OT: What is the highest moment of your fandom?

Submitted by sarto1g on August 2nd, 2017 at 11:11 AM

We've got some time to kill before season previews start....

Good Friday, March 2013.  Drinking Bud heavies with my mom at a townie bar in the middle of nowhere.  Trey Burke hits the shot and Michigan subsequently beats Kansas in OT. A flurry of text messages and phone calls that dont say anything but AHHHHH.  

So, what is your happiest sports moment? 




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I experienced some incredible moments during the RichRod/Hoke years, but I have a hard time looking back on them because of the overwhelming darkness of that period of time.

I don't know why this one pops into my head, but I think that the happiest moment I can remember was the 2006 Michigan-ND game. "Oh, wide open."

Also, Carr's final victory against Florida, and probably the 2003 Ohio State game.


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still goes down as the best since 2003 (which holds special place in my heart as my senior year), and arguably the best since 1999 or 1997.  It was an unexpected oasis of amazingness surrounded by 3 years on either side of mostly awful.

The UTL game was incredible for the atmosphere and the finish.

We beat OSU and I don't care how bad they were.  And we won a super exciting, albeit sloppy Sugar Bowl (which btw, NOLA has to be the best location for a bowl game, hands down. It was a blast).

The 2006 and 2016 teams were better but we didn't come away with anything to show for either season, other than victories against bad MSU teams.

Underrated moments that are very high on my list: Beating conference champ No. 3 OSU in the Regional Final in OT with the Fab Five to avenge two regular season losses and go to the Final Four.  That was an incredible game.  The Kentucky game to reach the national title game the following year was also incredible.

I was just not old enough to have watched/remember the 89 title team.

The Trey shot, or UTL1 or rushing the field in 2003 after the win over OSU are my single highest moments (i.e. 30 minute stretches) of M fandom though.



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That reminds me. I went to UTL with my dad, and there were some incredibly drunk dudes behind us. For Smith's TD that put us up 28-24, we all were jumping and screaming and one of the drunk guys fell on my dad, who proceeded to fall on a little boy in front of us who looked like he was about that age. For a second we thought the kid was really hurt and it kind of took the air out of that moment of the game for us. Thankfully that wasn't the last touchdown of the game.


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Had front row seats on the goal line in the student section.  does not get any better than that.


also no strict security meant the "vernors" was flowing like Dewars...

SoDak Blues

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I was 10 at the time, and this truly cemented my fandom for the rest of my life. I tried to recreate this in my backyard an infinite number of times in my youth... 



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I was 21 and in the Navy, watching that game with a room full of guys and I'm the only one rooting for Michigan. Had been taking shit all about "Michigan can't beat ND." Even the gate guards at the base were giving me shit. I came completely unglued when Howard caught that ball. Pretty sure I've never cut loose, by myself, in front of a group of people like I did then.

Cosmic Blue

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When Roundtree caught that pass in the endzone... omg. total eruption in the stadium. Plus there was so much craziness that led up to that moment to make the whole event even more unbelievable


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Henne to Manningham vs PSU, but only because I was there with good friends from home. Other moments have been bigger purely in terms of meaning and context, but that one really stands out for seeing the reaction of the whole stadium in person.


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the punt.  Was standing on the outside upper deck at an Old Town Scottsdale bar but my mind was on the National Championship final in Glendale in just a few months.

Don't remember 1997 much :-(


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I was there in person, but that was so long ago, I don't really remember it. But I assume I was very happy.

Of the things I remember, probably celebrating on campus after the basketball team won the NCAA in 1989.


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Yeah the Shigs put back was probably my favorite basketball moment of all time.  Seton Hall was more of an afterthought relative to the Flying Illini game, and shouldn't have been as close as it was.  For football it was probably the Daydrion Taylor hit - the hardest hit in the history of football, period end of story - setting the tone for an incredible season by crushing a top 5 ranked PSU, a victory that has aged incredibly well in light of the douchebaggery going on over there that came to light years later.


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So were March and April for hockey fans.

BTW I enjoyed all of it but I really didn't appreciate how awesome it was to have so many teams I root for doing so well at that time. Michigan football, obviously, but I was hip-deep in the Red Wings at the time as well and they were winning Cups. And Barry ran for 2000 yards that fall for the Lions.