OT: Who to root for in the ACC

Submitted by bdsisme on September 27th, 2011 at 2:03 PM

Stumbled across this online ... if you're ever watching an ACC game and want to know who you should be pulling for, please consult the following flowchart:

Edit: If you can't read it in the embedded form, original size picture is here: [imgur link]




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1. Hate everyone in the ACC.  

2. Hate Duke the most

3. Then hate UNC, because they think they are in the same class as UM or better because of basketball.  But if you've compared the campuses, Chapel Hill is "cute" compared to Ann Arbor.

UNC and Duke have to be tops in the Hate rankings for beating the Fab5 in consecutive years as well.

No but seriously, everytime the ACC loses a non-conference game I'm pretty much enjoying it.  I have to pretend to like UNC, because the gf is an alumnus, but see #3 above.


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UNC and Michigan, to me, are both awesome, each in their own ways (with Michigan's awesome being superior in most regards, again in my opinion).  UNC lacks the NYC influence that is Michigan's vocal minority, and students there are, on the whole, far more polite and respectful (not implying a connection between the latter two observations).  Football gameday at UNC is pretty tame; Basketball dominates the student psyche.  They are both great food towns for their size, with very little commonality cuisine-wise.  The bar scene in Chapel Hill is more subdued, but my favorite bar from either town (the Crunkleton) is there.  The principal area of overlap seems to be that both towns prize Bells' beer, especially Two Hearted, which is well-represented in both towns.  UNC has very good academics as well

Anyway, this is a long-winded way of saying that I always pull for UNC in the ACC, because of these (incongrous) similarities.   



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I've always hated Duke, Mike K, and anyone from that program including Battier, Grant Hill, and all the clumsy, pasty overrated hacks they attract.  The school was founded on cancer money and is highly overrated academically.   The Fab 5 reaction magnified my distain.   If they get McGary I will puke. 

The rest of the ACC is irrlelevant.





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I'm ok with that rematch as long as its a complete dismantling of App State.  I know its controversial on this board, but I'd like to see it as a normal non-con just so we can continue to set the record straight on that statistical anomoly.  0-1 is unacceptable, as is 1-1.  10-1, I can live with.


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Being a recent transplant from Michigan to the heart of ACC country in North Carolina (I live right in the middle of Duke, UNC, and NC State), this guide helps tremendously. Thanks!


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Virginia Tech. No question. Coach Beamer is a stand up guy. Amazing coach. They are recruiting me lightly. Great Uniforms. Produced some great players. Always have great Cornerbacks. And Did I mention Coach Beamer?


September 28th, 2011 at 11:17 AM ^

You mean the throwbacks?  Still too much maroon and orange on them.  I admit the design itself isn't bad, except for the Pro Combat design which like all Pro Combat designs are mindblowingly bad.  I even kinda liked the modern design that they quietly retired when their fans took so strongly to the throwbacks.  But even Texas looks better in white just because of the colors that go with it.


September 28th, 2011 at 1:26 PM ^

Not that I'm especially in the business of defending VT at all times, but VT had that three-stripes-on-the-shoulder look many moons ago:




Was a common look at the time, of course.  Not one that any particular school could claim as unique.  Wouldn't surprise me at all if Syracuse had worn something similar around the same time.  UVA had them at one point too.  That they look similar to Syracuse's from a couple years ago is mainly because Nike is all about using templates whenever they can get away with it.