OT - What kind of hardware/bandwidth is MGoBlog running on now?

Submitted by MGoArchive on August 25th, 2017 at 7:10 PM

This will illicit many fun responses, but I am curious what kind of hardware/platform MGoBlog is running on now. I know we have readers here that work at Amazon AWS, Google GCE

It looks like the blog is now hosted by these guys - https://www.nexcess.net/

Based on the article on their front page mentioning Human Element (the people helping the MGoBlog crew with the Drupal 8 migration).

Seems like the datacenter is run out of Southfield? - https://hostadvice.com/hosting-company/nexcess-reviews/

So, yeah. What kind of hardware was MGoBlog running on, and what kind of hardware is it running on now?



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If Amazon were starting today, they'd probably just roll their site on AWS and save the trouble of worrying about infra. It's cheap and user-friendly and ultra-reliable and scalable and all that good stuff.


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Time consuming process because they had to take all the code a punch new cards on IBM 029 keypunches. Working late at night, a disastrous card deck dropping incident occurred. Took days to reassemble the deck. Many "welcome to your Drupal website" incidents later, the 1200 boxes of cards were successfully read. There was much rejoicing.