OT: What's your favorite Michigan Football memory?

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For me, it was the first time I went to the Big House. My family was from out west, but one day my mom surprised my dad and I with tickets to the Michigan-Penn State game; the same game where Chad Henne threw a game winning touchdown pass to Mario Manningham when time expired. It was incredible, and yes I stayed for the entire thing.



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06 at OSU was the best game atmosphere I've ever seen, despite the result, and I was so lucky to experience that. Personally the most fun I've had were three victories senior year, ND at night, OSU at home, and the Sugar Bowl trip. Nice way to forget the pain of the prior 3 years.


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I've been to a number of UM games and watched at least 20x more on TV, but the best experience I had there was not specifically any athletic act on the field - it was the ability of the crowd to influence the game itself.  At different home games (Iowa in early 2000's and Minnesota in late 2000's) I can recall the noise from the crowd directly interfering with the cadence and timing of the opposing offense - and the crowd recognized it and was reinforced by it.  I think that is one of the best aspects of college football in comparisson to pro/HS or even comparing to other sports.


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First time I went to the big house. 1999 OSU v. UM. My jaw dropped walking into the stadium and how massive it was. I still get some form of that same feeling every time walking through the tunnel to my seats.

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Penn State at the Big House.  Lady fan of Penn State taunting Tyrone Wheatley as they stopped him for small gains in the first quarter - "You've got nothing Wheatley", "Wheatley you're overrated".

Wheatley then breaks out for a 70-ish yard rushing touchdown.

"Watch Wheatley, Watch Wheatley"

Wheatley breaks another long rushing touchdown.

"OMG I told you to watch Wheatley!!"   I was LMAO.


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Not anything specific, but when I was really young in the early '90's my dad would take my brothers and me to the games in the 4th quarter if it was a blowout. They would open the gates and people would pour out while we were heading in. I don't remember any specific games or plays but I remember the ambience and the atmosphere.


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2002 opener vs. Washington 

We missed 3 relatively easy field goals.  

Philip Brabbs connected on a dramatic 44 yard fieldgoal to win it at the end.




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Last possession of UTL. Or gathering on the field after the OSU victory that season. Senior year, had to stomach 3 years of the toxic feces that was Rich Rod's coaching tenure, to go out with those wins was surreal.

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If we are talking game attended then the northwestern OT game from a few years back. Was only a few rows up from the endzone for the OT play. That atmosphere was crazy down there.


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If we're talking in person it was UTL1 although I was at the game the last time we beat OSU (and MSU) and those are close.

In short, beating rivals feels good. I'm looking to that feeling again. Very soon.

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I was at that Penn State game as well. Sitting in the north end zone, I saw the ball leave Henne's hands but it quickly disappeared from view. I had to watch the crowd's reaction on the other side of the stadium to know if we'd won the game or not. When I heard the screaming, I knew it was OK to celebrate. What I also remember about that day was the trip to Ann Arbor listening to the OSU/MSU game on the radio. We had just pulled off the State Street exit when John L. Smith had his meltdown at halftime, "THE COACHES ARE SCREWING IT UP!!!!" My dad and I laughed our asses off.

I was also at Braylonfest. It was the day before Halloween, kind of cloudy. Walking to the stadium I noticed how windy it was and naturally that made me nervous for the kicking game. Throughout three quarters, the crowd was screaming and pleading with Carr to throw the damn ball to Braylon. Once we were down 27-10, they finally did it and good things happened. I was in the south end zone for this one and all the action happened in the opposite end zone, naturally. My main memories are looking up at the night sky and thinking this will probably be the closest thing Michigan will ever have to a night game. And once it was all over, the stadium going crazy. I turned around and literally hugged the guy behind me, who I didn't know. But he hugged me back so it was all good. That was a game that's truly hard to put into words. After yelling and celebrating, I literally had to sit down because I was afraid I was going to pass out.


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It was a blast. Stressful until the end but fun afterwards. Truth be told, the game never should have come down to the ending it had. When Leon Hall made that interception with a couple minutes left, that was when we should have iced the game. But the celebration penalty took us back and we ended up with no points on a drive that should have started at the 20 yard line (or somewhere close, I can't remember the exact yard line we were on.)

Walking down Hoover Street after the game, a frat guy was on the balcony with a megaphone saying things like, "7 in a row!!!" and "Attention! Joe Paterno.....is dead." Immature, yes. But it still made me laugh.


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I wanted to pick something from 97 but if you were around when Wangler to Carter happened I don't know how you could choose anything else. I was in footballs Valhalla. I still can't watch College Gameday and look at Corso and not think of this game. He lost his marbles that day.


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1997 against OSU was my first UM-OSU game and my first time in the student section and the best sporting event of my life. While I've had some other incredible sports experiences, it's really not even close.


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Swarming the field after 97 OSU game. Bench players were wandering around and some backup Qb named Brady was standing with his parents and I shook his hand as Marcus Ray ran by.

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Hard to pick one. UTL 1 I brought a good friend who's an ND fan. He wore the throwback that ND was wearing and I had the bumblebee jersey. We tailgated in front of someone's house because the golf course was flossed and our usual spots were taken even 6 hours before kickoff. I still have a picture from the 360 degree pic from midfield before the game and we are both looking serious as a heart attack. That game, the atmosphere, and the fo back were just amazing.
One year I took a friend who had never seen live college football to M vs Penn State and it was the game Lloyd argued for 3 seconds back on the clock. We were in the corner of the endzone and Henne's throw to Super Mario was right in front of us and wow was that a memorable game. I also remember playing Wisconsin and us picking it off with a convoy for a pick six. The game was miserable up until that point and the momentum swing was tremendous. UTL probably takes the cake but nothing beats The Big House. Can't wait to go this year!!!

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Nothing will ever match Michigan - Ohio State 1969. Tom Moorehead, Jim Mandich, Garvie Craw and the entire Michigan offense and defense rise up and defeat "...the Greatest College Football Team of all time"  24-12. We were 18 point underdogs in our own stadium. What made it even sweeter was the fact that I was at the 1968 game in Columbus that we lost 50-14 (Woody tried to score a 2 point conversion after their last touchdown - it failed.) Woody later admitted that this was the worst defeat of his entire career.


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The Game 1993. Michigan puts a 28-0 beatdown on the Buckeyes to give a little solace of an average season by preventing OSU from going to the Rose Bowl.


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Total domination from the get-go. Most PSU fans left at halftime sour and soggy. I remember heading away from Beaver Stadium to our car and looking back at the stadium one final time. It was illuminated in the dark as I heard the Victors sung again and again. An experience I will never forget.


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Desmond pose happened right in front of me. The moment. The crowd going nuts..it was phenomenal.

The National Championship game is tough to beat though.

I didnt attend these, but the two ND wins in the down years were awesome UTL, and Tates clutch play made those super memorable as well.


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This was the first game I took my son too and boy did it start with a bang and it never let up once . We got there an hour and a half early so I could go down to the edge of the field to secretly spread some of my dads ashes on the field. I would take him to homecoming every year for the last 15 years until he passed away so I decided to take my son and it was amazing. So much energy and with the crowd never letting up chanting defense in the last minute of the blowout it never got boring and now my son is hooked. Got tickets for the Illinois game already lined up and can't wait. Great memories. Only wished my dad would have made it to see Michigan come back to being great again.


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My brother and I are both Michigan alums but my mom made it to only one game, 1997 Michigan-Iowa (my mom grew up in Iowa). We had a nice come-from-behind victory which I'll always cherish.

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Not my first game in the Big House, but Bo's last in 1989.  Walking on the field afterward with the cheerleaders, band, and some players, was awesome.  The other in-person memory is 1997 at PSU.  Just a perfect day for Michigan football!  Third play of the game Alan Branch was coming straight at us.  Glorious!  The PSU fans/alumni I was with understood, even if they didn't know it, yet.

Other top memories are Braylonfest, in a Thumb bar with family.  And UTL 1 sitting at home, trying to be quiet so as to not wake up the newborn.  That was the last game I ever watched with my dad.


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I was sophomore and we were in the student section stuck behind three Ohio State fans, two guys and a girl. One of the guys had on a ball cap with many enamel OSU pins on it and he was was being extremely vocal and jerky whenever OSU was ahead. I reached up as if I was gonna snatch off his cap, but I backed down. Suddenly all I heard was, "DO IT! DO IT! DO IT". So, I did it. The offending article was enthusiastically passed out of the stadium. The topper was that Michigan won the game. Good times... Good times...