OT: What is your seasonal beverage of choice?

Submitted by UMgradMSUdad on November 24th, 2011 at 5:40 AM

As we enter the holiday season, the football is heating up, and the weather is cooling down.  So, what beverage is your favorite to imbibe while watching the Wolverines or Lions play or sitting down with family and friends for a holiday meal?  I live in central Oklahoma now, and one beverage I miss is good apple cider.  It's just not available without preservatives here in Oklahoma.  Fresh or left out in the garage for a few weeks for hard cider, I miss both.  My wife invited a few friends without family in the area over for Thanksgiving dinner today.  One guy is a big fan of Sea Dog blueberry beer. It's a bit too strong on the blueberry flavor for my taste, but he really likes it.  So what beverage is a favorite of yours this time of year?



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After years of following this board, this is the thread that finally gets me to register.  Founders Breakfast Stout is my holiday beer of choice.  It is only produced for about a month. 


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I live in GR and have had an awful time finding it. Me and my buddy have been buying it all up whenever we found it.  We plowed through 8 of the bottles last night watching the basketball team crush UCLA.  I will probably end up with a couple growlers of it for the game against Ohio on Saturday.


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Really? That's odd. There is usually a ton at Cascade Meijer (they had it Tuesday night when I was last there), Peter's Imports in Grandville, Martha's Vineyard (you can even still get Hopslam there because it's a little pricey) and even Family Fare sometimes.

EDIT: And Siciliano's!


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I get nostalgic at the Holidays. I like a Seven and Seven with Seagrams 7 ( not Canadian club) and 7up. Less 7up with each cocktail. Reminds me of watching The Rose Bowl with my Dad. Go Blue!

U Fer M

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With the turkey today, it's a chardonnay from Hess in Monterey.  Not big into the seasonal ales, they are too heavy for me and fill me up to quick. I'll stick with a nice scotch on the rocks, either Glenfiddich, Glenlivet or Dimple Pinch, of the three, dimple is probably my fav. Oh, and occasionally, I'll do the spiced rum in egg nog. I enjoy the flavor, don't want to get hammered off it, nothing worse than egg nog coming back to see you.


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Some hot gluhwein from Bernkastel (Mosel valley in Germany) is a great winter beverage.  Also can't go wrong with a Wassail Ale on a cold winter's day.


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My favorite beer, only available for a few months in the winter. Also, Trader Joe's Vintage Ale that I have been aging for 1-2 years in my basement will make an appearance at the holidays.


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Uber Goober Oatmeal Stout;  Distributed in November.


This highly coveted Oatmeal Stout has the largest grain bill in the entire Short’s beer portfolio. With roughly a handful of peanuts in every glass, rich aromas of chocolate and peanut nuttiness are generated along with a decadent full flavor on the palate. Creamy oatmeal, fused with peanut puree, combines perfectly with the caramel and roasted grain flavors of the malt.


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You won't see Uber Goober bottled this year. Shorts had had infection issues with their beers that use peanuts the last two years (Uber Goober and PB&J). So that is why this fall you are seeing Chocolate Wheat, Cherry Porter and Ginger in the Rye.