OT - Who you got? Dan Roushar a candidate for Saints (NFL) RBs coach gig

Submitted by Butterfield on February 14th, 2013 at 4:57 PM

MSU OC Dan Roushar, whose game plans are less innovative than Kleenex, is one of three candidates for the New Orleans Saints Running Backs Coach position.  Let's hope either of the other two candidates, former KSU HC Ron Price or ex-NFLer Maurice Carthon get the job.  If Roushar is hired, MSU is the clear winner. 




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How exactly would MSU be the clear winner?  Yes they are sending a coach to "the league" but I don't think that would have a positive impact on recruiting.  Rather, they would be a step behind other teams in their recruiting for this year and would have to find a quick-fix replacement.



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 Fans want every coach out unless you go undefeated and blow out every team by 100. polling a fanbase is never a good way of knowing if a coach is doing a good job or not.

 How many time in the passed few weeks have folks wanted to fire John Beilein?

LSU fans wanted to fire Les Miles every season in the past 6 years or so. he must be terrible.


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" How many time in the passed few weeks have folks wanted to fire John Beilein?"

I understand the point you're trying to make, but that's not the best example.  Sure, his first few years weren't great, but who has wanted to fire Beilein recently?  This guy has turned our program around to the point where we are all disappointed in having lost two games in a row!  Sure, the last few weeks have been disappointing, but nobody in their right mind has wanted to fire Beilein at any point this year (unless you're a fan of State).


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 all you have to do is look on the main page of this blog and you'll see a few twitter accounts wanting him fired lol.

 Twitter is the worst idea ever. Will there ever be a good use for it?

Randy Marsh

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Michigan fans bitch about Borges and we finished 57th in points per game last season (which isn't great). MSU finished at 110.


Edit: In a way I just supported your point with my Borges comment, but my point is that Roushar is not good, and the vast majority of State fans will agree with that.


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We should perhaps give a little credit to the Saints for scouting potential synergies with their organization. After all, the Spartans had the 95th best overall offense in Division I and the Saints had the 25th best rushing offense in the NFL. Clearly, someone in New Orleans sees a talent match here...

Unfiltered Manball

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be a lot of rumors and activity surrounding the East Landfill staff the last few months.  Maybe we just don't hear about it, but none of that appears to be the case with our staff.  Solid and unified.