OT: Who's Your President?

Submitted by GRBluefan on August 28th, 2009 at 10:52 AM

If you could be any U.S. President throughout our country's history, who would it be?

Personally, I would want to be Teddy Roosevelt. Loved and respected the outdoors, was a true hard-ass as President, overcame many physical obstacles to reach the pinnacle of success, enjoyed a distinguished military career, trust-buster, etc.

After his presidential career was over he even went on an expedition to map uncharted parts of the Amazon River system. A real interesting guy.

(Note: try not to just say Gerald Ford because he played football at Michigan)



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It's been a LONG time since any of them truly did a good job, or focused on what really needed to be done. I suppose I'd go JFK, since he was the last pretty universally respected president (Lee Harvey Oswald withstanding). Plus I wanna know the Kennedy Family Secrets.

Future President? I'd be Jon Stewart of Stewart/Colbert 2012.


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Stewart's got better actual political credentials, and has a proven ability to be serious (And totally destroy moronic financial show hosts). Vice Prez is mostly an ambassador. Who better to be an ambassador than the guy that got the head of an anti-racism group to admit that racism was a good thing.



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Please note that that video is chopped up from the original interview, wherein nothing actually racist is said. The original interview isn't on the internets anywhere, but there are quite a few chopped up ones because it was a contest he ran.

Basically, point of fact, he got the woman to say, in so many words, that it was important to judge people on the color of their skin. She was laughing her head off after he got her to say it, though, and she realized what she'd done.


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I guess it depends on how you determine "universally respected." I tend to do it with election data.

Kennedy won a close election (Only beat Nixon by ~100K votes--less than 1% in an election with 60M+ voters). He also had 303 Electoral Votes.

Recent (since JFK) presidents with bigger margins (Total Electoral Votes and popular vote margin of victory)
Obama (2008): 365 EVs, 8M votes
Bush (2004): 286 EVs, 3M votes - (Only larger in margin of victory)
Clinton (1996): 379 EVs, 8M votes
Bush (1988): 426 EVs, 7M votes
Reagan (1984): 525 EVs, 17M votes - (Largest electoral win ever)
Reagan (1980): 489 EVs, 7M votes
Nixon (1972): 520 EVs, 18M votes - (Largest popular vote margin ever)
Nixon (1968): 301 EVs, 500K votes
LBJ (1964): 486 EVs, 16M votes

Not trying to be a jerk (or political for that matter). And I was born in 1981, so I don't exactly remember JFK (and don't have good or bad memories of him either). I guess I just think about other presidents (most notably in my mind Reagan) when I think about well respected presidents. I will grant that election data is not the cleanest measure of "respect"--Nixon was a crook.


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JFK has a strong "brand." He generally ranks in the top 5 in public-opinion surveys on this topic, whereas historians don't rank him that high. The whole "Camelot" thing, the fact that he was fairly young and handsome - and that he died in office - have helped to romanticize his legacy in a lot of people's minds.


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Polk is my answer, though maybe not because of They Might Be Giants... haha.

The man campaigned on four issues:
1) Annex California and Texas (led to Mexican-American war)
2) Solve the Oregon Territory dispute with Britain
3) Reduce tariffs
4) Reestablish the independent treasury

He then said he would accomplish them in four years and promised to not run for re-election.

He implemented these issues successfully and won his war, and did not run for a second term.

"It has been well observed that the office of President of the United States should neither be sought nor declined. I have never sought it, nor should I feel at liberty to decline it, if conferred upon me by the voluntary suffrages of my fellow citizens." ~James K. Polk (after learning he had been nominated as a Presidential candidate)


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George Washington because behind every good man there is a woman, and that woman was Martha Washington, man, and everyday George would come home, she would have a big fat bowl waiting for him, man, when he come in the door, man, she was a hip, hip, hip lady, man.

OSUMC Wolverine

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Because I love to disappoint and he was set on such a high pedestal he has no chance of living up to the expectations. His team was preseason #1 starting 22 freshman.....13 of which are non-schole walk-ons :)

That being said, for all of our sakes I hope he proves to be a successful president.


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for whom I have the most respect and admiration.

He's man who rose from humble beginnings to become a self-taught lawyer, state legislator, congressman and President. His legal work on behalf of railroads was fundamental to their growth; and his foresight, even during the most difficult war in this nation's history, resulted in the transcontinental railroad. He was frustrated by the northern generals' conduct of the war and became an astute commander-in-chief. Reading his address at Gettysburg, written nearly 150 years ago, causes a lump in my throat.

But would I want to live his life?

That life ended by an assassin's bullet on the eve of victory, at the age of 55. Three (of four) of his children died before adulthood; the strain of their loss took a great toll on his wife's mental stability.

Tough choice: pain and suffering leading to immortatilty.


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"pain and suffering leading to immortality."

Considering his role in the preservation of the country and his countless contributions.... I'd take a bullet to accomplish what he did and live a shorter life.

Other presidents have come and gone but as long as the U.S. exists his legacy and stature will endure.