OT- Where do you MGO on summer vacation?

Submitted by uofmdds96 on June 21st, 2013 at 3:33 PM
Sunday we are headed down to Myrtle Beach, SC for the week. We have be to the same resort, Kingston Plantation, for the past 8 years. It is convenient, 2 hours by plane from DTW, and predictable. There are always new things to do for us, since it is a tourist trap filled area. Last year, thanks to Trip Advisor, we went 4 wheeling in North Carolina. We have Myrtle waves waterpark, Broadway at the Beach, NASCAR go karts, alligator adventure... On and on. We know the restaurants and get a condo. Walmart is down the street for stocking up on meals and beach stuff. A CE course that is there originally drew me there, and draws me back, but I might consider another venue next summer. Where does everyone else go to year in and year out?



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Every August we make the trip up to Hessel for the Wooden Boat show. It's a slice of heaven! However, waaaaaaaay too many buckeyes meander up 75 for my liking.


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Doing quite a tour this year.  Starting out in Detroit Metro and catching a Tigers game and a wedding, then headed to Ann Arbor for a night (obvs).  From there to Grand Rapids for some family bonding and then up north to Torch Lake for the 4th.  Good times.  


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I'll probably avoid Traverse itself.  Plus, I have some relatives who already have a campsite up there, so I won't have to worry about paying for a whole lot.  My goal is to hang out at the sandbar and drink a crapload of beer.  And eat lots of food.  And maybe throw out a fishing line that I will promptly ignore while taking a nap... mostly due to consuming too much of the previous two things. 


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Holden beach, NC for this guy. For 3 years now several good friends of mine went in on a ocean side house for 8 days. The ocean is a stone throw from the amazing deck which has hot tubs upper and lower as well as an In-ground pool. Last year we hit the abc on Saturday when we arrived and putchsaed the following:

2 - 1.75L bottles of Jack Daniels

2- 1.75L bottles of captain mo

2- 1.75L bottles of tanqueray

2- 1.75L bottles of 3 olives vodka

2- 1.75L bottles of 1800 tequila

1- 1.00L bottle of Johnny Walker black label

After all that, mixers, food for the week we spent about 1400$ and the house was only 2500$. So about 4,000$ but split 8 ways only about 500-700 a piece for the week.

Amazing food and women. A friend I met down there is taking us to the South Carolina v Florida game this fall. So pumped.

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Wenham Wolverine

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Not sure I would do it year in/year out, but I'm posting this from the Camino de Santiago (in Spain). About 7 or 8 days left on our journey, and it has been incredible. Highly recommend.


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We go to a resort that is all-inclusive near Playa Del Carmen and Cancun in Mexico. This place is truly all-inclusive for everything except for crazy fancy wine. They have 8 different restaurants and 3 of them are five star quality. Amazing service and you don't really even need to leave the place. Plenty of activities you can do (I reccomend Chichen Itza) but just chilling on an amazing beach with waiters bringing you drinks all day is pretty nice. 24 hour room service is all included also, so you can wake up at 2am and get a burger if you want. This place is magical, and even though it's not the cheapest resort in this area, it blows away all the competition. Go there, people.


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Mountain lake at 9,000 feet 50 miles west of Ft Collins. We have a great camping spot for our popup trailer with water on both sides. Great fishing from the float boat with 70 degree weather each day. Spend the evenings around the campfire with a cold beer and baseball on the radio. We leave next Friday for the week of the 4th. Can't wait