OT: What is the most Lions loss ever?

Submitted by Gallagher on December 4th, 2015 at 8:32 AM
THIS IS HOW I COPE. What's the most Lions loss ever? This past game? Seattle earlier this year? Take the wind? Lose by running out of the endzone? Last year's playoff game? Joey driving the field and then botching the XP to send it to OT? Kickoff return in OT to lose a playoff game?



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Last night's, penalty to extend the game when the clock hits zero and then give up a hail mary through defensive derpitude and the Packers playing some smart screening.  I don't think a single play could have illustrated the difference between the teams better.  


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Don't forget Jim Schwartz challenging a TD.  Challenging a scoring play is against the rules, so the automatic review was nullified and an obvious knee down turns into 60 or so more yards and a TD.  Against Tennessee (when they were good) I believe.

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Tough call as to whether losing the "handshake" game after laughing at and mocking Harbaugh for challenging a TD, or the following season when Schwartz apparently forgot to know the rules himself.

As for the Lions personnell moves, running the "Chuck & Duck" offense with a bunch of QB's that didn't have big arms makes perfect sense.  As does trying to turn Pat Swilling into a 4-3 coverage LB, then when all the DE's on the roster are hurt you're signing guys off the street to do the job while Swilling sits on the bench (the next season he signed with the Raiders & suddenly was a terror at DE.)  How about firing your offensive coordinator, then one season later firing the replacement & bringing back the guy you previously fired who nobody else wanted (Dave Levy)

Mr. Owl

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Oh, and speaking of the Schwartz... the other day when this site jumped the shark, were any of the 1.5 million DCC threads "DCC: Jim Schwartz?"  If so, they won.  If not it is obvious why they failed.


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It actually makes perfect sense. "Lions loss" being a two word adjective. A Lions loss is different from your run of the mill loss. Everyone loses at some point (especially in the NFL), but the Lions always find new and inventive ways to do it. This topic is simply asking which was the most unique way the Lions found a way to lose.


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On one level yes, blowing a 20-0 second half lead on the longest Hail Mary in league history on an untimed down is exceptionally Lions-y.
On the other hand, losing a game in overtime because your rookie All-Pro defensive lineman hit the upright on an extra point attempt because your regular kicker had been injured in the game, allowing the Jets to comeback and win in overtime still feels the most Lions finish ever.


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Actually, following their one playoff win in last almost-60 years now, I believe the Lions were in NFC championship game against Gibbs' Washington Redskins. They got SHELLACKED, but everyone did by Wash that year. We forget (& easy to see why), but Lions were actually good for a few years in the early 90s.

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The funny thing about your post is that Lions fans are so emo that most black out when the team is good and as soon as something bad happens whether it's the team's fault or they get shafted by officiating, the fans jump to thoughts similar to this post. This team was 11-5 just last year, one game from a division title and one ref screw job from winning a road playoff game. And was it 2 years before that that they were 10-6 and lost to the Saints?


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When this happened I just laughed and said, "Oh, Lions." Then went to bed. At this point if you are still disappointed or crushed by Lions' losses, I can't help you. That is a you problem. It's your fault, what do you expect?


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I thought they'd get into contention, go into the last week 8-7, and then blow it against a team w/ a losing record.

Nonetheless, while the "I can't believe that just happened" was maybe only one order-of-magnitude less than the end of the Sparty game, the amplitude of the "grief", if you could call it that for the Lions, was miniscule.

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