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Submitted by ijohnb on April 24th, 2010 at 10:33 PM

Drunk, not piss drunk, not puking or setting up the morninig fight with the wifeee, but pretty drunk, no doubt. Just the perfect mood for pointless conversation. Respond, if you will, I like conversation.

1. No smoking regulations: Come on now, you are talking about a law that both decreases the amount of profit for small business and a law that effectively will result in less tax money collected by a state to deal with an absurd deficit. I am not a "pro-smoker" but this in Michigan right now is wrong place-wrong time.

2. Kobe Bryant: Love him or hate him, I don't know what camp you are in, but what I do know is this guy is the real deal. Rape and Shaq behind him, when I watch Kobe I feel like I am watching the closest thing to Mike that I will see in my lifetime. And unlike Tiger, Ben, and a host of others, I feel like Kobe learned his lesson. I am now a fan, and I was decidedly a detractor three years ago. Go Kobe, you got game.

3. Movie "Crash:" Have some friends that think this movie is bullshit, even one that thinks is promotes racism. Just watched it, I think they are way off the mark. I know it is not an "indie" per se, but I think that is the most free thinking, stream of conscious film I have seem in a long time. It is not always on the money, but man it makes you think a different way for a couple hours. Matt Dillen, really underrated, and a staggering last ten minutes.

Thoughts??... For those at the same level of intoxiation.



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2. Personally, I hate Kobe. I wasn't a fan but I didn't really hate him until the playoffs last year and he developed that little snarl thing. It just sent me over the edge and it didn't help that the commentators were going on and on about it. That being said, he is one hell of a player and an absolute beast even with his poor game so far tonight.


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1. Tons of states do this; after a while I could picture it being a South Dakota v. Dole thing where the federal government reduces funding to states that allow smoking in restaurants.

2. Don't really care about pro basketball, but yeah, Kobe's pretty good.

3. Not a racist movie, just gives some deep thoughts about racial perceptions, would Ryan Phillipe have shot that dude in his car if he was white just because he was reaching in his pocket? I also love it because it kept Brokeback Mountain from snagging best picture. Not a homophobe, but that movie was not good.

4. 'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia' is one of the best shows on television right now, next to 'Rescue Me' and 'Sons of Anarchy.' FX originals are absolutely unparalleled, although 'Burn Notice' and 'How I Met Your Mother' rock as well.


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he is absolutely polarizing. I used to be with you, but his ability has overcome me. I now appreciate his show-boating, kind of "he has earned it" type of feeling. Like right now, Lakers down 11, Kobe will explode in the forth, just can't wait for Sportcenter...


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Kobe is a great basketball player, but I can't say that about his character. I thought Crash was good and fair. Also, Charissa Thompson looked really good at the Pens/Sens game. I hope she's at our games on the BTN.


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I think the network needs to put up one of those "parental warning" screens every time they come back from commercial if she's working the game. As in, "This program contains an insanely hot blonde sideline reporter who may cause young boys, adult men and a few women to experience thoughts and feelings of a sexual nature. Viewer discretion is advised."


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was an absolute nightmare. I was for the daring subject matter, it needed to be covered, but cowboys in Wyoming..... Cowardly... if you are going to attack something like that, go head on, take a chance, relate it to something relatable. Cinematography was actually groundbreaking, great original score as well, bu the movie itself was a f#%king mess.


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your celebration of diversity would have me take seriously biblical support for anti-miscegenation laws. 150 years ago it would have been slavery.

There is no PC argument for the acceptance of homophobia. Open-mindedness does not go so far as to treat seriously any person unserious enough to argue that all men were created equal except x or y.

You should remember that, and if you learn it your grandchildren won't be ashamed of you when they googlestalk you for a family tree project in fifty years. Get on the right side of history.


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Agreed. There is nothing politically controversial about two men in love, and artfully expressing their story in film. It is only controversial if you believe that love between two same-sexed people is somehow less than that between a man and a woman; ergo, controversial to bigots. The belief that gay love is less than straight love should not be respected, nor tolerated, because it is totally gay.

It was, however, politically daring (and daring for the investors in the film) -- especially since it was about as boring as


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i have a few comments back....kobe is indeed a tremenedous player. I think lebron is still better but i like kobe as well and he is amazing. he can do it all.

2. the film crash is a pretty sweet movie. it definitely does make u think in a different perspective. racism is definitely shown throughout the movie but it also shows sheer reality. it was cool to see how all their lives sort of intertwined at the end. loved the film!

Maize.Blue Wagner

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1. Whether you're for it or against it, the law was certainly poorly written. As it stands right now, smoking will not be allowed throughout a golf course; the entire course is considered a public area. I don't golf or smoke, but this is ridiculous. I understand not allowing it in a club house/eating area. That is the intent of the law, and it's not a new idea (30 some states already have public area smoking bans), fine whatever. However as I said, the law needs to be revisited and revised.

Nosce Te Ipsum

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Smoking actually makes health care more affordable because with everyone dying from cigarette related deaths, cancer, they don't have to sustain an older population. Think about it, if people didn't smoke and die from it then there would be so many more among us. This was said to me by a friend in the health care field. It's more cost effective for them to have people do these things which shorten their life expectancy. Pretty sick when you think about it.

Maize.Blue Wagner

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Golf courses are licensed to sell food and drink throughout the course. Because of this, They are concerned that smoking will be prohibited on the entire course as well.

This isn't my speculation; it is a legitimate concern of the golf course owners. Here are a couple articles about their problems with the bills:


Again, my point is that there is a lot of confusion about the law. The golf course owners' concerns are just one part. Lawmakers can't anticipate every unintended consequence of a law, but in this instance, I contend that much thought could have gone into the crafting of this legislation.

This Detroit News article shows that the confusion is affecting many types of businesses.



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4. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is absolutely hilarious. I got the first 4 seasons on DVD for christmas and I have watched each season at least twice. It is fantastic. I can't wait for the new season. Has anyone seen the Christmas DVD special?


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I will preface my reply by saying that I moved to the Los Angeles area from Farmington Hills 5 years ago.

1. This is the best law to come along recently for any state, any situation, regardless of the circumstances. I will not even argue this with anyone. It's a very emotional topic and no one is going to change their mind after simply discussing it. Over time it will become obvious. You either get it or you don't.

2. I would imagine your opinion of him would change if you lived where I live. A lot of people can't see through his BS but I can. I couldn't care less about how good someone is at putting a ball through a hoop. I'm not 12 anymore so I am over having sports heroes so Kobe means nothing to me, on or off the court.

3. Great movie.

Go Blue.


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My personal #5, here: When the F is Austin Murphy going to write another book? 'Saturday Rules' was an awesome look at college football, minus the thorough description of the '06 UM-OSU game near the end, and I'm reading 'The Sweet Season' right now. Totally amazing, funny look at small-time college football. We need more Austin Murphy!


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1. Smoking bans do not hurt businesses. It enhances the health and productivity of non smokers, and smokers can conveniently step outside for a fag, promoting opportunities to communicate with the opposite sex. This then removes the smokers so that non smokers have less competition and won't have to waste their time talking to someone who they wouldn't date any way. The result: more people get laid more often, and a laid population is a productive population.

2. Koba is a baller.

3. Crash was ok. The best film from 2004/2005 was the Korean flick, Oldboy. If you find CRex's Korean adventures compelling, this is a must see. When Korean films are lacking in softcore porn scenes and Iowa Hawkeye imagery, they make up for in creativity.

Space Coyote

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Was sick, twisted, horrifying, and awesome!

Though personally I think "Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring" (like the exact opposite of Oldboy) was a bit better Korean film (made in 2003) as was "Memories of Murder" (also 2003).


1) I don't have a strong case either way

2) Kobe is good, but I'm still not a big fan.

3) Crash is a really good movie, one of my favorites, and out of all the movies nominated for best picture that year I thought they picked the right one (Crash, Brokeback, Munich, Good Night and Good Luck, Capote). The PSH owned as playing Capote, maybe the best acting I've ever seen