OT: What do you do for a living?

Submitted by NYC Fan on May 17th, 2017 at 12:09 PM

With the offseason here, I thought it would be interesting to read what members on this board do for a living.  Student, Professional, Retiree, Entrepenuer...

Do you like what you do?  Wish you would have done things differently when you were a student searching for a career choice?





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I comment using various usernames on a website called MGoBlog. Magnus, Wolverine Devotee, DISCUSS MAN, RollDamnTide, they're all me.

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Current job: Professor at a middle-sized university.

Dream job: I like what I do, but I'd also like to be doing something artistic/creative (e.g., writing screenplays, graphic design for UM football team, although Aaron Bills already does that and he's killing it so maybe I could be his understudy). 


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Mechanical Engineer for an automotive supplier in Grand Rapids.

I like it most of the time.  There are those other times when it really sucks.


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I studied Sport Management at UofM but ended up in the consulting profession for the past few years.  Currenlty working on finding a way to tie the two together and carve out a long term career in a sports business role.


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Depends on how you define "major rival." Rivals are in tiers. This would be my ranking:

TIER 1 - the truly major rivals

1. Ohio State

2. Notre Dame (don't care that we don't still play, I fucking hate ND and this is my list)

TIER 2 - rivals under the current B1G structure

3. Penn State

TIER 3 - historic rival

4. USC

TIER 4 - assorted other B1G teams

5. Minnesota

6. Wisconsin

7. Iowa

8. Nebraska

TIER 5 - I guess

9. Michigan State


So if he works for any of those schools I'd say he can claim major rival status.


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Medical Device engineer. I design, make, and test implantable medical devices. I spent 5 years in spine implants but am now working in cardiac.


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I have developed (and published on) a few platforms to increse the use of in vitro testing of new medical devices to decrease/eliminate the need for animal models.


We have a dermal irritation model using 3D tissues currently undergoing ISO 10993 testing to see if we can use it as a replacement so we don't need to use rabbits.  Animal to human correlation is garbage for the most part.


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That would be very cool if it pans out. I've seen a number of long-term calf and sheep tests fail because they were shitty models. It sounds like your platform would still be a ways out from actually determining the reaction of an entire organ to both the material of the implant as well as the new forces introduced, no? If it could be used to even reduce the battery of animal tests required to get a new product to market, it sounds like a win and a step in the right direction.

Eleven Year Wo…

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College Professor at a small private University. Have also been an administrator for 17 of the last 20 years, but on July 1, I get to go back to just professing. In the fall, I'll be teaching at our Rome Campus.