggage version of Storage Wars.

Dumb show, but a very interesting concept. I know someone who goes down Atlanta once a year primarily to go to the unclaimed luggage store.


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On a barely-related note, my Final Four t-shirt just arrived in the mail and I think Michigan/Nike did a really good job with this one. Such a fun reminder of an amazing season, especially since I was at the E8 game to help send them to San Antonio!


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I mean, I can see a scenario where you get on the plane and, in those few hours of flight, struggle philosophically with the feeling that your material possessions are inadequate and ultimately meaningless. Deciding that they are exactly that, you land at your destination and leave your possessions for some poor sod who hasn't reached your newfound level of enlightenment. The only drawback is that there is business meeting somewhere in the mix and you should at least brush your teeth, which you now cannot do without a stop at a pharmacy, thus beginning the cycle of possessing things all over again. 


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it may not always be a fuck it moment on the end of the passenger who is without luggage. At times, and more often than you'd think, the schlep who is responsible for taking luggage to the CORRECT plane may not get it done. Bags often fall off transport carts, or in the random event, a plane is leaving, a bag is straggling, they rush and put it on the wrong flight. 

Many times luggage ends up in one city and the passenger in another. If you don't make the effort to find the bag or help to track it down is less than willing or able, the bag ends up in purgatory and you may never see it again. I'd bet whoever lost their luggage with a new TEAM TEAM TEAM shirt, had no intention of just giving up. I get they must do something with the luggage, but it sucks they just sell it off when people probably had no idea where it was or how to claim what is actually their luggage.

Couzen Rick's

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Most of these bags are essentially bags that airline companies lost. When an airline "loses" or "delays" a bag they have a set amount of time to retrieve it. If they can't within that timeframe the airline declares it permanently lost and compensates the passenger. They're off the hook for finding the bag. After that the airline and/or airport is free to do whatever they want with the bag. Usually they junk it or sell it to the highest bidder. There are online luggage auctions as well. (airline temporarily lost our luggage once and we came dangerously close to losing it for good)