OT - Where are they now? Seeking update on ESPN/Ohio Supreme Court FERPA battle...

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After enjoying the annual May "moment of validation" on the anniversary of the Tressel dismissal/non-firing and derisively rolling my eyes I got to thinking about the ESPN lawsuit involving Ohio.

A quick internet search yielded nothing pas last December. Is this thing effectively shelved? I can't easily imagine the "worldwide leader" giving up their fight so easily (particularly as the media arm of the ESS EEE CEE). So what gives? MGoOhioLawyers or others with knowledge feel free to update if you know...




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Docket sheet

for ESPN, Inc v. The Ohio State University, Ohio Supreme Court case number 2011-1177.

The briefs are online as .pdfs so you can read the sides respective arguments should you so desire. It looks like the briefing is done and they are waiting on oral argument. I do not know how long that normally takes after briefing in Ohio.

I have not read the briefs, but would note that both the United States and some college associations have filed amicus curaie - ie friend of the court - briefs on the side of OSU.

For us law geeks this might be interesting to check out.




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  Methinks anything that involves OSU and Litigation is entirely on-topic.  Afterall, Buckeye Schadenfreude is something in which we should revel.


/ ending sentences with a prepositional phrase can suck it

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E. B. White (who co-authored Elements of Style) has said that it can be okay to end a sentence with a preposition.  In fact, for a little fun, he gave an example of a sentence that ends in five prepositions:  A child, upstairs in bed, and ready to hear a bedtime story from his father, asks "What did you bring that book that I didn't want to be read to out of up for?"