OT: What is the Most Dangerous Sport?

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In the world of professional sports there is always a danger that comes with it. In football it's head to head contact. In hockey it's sticks and pucks to face. In baseball its hits to the face or chest or even being run over. In boxing it's constant hits to the body and head. Each of these sports has dangerous elements within them but which sport out of all the professional sports in the world is the most deadly? How about hockey? A game where players skate with sharp blades, thin sticks and smack around a piece of rubber as hard as a rock. The average hockey player usually is hit between 2 to 10 times in a game by either a puck or stick. If serious enough bleeding occurs, stitches will need to be administered on the wound. Skates can be deadly when player flies into the air after being hit causing a severe threat to a situation such as slashed face, slit neck or even the loss of an eye. Even with all of the danger of hockey it is not the most dangerous sport. Boxing involved physical beatings and constant hand to head punches which overtime can lead to brain failure and brain damage. If the hit is serious enough it can even kill a fighter.

According to the National Center for Catastrophic Sports Injury Research at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, which recently released its 26th annual report on the topic, the sport that causes more serious and deadly injuries among women than any other sport is cheerleading. Cheerleading accounted for a whopping 65 percent of high school and 71 percent of college, catastrophic sports injuries among females from 1982-2008. And to be honest I can sort of believe them because I've seen some really bad cheerleading accidents and some of them were pretty bad while others weren't that bad. If you stop and think about it and compare to the physical aspect of football, hockey and boxing to the actual "physics at work" in cheerleading, (flips, jumps, tosses, human formations) during a bad fall could be both fatal or even paralyze the person. Tough call in my opinion but I still say hockey is the most deadly.



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real sports, which i normally hate, a few years ago profiled how dangerous cheerleading is.  it was actually a great piece.


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Isn't it Jai Alai?

I mean, in terms of people getting killed while playing I think this is the winner. 

In terms of "man I wouldn't want to be a retired player of that sport" - it would easily be the NFL.

(Note I am not taking pro wrestling - WWE style - into account, that would win hands down in both categories)


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If you think about it, cheerleading has much of the same risks as gymnastics (high velocity flips far above the ground) without any of the safety equipment. Cheerleaders dont perform on mats and generally aren't trained to fall in a way that reduces the risk of injury. 


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Was anyone else bothered by the fatal flaw in logic in the OP?

Hockey (primarily a men's sport) is dangerous. Boxing (men's sport) is dangerous. Baseball and football (men's sport's) are dangerous. But, the MOST dangerous is cheerleading accounting "for a whopping 65 percent of high school and 71 percent of college, catastrophic sports injuries among females from 1982-2008."

We are comparing a single female dominated sport to male-dominated sports, and we still don't know what the most dangerous sport is, according to the cited study, for males. Did the study not include those data?

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Mixed martial arts would b more dangerous but not a lot of people die(I'm sure some do, none that I'm aware of so I just said some). From a purely injury based standpoint I'm sure mma is more dangerous