OT-Where to stay in AA

Submitted by mstorm88 on August 26th, 2010 at 2:39 PM

So I'm going to be going to my first ever Michigan game in person for the Uconn game, and have no idea where to stay.  My girlfriend bought the tickets and is coming with, so sleeping in the car is out, and we're looking for a well placed hotel in Ann Arbor. 

I have no idea where might be good and figured this board would be the best place to turn for answers.




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Crash at my house

I'm like 10 minutes from the stadium and we can drink cheap beer and then really cheap whiskey once I start getting terrified about the opener.


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Maybe we can MGoParty in the lobby, if I ever make it Back from the bars.

Yeah, finding a decent room this late is going to take some work. You'll probably find something, but you won't have many options. FYI I just booked my room a few days ago and Expedia said there was nothing available in Ann Arbor but Travelocity showed a few rooms available.


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I stayed at the Embassy right down town last winter.  It's a pretty shady hotel, but it's dirt cheap and probably has the best location of any hotel in Ann Arbor (4th and Huron).  


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at this point in time you are going to be able to make any reservations in the general vacinity of AA. You might be better off in some outlying area. Good Luck!


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There are a bunch of hotels on the northeast side of Ann Arbor. Red Roof Inn, Holiday Inn, Hawthorne Suites, Hampton Inn. All on the corner of Green Rd and Plymouth Rd right off the highway. Hawthorne would be the classiest of the bunch.


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Check out the Holiday Inn in Belleville, 15 minutes east of A2.  When I was looking a month ago, all the AA hotels were booked or $200/night (probably worse now).  I booked a room in Belleville for $80.


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There is very little left in AA.  I booked a room like a month ago, and there was only one hotel left (off of Hotels.com).  Unless that's still available, you might have to stay in Canton or some other area.


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Most hotels get booked up months before event weekends, and the UConn game is a big one - I would try last minute just in case someone cancels.  Otherwise, there are a lot of options if you stay out of town.


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In these type of last minute situations, I recommend the Country Inn & Suites in Dundee, just south of Sh-Ann Gri L-Arbor on 23.  You'll get a room in a pinch.  Nothing fancy, but nice, clean accomodations, free breakfast, reasonable rates, a modest pool, Cabelas is across the way as well as an Applebees.  It's a 20 minute ride to A2 when you wake up Saturday morning. 

I stayed there with my 2 boys and a buddy last year when 4 shiny Notre Dame ducats fell into my hands a week before.  It was great.  After that iconic game, we drove back to Dundee, swam a victory lap in the pool and then went across the street to Applebees to drink cold ones and watch the Buckeyes lose to SC.  Good times.  Scratch that---one of the best days of my life.


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I am flying in for the BG game and am staying at the Crowne Plaza Detroit in Romulus.  I used name your own price on Priceline and gotta a pretty good deal.  It is not in AA but its a short enough drive to the stadium and close to the airport.


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Staying out of town is definitely your best bet this late in the game.  Everything books up months in advance for football Saturdays, plus prices are often jacked up really high.  Try to find something in Dundee, Dexter, or another generally-close-outlying-area and that's probably your best bet.


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Mary Sue's house is usually very accommodating and they serve a wonderful continental breakfast that's included in the room fare. It's been a while since I stayed there but I believe that it's reasonably-priced