OT: Where to have a wedding in AA?

Submitted by flea_flicker on February 13th, 2010 at 12:42 PM

I recently got engaged and we decided to head back to Ann Arbor to get married. I proposed an outdoor reception in the north end zone, but then quickly got the silent treatment (don't get me wrong, she is a huge U of M fan, but apparently field turf and dresses don't mix).
Does anyone that has gotten married or been to a wedding in AA have suggested places?



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DO NOT go to the holiday inn ann arbor... unfortunately they are the most reasonably priced... you can get your pictures taken in the staduim if you want... my wife called and asked and they said if the construction wasn't going on it wouldn't be a problem... we went to the law quad and our pictures turned out great, plus you have the libary right there so there are bathrooms you can use... stay away from the 4 points sheridan also they are very expensive, they are all about you spending as much money as possible...

Jayme in MN

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We were married at the church across the street from the Campus Inn and then had the reception at the Campus Inn. (I'm not sure if the church is still there and can't remember the name).

It worked out well because the out-of-town guests could stay at the Campus Inn and transportation was obviously a non-issue.

It worked out so well that my husband's cousin did the same thing a few years later as well as my brother after that.

Maximinus Thrax

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Can't really suggest a Church, since I don't know if that is really your thing (sounds like you go the the Church of Bo). However, Campus Inn is nice. I worked there for a few years serving game day meals to Tom Brady, amongst other notables, and listening in to Borders corporate strategy meetings. Anyway, you can't beat the location, it is clean, and the food is decent. Price may be high though.


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We got married at St. Mary's downtown. We had the reception in the Union ballroom. They catered the whole thing and it was very good. We had tap beer for free and then cash bar for everything else. I only cared about my broke college buddies for alcohol. We figured if people wanted anything else they could pay for it.

I've also had friends get married in the League and the Union Courtyard. Both were good.

We also looked at Polo Fields Golf and Country Club. It was very nice but preferred the Union.

BTW, we had to reserve the Union ballroom more than a year in advance. You probably have to do it at least 8 months before if you want it on a Saturday.


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Family friends had the wedding and reception at the Union, up on the second floor. Not a large space, maybe enough for 100 people. I hadn't been in the Union in a while and was plesently surprised. Food was fine, atmosphere was great. Worth checking out.


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I second the motion for Weber's. Our wedding there was perfect. They have everything you'll need, the prices are the best, the food is good, the open bar is a good deal, and you can be totally Type-A about the whole thing, calling them regularly, always running hypothecticals by them, etc and they'll happily help you out.

We got married the summer of 2008 and at that point the U wouldn't let us use the law quad. We mentioned we'd seen a wedding there and they said it was one of the Dean's daughters.


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I went to one at Earhart Manor and it was fantastic. Its on the Campus of Concordia college on the north side of town. Check it out it was a great place.


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My friend was married in the Baptist church just north of central campus (very pretty building) and just before, had photos taken in the Law Quad.


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If you stay in town the night before you wed your betrothed, there is a wonderful, little establishment you ought to visit in the nearby village of Ypsilanti. It's called Deja Vu, and they have a special welcome for young men on the eve of their nuptials. If luck is with you on this night, a fine young lady who goes by the rather unusual name of Cherry will greet you inside. Cherry always smells of the freshest spring flowers, even in the middle of winter! I just don't know how she does it, and she refuses to divulge the secret of her alluring scent. Nevertheless, Cherry will dance for you in a most distinctive style, and you will soon forget about trying to discover the source of her aroma and become lost in her mesmerizing gyrations. Before you know it, the night will come to an end, and Cherry will beg you to return forthwith. Heed well, my friend, and remind her, as I always do, that absence makes the heart grow fonder.


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I got married at the First United Methodist Church on State St. We had the reception at the Michigan League. We had 2 rooms, with the adjoining alcove between them on the 2nd floor. Set up the bar in the alcove, had dinner in one room, and then the party in the other. We had a room at the Campus Inn for the evening. Was great, hit the church, then most people walked to the League. Had a very nice dinner (I thought the food was pretty good and they would buy any wine you wanted, just had to get it by the case and they got to keep the extras) then we walked to the Campus Inn. We figured, when in Ann Arbor, you walk. We had a blast walking down the street, everyone was honking their horn and clapping for us as we walked by. It was a smaller wedding, only 92 people (we had to pay for it on a very modest budget, so decided less people but higher quality) but I would do it exactly the same way again. Plus, the wedding party liked it, because they got to crash Ashley's after the reception and kept the party going to the wee hours.


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I don't think you can get married in the law quad anymore. My buddy tried looking into reserving it for next summer and they said as of 2010 they are no longer doing it.


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My wife and I got married at First United Methodist Church in Ann Arbor and had the reception at 4 Points Sheraton. We admittedly got a deal because one of the managers is a family friend. We also had a lunch reception which was a whole lot cheaper than a dinner reception. My college roommate just got married and did the wedding and reception at Kennsington Court. They have a little outdoor courtyard, but also are flexible in terms of moving the wedding into your reception room in case of bad weather.

Depending on when you are getting married I don't know if you should do an outdoor wedding. Michigan summers are really hot and humid which might not bother you, but will surely irritate your bride.

The Union is also a pretty nice place for weddings. The food is decent. If think you have to be an alum, but I'm assuming if you are on MGOblog you are.


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If you have the cash, the Michigan Museum of Art (on State Street, across from the law quad) rents out space for receptions. I had a friend hold her reception there and it was amazing. It is quite pricey, however.


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Coincidentally, I popped the question on Thursday and was surprised to see a post for exactly what I was looking for the following day.

For those who did their weddings/receptions in the Union/League - how many guests attended? My fiancee just called the office and they said that if we wanted the ballroom, we would need to spend a minimum of $10k on food, which doesn't fit our budget. Then they said that the next biggest room at either location can only accomodate 48 people? That sounds like bullshit given a couple of posts in this thread.

Anyone do a wedding at the Matthaei Botanical Gardens? We were also looking into that if the Union/League doesn't work out.

Any Ann Arbor wedding-related suggestions/recommendations would be excellent.