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Hey Everybody,

Well this weekend my parents are giving me the oppurtunity to go up to Ann Arbor with a friend by myself to go to the game. I'm only 16 and have been up to games a handful of times, but I really have no idea to park, I just want to figure out before I end up in Ann Arbor and dont know where to go, so where are the best places to park that are relatively close to the stadium and not complete parking hellholes? 




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Are you looking for pay to park or free parking? There're plenty houses around but they'll probably trying to get $15-20 for you to park there. Also I am sure MgoBlue.com has plenty parking places for you to consider. 


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You can park for free off of main street,  south of the stadium.  Pull in to one of the neighborhood roads across from Whole foods and then it's a 15-20 min walk to the stadium.  Easy to get back on to the interstate as well.  But if you're not in a rush to leave at the end of the day pay for parking on the golf course and get your grill on.


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It's not a perfect market, but it's pretty close. Go north of Stadium and east of Packard (Burns Park) and you'll find plenty of *free* parking if you get there a couple hours before the game. You'll have a long (15+ minute) walk, but it's a nice neighborhood. You could probably do the same thing west of the stadium at a similar distance. Go too far north and you'll be in student housing.

As you approach the stadium from either free point you'll see (roughly in order) $10, $15, $20, etc. Again, if you don't mind walking there's no point in parting with cash.

As always, avoid any routes from the south (especially Ann Arbor Saline Road) before and after the game. If you can, approach from the west/north/east. It won't take long to drive around those messes; Ann Arbor just isn't that big.

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Parking Structures. Since you're 16, you probably won't be involved in the drinking and rowdyness that's going on, so you'll probably best be arriving at 11:00 AM in Ann Arbor. The game will most likely be done by 4:00 PM so that's 5 hours of parking at the rate of 55 cents per half hour. Roughly 6 dollar parking. Plus, you might be able to join in some parking-garage tailgating. Just DO NOT PARK in the 4th street/Williams street parking structure. It's bad. Trust me. Very bad.

Seriously though, if you get out of the stadium earlyish (in other words a little before the game ends), you can make it back to the garage in time to get out fairly quickly.

The only risk is that of the structure collapsing and that is something I think about every time I park in a parking structure.


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     The issue with parking close to the stadium is the ridiculous amount of congestion you will face after the game.  I like to park on Industrial out past Cubs AC--Typically I try to find the closest $10 lot.  You have to walk a bit more, but Industrial isn't that congested, and you have several options for escape(depending where you are headed).  I prefer walking a bit to gridlock, but that's just me.

Whatever you do, avoid using State Street after the game at all costs.  And dont park in the structure behind Palios unless you want to suck exhaust for 2 hours trying to get out.


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I don't know from which direction you are entering Ann Arbor but there's a parking structure at 4th and William that's less than $10.  It's a nice walk to the stadium (10 blocks or less going by memory) and let's you take in the atmosphere.  After the game you'll be parked downtown if you want to hang out a bit or walk a few blocks to be closer to campus.  (I recommend doing one or the other to let traffic clear a bit.)


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at 1107 S. State street--right across from the Ross Academic Center/very close to Yost. Nice group of guys who typically charge $20 per game. Very close to the Big House, too.


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I've had good luck parking in the structure on Maynard before. Its up by The Michigan/State theater area. Its a bit of a walk to the stadium, but its an interesting walk down State and through all of the frat pregames. Also, its likely the walk you'll be taking every Saturday if you ever are a student here.


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S. Forest Parking structure worked well for San Diego State. Try to get to Ann Arbor early as it's a great scene and you'll have better luck finding parking. Remember to get to the stadium on time

/s but seriously.


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If you're coming from the west on I-94, take exit 169 to Zeeb Road.  Take a right and continue on down that until you hit Scio Church (it is the second four way stop after you get past Meijer).  Keep going until you reach actual Ann Arbor.  Look for a church on the left side of the road called the Westminster Presbyterian Church.  Take a left turn onto the road right after the church which is Greenview Drive.  Usually there are either spots on that road or on the side roads off of it.  There is a path you can walk through that will end up taking you to 7th Street which is where Pioneer High School is.  It is probably about a 20 minute walk to the stadium, but the parking is free, and I have been parking there with my dad for the past 10 years with no problems.  It's where I go even when I bring friends now (my parents did the same when I was 16, too; now I'm 20 and bringing friends to both the Nebraska and OSU games).  The traffic flow on Scio Church Road is typically pretty managable after games, and pretty easy to get back onto the highway.


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Is there Anyway that some of these "Where to Park on Gameday" threads can be compiled into Usefull stuff tab?  It seems that parking is a reoccuring issue for many devoted readers to this blog.


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Wear a Maze Shirt and take a walk down State before the game. Just find the drunkest girls you can and lie about everything. You have nothing to lose. Good luck, godspeed and Go Blue!

ps: report back to Mgoblog with your stories for all the married guys who want to live vicariously through you.


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I second the parking structure on Maynard St. in downtown Ann Arbor between Liberty/E William. There's great food options for before or after the game and the walk down State St. to the stadium can't be beat.


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I-94 from Detroit, just get off on state street and turn right. If you are willing to walk a bit, I always stop at this lot that is 10 bucks. I always enjoy the walk. It's part of gameday for me


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You're 16 and coming up to the game sans-parents for the first time?  If I were you I wouldn't worry about congestion after the game because you should really take some time to enjoy the experience rather than being in a rush to get out of there.  It's really only badly congested for about an hour or so following the game, at least for me to get from Stadium and Main to 94 West via Jackson Rd.

That said, there are plenty of good suggestions earlier in the thread for places to park.  I'd probably either park near the stadium or focus on parking North of the stadium so you're closer to downtown.  Walk around and have some fun after the game.  Go downtown for a bite to eat, or wander through the golf course or Pioneer or any of the many places people are tailgating and watch some of another game on one of the TVs people will have displayed.  I know that's fairly common because people always stop and watch ours.

Have fun, and Go Blue!


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If you're coming to a game for the first time it can be kinda overwhelming.   Particular at 16 when you haven't been driving for years, too. I'd get there a bit early (Hoke said so, dammit!!), and park as close to the Stadium as I can.  At least somewhere that it's in sight view from parking, so you know where you're going, and more importantly, where you're headed back. Down on campus and structures and all that are great if you know the town. But it's worth the couple extra bucks, and maybe hanging around a little longer to get out to avoid panic about getting lost or not getting to the game on time.  That's my 2 cents.


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I almost always park at either the Forest and South University garage, or the Maynard street garage between William and Liberty. I've never had a problem finding a spot in either place, Maynard is a short walk, Forest is a little further, but it's gameday so it's fun walking through town anyway.