OT: What are you reading?

Submitted by Cranky Dave on May 20th, 2017 at 8:10 PM
After not reading books for a few months I decided recently to get back into non-fiction. Just finished A World Undone:The Story of the Great War by G. J. Meyer. My first WW1history. At the other end of the spectrum I'm re reading Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Quite a contrast... What are you reading at the moment?



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The Mitch Rapp books are my favorite. Losing Vince Flynn was tragic. The guy had talent as an author in that genre. Looking forward to the movie later this year. If you like Rapp, Brad Thor is another good author. As is Marc Cameron and the Pike Logan series (can't think of that author's name).

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Daniel Silva has about a dozen great spy/thriller novels, and in my opinion he is by far the best pure "writer" in the genre right now. His series is unique in that his hero is a Mossad agent named Gabriel Allon. When he's not catching bad guys Allon's real passion is as a highly regarded art restorer who travels the world (mostly Italy) bringing great frescoes and murals back to life with his brushes. 


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Cork Dork by Bianca Bosker. A wine-fueled adventure among the obsessive sommeliers, big bottle hunters, and rogue scientists who taught me to live for taste.


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I actually meant to write, "if you are into reading about super-rare, high-end wine." I am sure there are a very, very small number of people that can afford to actually be into super-rare, high-end wine.  And I am certainly not one of them.  But it's a good read, true story of drama and scandal and you learn a lot about the history of wine in America and France.


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The Game of Thrones series in preparation for season 7, and before that I read the second book from the Dune series, Dune Messiah. Both series are great to read if you're into sci-fi (Dune) or fantasy (GoT)


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The prequels he wrote are fine, if kind of knockoff fare.  I don't quite get the hate, but if you're convinced the mind-bending that the original series turned into in the last three books signifies some kind of high art then I guess I see where it somes from.  If you only read Dune, Dune Messiah, and Children(all excellent) then I doubt the books written by the son will offend you.  


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but as the other commentor pointed out, it tracks fairly closely.  There is obviously a lot more information in the books and a couple storylines that were omitted from the TV series for brevity, but by the end of the sixth book, the main storylines are about exactly the same place as they are at the end of the TV series.  

Martin is just a great writer and paints a fascinating world so I really enjoyed reading the books behind the series.


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He's a great writer, but he really lost the plot once book three ended.  Books four and five were chores and I can hardly get through the preview chapters he puts on his website.  I think he had a great, focused story until the Red Wedding and then he lost his way.

If reading Martin, the dunk and egg novellas are fantastic as well.


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Likes being rich more than he likes writing. With his monetary motivation gone, he's become worthless. First few books were fantastic, but he no longer seems to even care about writing.

Which, ya' know, I don't blame him. Why sit around by yourself in a room when you can go out and be a rich celebrity. But it sucks if you want to actually READ his books.


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just finished Poseidons Wake by Alastair Reynolds today. Not his best work but I found the last two books of the series at the library so decided to finish the series.


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Truth. This book was the framework for how we raised our two and they both have been 'easy' relative to others that we know. BUT, a dose of common sense is necessary to supplement the book. It gets a bad rap from some people who take their plan as gospel. Not all kids can be treated exactly the same way