OT-What up

Submitted by ijohnb on April 24th, 2010 at 10:33 PM

Drunk, not piss drunk, not puking or setting up the morninig fight with the wifeee, but pretty drunk, no doubt. Just the perfect mood for pointless conversation. Respond, if you will, I like conversation.

1. No smoking regulations: Come on now, you are talking about a law that both decreases the amount of profit for small business and a law that effectively will result in less tax money collected by a state to deal with an absurd deficit. I am not a "pro-smoker" but this in Michigan right now is wrong place-wrong time.

2. Kobe Bryant: Love him or hate him, I don't know what camp you are in, but what I do know is this guy is the real deal. Rape and Shaq behind him, when I watch Kobe I feel like I am watching the closest thing to Mike that I will see in my lifetime. And unlike Tiger, Ben, and a host of others, I feel like Kobe learned his lesson. I am now a fan, and I was decidedly a detractor three years ago. Go Kobe, you got game.

3. Movie "Crash:" Have some friends that think this movie is bullshit, even one that thinks is promotes racism. Just watched it, I think they are way off the mark. I know it is not an "indie" per se, but I think that is the most free thinking, stream of conscious film I have seem in a long time. It is not always on the money, but man it makes you think a different way for a couple hours. Matt Dillen, really underrated, and a staggering last ten minutes.

Thoughts??... For those at the same level of intoxiation.