OT: What do you think about the Bears hire? Marc Trestman.

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First forum topic, training wheels are still on. Please, show some sympathy if this isn't up to your high standards. . I know the board is mostly Lions Fans. But,  there are some alums/fans on the board who root for Da Bears! I receive my sports news from MGoBlog and 670 The Score out of Chicago. I listened to Marc's press conference and his first interview on the Score. There is no doubt he won the day.  He has said all the right things. But, we will see come September.


-Bears Management promised to make a splash. They said they were going to go out and hire a "Wow" coach. Along the lines of Gruden, Reid, Billick, Cowher etc.

-Trestman is 57 years old and has never been given a chance to be the "Man" in the NFL. Must be a reason.

-Marinelli may have been a dumpter fire as a head coach. But, is a very good defensive coach, and he won't be returning.


-Rich Gannon, Steve Young, Jerry Rice. Players he coached, have very good things to say about him. They all mentioned he has a way of being honest with his players, taking their opinion and game planning around what they like, and don't like. Important: See the next positive.

-He hasn't committed to saying Jay Cutler is a franchise QB. This is a positive to me because I don't think he is one. Trestman did say he can't wait to get his hands on Cutler.

-Ran the hurry up offense, when Rich Gannon won the MVP. This is key to being a top offense in the NFL. The Patriots get off 5-10 plays a game without the defense being lined up.

-Hired Joe DeCamillis to coach Special Teams. 

-A student of the game, seems to be extremely intelligent. He mentioned in the press conference, that he watches every game of the NFL's top offense. At the end of season.

-Jay "Prima Donna" Cutler said he couldn't be more excited, and thinks it is a great hire.


I think this is very similar to the hiring of Brady Hoke. It wasn't the "wow" name that anyone wanted. But, will bring lots of energy to a job he has been waiting for his entire life. He finally gets a chance to prove to the rest of the NFL, that they made a mistake never giving him a chance. If he hires the right defensive coordinator (like Hoke did with Mattison) I think this hire will turn out to be a great one. 

Sorry, I had no idea this would be so long. Bears/Lions/NFC North fans. What are your thoughts?



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with this teo story you didn't learn that the media loves a narrative? How is Jay not a leader? this crap pisses me off. espn asked if rg3s injury was cutlers fault. again: besides what you hear from ex broncos on espn what do you have against Jay?

Crazy Canuck

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I'm from from Montreal where Trestman has been coaching. His team has been in the championship game 3 out of the 5 years he coached here, winning twice. I believe I heard he helped Cutler (and many others) prepare for the draft. Without his help I doubt Cutler gets drafted in the first round. I am not a Cutler fan at all, but I think this is a good hire.


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who coached with Trestman in 2001, was approached by the Bears.  In turn, Gruden might have recommended him.  I think he's a solid, if not great, hire.


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I don't know much about Trestman to begin with but not retaining Marinelli seems very foolish to me, we'll see how a veteran roster adjusts to new coaching/scheme.


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I was listening to Waddle and Silvy in the car this morning and the general consensus is that Bears fans are excited.  They had a few negative things to say about his appearance and combover and that he was a Lions assistant.

The main thing people in Chicago want to see is a competant offense.  After watching the debacle of Mike Tice and his inability to get a play call in they are looking forward to an up tempo offense that can score consistently.



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I live in Chicago and I'm a bears fan, and I really wanted this guy.  He has coched good people in the pros, and the yall have great things to say.  I like it so much more than, "Hey, lets hire [insert O/D coordinator of team that just had a really good Offensive/Defensive year]"  This guy is proven, not just someone who had one good year as a coordinator.  Also, I don't know why someone thinks a transition from college to pros would be easier than a guy whos been in the pros and head coached in Canada.   


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Steve young, to Scott mitchet, to Jake Plummer, to Rich Gannon.  All them had good season with him, so I'd hardly call it spotty.  There's lots of reasons someone may not have made it to the head coaching ranks.  He seems like someone who wasn't into the politics it took to get the head coaching gig.  So he went to Canada to do it, and proved himself well. 


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For those who aren't familiar, here is  the resume in brief for Trestman:

1981–84 University of Miami (VC/QB)
1985–86 Minnesota Vikings (RB)
1987 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (QB)
1988/1989 Cleveland Browns (QB/OC)
1990–91 Minnesota Vikings (QB)
1995–96 San Francisco 49ers (OC & QB)
1997 Detroit Lions (QB)
1998-00 Arizona Cardinals (OC & QB)
2001-03 Oakland Raiders (QB/OC)
2004 Miami Dolphins(/AHC)
2005–06 North Carolina State
(Offensive Coordinator)
2008–12 Montreal Alouettes
(head coach)
2013–present Chicago Bears
(head coach)

He's been in enough places and had enough experience that this is probably a pretty sound - but not exciting by any means - hire for the Bears from the experience angle alone (and to be fair, of course, not all hires need to be exciting), and the players that he has worked with do say very positive things about him, which I think you would want out of a coach, but still, I will be interested in what the staff looks like almost as much. 


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Isn't able to get the best candidate out there. All these NFL guys are saying nice things about him....but why didn't he have a job in the NFL then? Outside of Canada from the list it seems like it's been awhile since he's been involved with any good teams. To top Lovie all he has to do is win a Super Bowl. Good luck with that.

Maybe it's genius, but this is a hire any bad team in the NFL could have made. The Bears were practically in the playoffs, have a really good D, and at least a QB you could win a Super Bowl with. But maybe that's all they can hire if the new GM wants someone under his control. At least it might be good for Hoke.


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But the lack of good players on the O-line really has to be addressed. Watching the Bears run the football on Sunday often seemed like a replay of Michigan games on Sat. The blocking on third or fourth and short sucked. They blew the Seattle game not converting a 4th and 1. Hopefully a competent offensive minded coach can effectively use the tools Cutler possesses of which leadership appears to be lacking. Hopefully, Trestman does work out to be another Brady Hoke hire.


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Trestman is clearly a good coach but he walked into an awesome situation in Montreal after Don Matthews (CFL HOF coach) retired. Player Personnel in Montreal is excellent in the CFL and he was gifted with the presence of multi-year Most Outstanding Player (see how the CFL does that?) Anthony Calvillo at Quarterback.

I'm not saying he won't have success at Chicago I'm suggesting that much like following Matthews who stopped coaching due to illness Trestman will follow a pretty successful Lovie Smith and inherit a quality quarterback.


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Trestman did nothing much here that wasn't groundwork of others. Took an already loaded team to a few finals in an 8-team league where 6 make the playoffs. Won twice, once despite himself.

Didn't have to look at the D, it is the CFL. He walks into a nice o setup in Chi.

Not an epic disaster but doubt he will take Chi over any humps, particularly that green and yellow one in Wisconsin...

eamus_caeruli (not verified)

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To say Jay Cutler is a "prima Donna" is a complete joke. Quite buying and forming all the negative spin out Chicago media and sport talk radio into your own opinion. Why is he a prima Donna, because his knee was injured and he couldn't play? But you still love Denard right? He yelled at his lineman because, oh what's that, they couldn't do their damn job and he got knocked down or sack for 1000 time?!?!? You still love Tom Brady right?

Jay isn't elite, but he is damn good and could be elite if they fix the OF line and bring more skill players in via the draft. Bears fans are just like ND fans, looney tune characters!!

To the OP, the hire is a yawn at best.


January 17th, 2013 at 7:55 PM ^

Comparing Denard to Cutler is the joke. It is a fact, that Cutler is not easy to work with. He would admit that himself. I don't care that he yells at his linemen or that he got hurt in the NFC Championship game. The guy is a dick. I never said I didn't like him, he is what he is. Are you his mother? You seem really butt hurt by this.

swan flu

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What was the last "big splashy hire" that worked out? Did Parcells win a Super Bowl for the Cowboys? Rex Ryan and the Jets? Joe Gibbs coming out of retirement to join the Redskins? Lane Kiffin to the Raiders? Josh McDaniels to the Broncos?

The only "sexy" hire that has been successful in the past decade has been Harbaugh. (Edit-okay that's probably a huge exaggeration. My ultimate point is that the public barometer is a terrible measuring stick of success. I is wrong as often as it is right)

More often its the unheralded coaching hires like Mike McCarthy, Mike Smith, Chuck Pagano, John Harbaugh, and Mike Tomlinson (remember how Russ Grimm was the next great coach?)

In the nfl you just have to wait and see how they do on the field. There is no statistically significant way of predicting success.


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I lived in one of the "hill" dorms at UMich and, to this day, whenever I see that name spelled Marc instead of Mark, I think of all the East Coast guys whose friends (from the same part of the world) would yell "MAAAWWWWWWWK!" out the window.

I hope that makes sense to someone.


January 18th, 2013 at 1:08 AM ^

Bears fan here and I think the prevailing consensus is it's a boom-or-bust type deal. He's either a great offensive mind with the wisdom and personality of a Head Coach who was simply overlooked when it came to openings earlier in his career or he stumbled into good situations and didn't completely fuck them up, but is ill-equipped to deal with the day-to-day stuff required by an NFL HC. And that he has no idea what to do with the defense or who to hire to run the defense.

To his credit... Jake Plummer, Scott Mitchell, and Rich Gannon turned in career years when Trest was the OC for them. Getting Scott Mitchell to have something that could be considered a "good" year is something of a miracle.

My prediction: Proves his offensive guru label and turns Cutler's career arc from Jeff George to John Elway. Hires proven DC which wins over Bears veterans on defense. Wins 10 straight Super Bowls before retiring.


January 18th, 2013 at 3:52 AM ^

IMO, best hire of all the teams. Guy is a great coach and beloved without being Rex Ryan "the Jets are a frat house" level friendship with players. If any HC hire wins a SB with their new teams it will be MT.


January 18th, 2013 at 9:40 AM ^

for not hiring a guy fired by another team. They also thought out of the box. In the end, we'll see, but I'm impressed with the Bear's Management sticking to picking their best guy available.