OT- Where to stay for Lollapalooza

Submitted by lunchboxthegoat on June 21st, 2010 at 1:37 PM

So, I'm going to Chicago for Lollapalooza in August. I'm going half to celebrate my promotion I just got and half because Arcade Fire is going to be there and will rock your face off. I want some place awesome to stay. I'm not looking to do more than like 250/300 a night. I want something really close to Grant Park since I won't be bringing a car into the city proper. Also: any other advice anyone might give me on the transit system there? (time they shut down at night). Basically how its going to work is I'm going to drive to one of the Airports, leave a company car there, take the train in, do the lolla thing for the weekend, take the train back out and drive the rest of the way back to Detroit. Any and all advice/recommendations would be greatly appreciated.



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Supply and demand, dude.

There are 100,000 people attending Lollapalooza and you want to get a hotel for $300/night that is really close to grant park? You'll end up closer to Midway than downtown for $300/night.


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They dry age theIr beef unlike almost every other steakhouse in the city. They have their own Himalayan salt aging room on site and even have their own steer that sires all their beef.

Definitely try it  as it is very good, pricey (shocker), but very good.


My vote for top steak is at Joe's Stone Crab. The bone-in filet or new york are f'ing amazing.

Wes Mantooth

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Yeah, I agree with what others are posting.  225,000 people attended over 3 days last year and they're expanding the physical size by 30 acres this year.  Daily capacity is increasing by something like 20-30,000 people per day.  Staying anywhere right near the park will be tough.  I would recommend checking out hotels in the west loop.  I work in the west loop and you can walk to Grant Park in about 10-15 minutes or just jump on the el.  You'll save a lot of money and it's still easy to get to/from.  

The el runs pretty late and they increase service a ton over that weekend to accommodate the Lolla crowd, so you shouldn't have any problems catching a train.


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The James, Hard Rock Hotel, Hotel 71, Hotel Allegro, The Burnham, The Blackstone, The Conrad Hilton, The Palmer House, The Congress (not that great, but close).  There are plenty in the area.


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We stayed at the W. The one farther away from the park...the walk took 20 minutes but it was part of the experience. Not sure on the price since my buddy paid for the room.


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Club quarters is close.  Usually they book for business people, but I got a pretty good rate several years ago.

Personally I think the quality there is much better than the Palmer House. 

The W is also down there (the one in the loop, not in streeterville).  Probably a bit more than your budget, but if you want to ball out....

Yinka Double Dare

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On transit, the red line and blue line (and realistically, being an out of town guest in for Lolla those are the only two you'd be using unless you're taking the orange to and from Midway) are 24 hours.  They get pretty sparse late at night, but they do still run. 


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Driving from Detroit, Midway is  A LOT Closer to the CIty and Detroit than O'Hare. Here's another Option. Take the train from Ann Arbor - stops down on Depot Street near Casey's Pub in A2 and then Union Station in Chicago. 5 hour trip, no hassel about cars / parking. ANother option, if you must drive, park in Gary or another Northern Indiana town and take the South Shore Line into the City. This would save time as well. As for hotels, there are some good choices given already, though I'd stay south of the River, and the Loop Hotels might offer better deals during the Weekend.


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I had a really bad experience with the train two years ago and I vowed never to return. Also: with my company car, I work in rental car so I essentially just drop the car off at the office, and they do whatever it is they want to do with that car then I come back a few days later and get a whole new car to take back to Detroit. Its not quite like hassling to find parking, I appreciate the response and the suggestions but the car deal is WAY better because its free and I don't have to worry about parking or any of that jazz.


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it was sick and im bummed i cant go this yr ...

last year i stayed with at a buddy's house but what my friends did (and mind you they were 19 yr old attractive females) was a hostel .... i realize its sorta akward but they are cheap, close options to grant park ... and my friends loved the experience, it allows you to stay for the nightlife too