OT: Where to Stay for Cowboy Classic

Submitted by sum1valiant on July 17th, 2012 at 9:06 PM

Looking for any insight from a Texas native or someone familiar with the Dallas/Ft Worth area to give us some advice on where to stay for the Cowboy Classic.  We have a group of 6 guys flying in from around the country and would like to do the food/beer tour of the area on friday before heading to the game on saturday.  Prefer a hotel within walking /easy cab distance of bars and don't mind what seems to be a little bit of a drive to the stadium.  A quick google tells me to find something in Sundance Square in Ft Worth, does anyone have any other suggestions?  Any recommendations on must hit bars/restaurants/things to do? 



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We are staying at the Sheraton Dallas downtown on Olive. It is about a mile walk to Midtown bars and from what I have read (and have been told by locals) it is a good central location. I have no idea if there are rooms available anymore but it may be worth looking into.


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We have reservations at the Knights Inn in Arlington, but we may cancel and try and find a nicer hotel. I booked the Knights Inn because of how close it is too the stadium and they offer shuttle service.


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I'm wondering are there a lot of cool bars right in downtown?  Will it be better to stay downtown or near the stadium?  I'm flying into LUV right near downtown, so it seems like that would make more sense.  


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From what I'm gathering, the stadium is somewhat in the middle of nowhere and either downtown Dallas or downtown Ft Worth are better options if you plan on doing anything other than going to the game.  It seems that Ft Worth has quite a bit more to offer from a nightlife/cultural perspective and is roughly the same distance from the stadium as downtown Dallas.     


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I think that's a perfect spot for someone from out of town - you can walk to anything in downtown FW and it's really easy to get on the highway from there.  Just remember that all the stuff is north of you (about 4-5 blocks) so just start walking north and I'm sure you'll find something to do.  Here's the site for most of the stuff in downtown FW - Sundance Square - but there are also some things outside of the Sundance Square block as well.


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My group is staying at the Renaissance Hotel, which is right across from Medieval Times.  It's also not that far of a walk to House of Blues or a few other places near American Airlines Arena.  The drive time from our hotel is supposed to be 25 minutes.  I am somewhat familiar with the area since I was stationed in Oklahoma City for 6 years and visited a few times.  There are also a few other non-drinking/ non-sporting venues that are fun down there.


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Staying right in Arlington about 3 miles from stadium at admirals inn. Hopefully not too bad other than so far from either downtown. Have heard downtown ft worth is a lot more fun.


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Not sure if this is against board posting guidelines but wanted to let the OP know that my company (Sports Power Weekends) has group rates at the Sheraton Dallas and a few remaining bus spots for roundtrip transpo from the hotel to the stadium. Also planning on doing a fun inexpensive tailgate for Michigan fans prior to the game in the Cowboys Stadium parking lot.


Feel free to contact me through the site if interested: http://www.sportspowerweekends.com/michigan-vs-alabama-in-dallas-experi…


Also going to do away game packages for Notre Dame (based out of Chicago and Ann Arbor), Nebraska, and Ohio State. Possibly doing buses from Indianapolis for the Purdue game as well for people based in the Indy area.


July 18th, 2012 at 5:27 AM ^

Downtown Dallas. From what i gather alot of places close by. Our group is renting a couple vans so if we have to drive to drink at a non chain watering hole so be it. A couple buddies live out there so im relying on them as tour guides. I still think an Mgo meetup is a great idea

Wolverine In Iowa

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Feel free to pick us up on the way from Dallas to the game!  ;)  I honestly have no idea what we'll do for fun, but I decided I wanted to be reasonably close to the stadium.  Should be a really bizzarre weekend.


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Well there isn't really much around your hotel.  I'm really not sure what I'd recommend as traffic going to either Dallas or FW is going to be a bit of a pain from there.  You may just find a local bar and chill there. If you're looking for something to do that doesn't involve drinking but entertainment Midevel Times isn't too far away from there and it's kinda cool if you haven't been to something like that before.


July 18th, 2012 at 8:41 AM ^

I'd stay in downtown FW in a heart beat.  Downtown Dallas is fine and there are places to walk to but Dallas is also divided up into sections so just staying in one area might get a little old.  If you just want to walk around a bit, experience a bunch of different bars on Friday I'd say 100% you should stay in downtown Fort Worth.  There are a number of hotels right there and you may even be able to get Hotwire to hook you up in a downtown area hotel since it's off on it's own. 


Bar wise I'd hit the Flying Saucer (literally 100's of beers) first and go to the next place after that.  There are a number of bars and a dueling piano bar that is a lot of fun if you're willing to pay the cover but I think that's the best bet for your money and not only that but come Gameday you will be on your knees thanking God that you didn't come from Dallas - the traffic on I-30 exiting 360 is nothing short of a nightmare every single time there is a Rangers or Cowboys game...


I wouldn't recommend staying in Arlington unless you just want to be close to the stadium and if Lincoln Square looks like it'll be good enough for you because other than that there's really nothing...  I'd recommend FW if you had a choice - it's a good mix of walking distance things to do and nice hotels without the insane prices of Dallas.


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We are staying at the Best Western City Place which I believe is close to the uptown area (??) All I know is its semi-close to bars (Deep Ellum is a mile or 2 away IIRC) and I got the last room @ $53 a night (trying to buy a house here!). 

I wasnt too concerned with walking distance as I plan on cabbing it and getting shit faced drunk as this will be our first mini vacation since the honeymoon and we are roadtripping it from Kentucky. 


July 18th, 2012 at 5:18 PM ^

Yeah, you're not quite walking distance from Uptown, but you're in a good spot close to where I've lived for the past 4+ years.  There's a ton of bars around McKinney Ave in Uptown, with my personal favorites being Gingerman (huge beer selection), Quarter Bar, and The Loon (strongest drinks in Dallas).  You're also very close to the Knox/Henderson area that has some great restaurants like The Porch, Victor Tangos, Velvet Taco, and Hibiscus.

Deep Ellum is a interesting spot and is in the midst of a resurgence after being a pretty sketchy area in the past.  There's a ton of local music and good foot options all close to each other include Twisted Root, Serious Pizza, Adair's, and Angry Dog.

IHMO, downtown doesn't have much to offer.  The bars tend to be more spaced out and a lot of the places in downtown are upscale clubs, but maybe that's your thing.  Hope this helps a bit.  Enjoy.


July 18th, 2012 at 11:33 AM ^

which is basically North Dallas and there are plenty of hotels and bars around here. You're drive to Arlington would suck fat donkey ballz on game day but I imagine the drive would suck no matter where your coming from. 

You would also be just a little bit North of Uptown and few other other hot spots for night life, getting arrested, getting drunk etc etc.


July 18th, 2012 at 1:01 PM ^

Google 'The Highlands' in Arlington (Where Cowboys Stadium is). If you can get a hotel nearby there, there is every type of restaurant, bar, live music, shopping, etc. All within a couple blocks. I live in Addison, long way from there, but we have most of the same stuff at Village on the Parkway and nearby. All the food and fun you could possibly want in walking distance. I cab on weekends for 10 bucks plus tip.


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We booked here for $78/night on Hotwire cause we wanted a golf option and they have a Greg Norman course on property.  Have been told it's the equivalent of 4 Seasons Los Colinas at a reasonable price.  Looks like an easy drive to dwntwn Ft Worth for fun and shuttle to gameday.  Curious for locals to comment. . . . .GO BLUE!


July 18th, 2012 at 3:18 PM ^

I live just outside of Dallas. Yea it sucks. Uptown is the best area for bars and night life. Ft Worth is the laid back country side of the metroplex, great place to see on vacation. From uptown is about a 30 min drive to the stadium. Katy trail icehouse is a good laid back bar in uptown.


July 18th, 2012 at 3:51 PM ^

I recommend going West and the traffic may be better coming in from the West. I've always come in from the North or East and it's brutal.

However, I'm not much into the nightlife so no help there. I live in Grapevine and we're just 15 min from stadium.

Grapevine has some very good restaurants and may be a consideration for some of you folks, but with construction, it depends on when you come in / go out.

DFW airport is 5 minutes from Grapevine and G'vine is 15-20 min from Jerry world.