OT: West Nile outbreak in relation to the Bama game

Submitted by TheDirtyD on August 18th, 2012 at 10:51 AM
Kinda OT here but, since we are getting ready to head to Dallas for the game in a few weeks. 10 people have recently passed away due to the out break. The city of Dallas just declared a state of emergency. Kinda scary stuff I know we are gonna be outdoors all day Saturday and the players will be outside longer than that. Just makes me worried. Hopefully people take pre cautions when they get there to get the proper stuff needed to fend the Mosquitos off. Does anyone know if Michigan will have anything in the hotels to purchase since you can't take those cans/bottles on airplanes? http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-505269_162-57494331/west-nile-virus-dallas-… Posted from my iPad



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we used this as malaria prophylaxis in addition to Malarone (sp?) when we went to Northwest Thailand (malaria is endemic near Chiang Mai).  It's small enough to fit in carry-on baggies.  Otherwise, if you are checking in bags, you can bring the middle bottle.


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am coming from da' iron range by duluth, but am not bringing it with me. will pick it up after arrival. hate getting stopped in security at airports, dont cha' know. look too much like a terrorist as it is. but then, what's a terrorist look like. duh!


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However, if the fine people of Dallas are as concerned as the OP, perhaps there might be a shortage of mosquito repellant.  Guess they will keep the top of the stadium closed.

Should things get too bad, I know a stadium that not too long ago seated slightly over 114,800. 


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Def a scary thing,  my grandma was one of the only couple people on the west side of the state to pass away from West Nile.. when we had that outbreak 10 years ago


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Makes me happy we rented a car. Gonna have to stock upon arrival. The lots won't be open all day so tailgating will only last a few hours. The bad news is thats right around dusk so be careful with your elderly and very young. The good news is the incubation period is around 7-10 days so at least your last memory will be of a game! My plan is to toxify my blood to the point of near poison, im sure they'll leave me alone! No worries right?


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I'm sure you can pick it up at the store. I promise you that you wont be be swarmed by mosquitos as soon as you step out of DFW. 

That is unless you taste delicious. But lucky for you Jerryworld is inside.

The metroplex is a big area, and while 10 plus someisa lot of people (may they rest in peace, I'm not down trying to down play it), in relation ot the population is miniscule. I would just put on some bug screen and enjoy your day. 

I sit on my porch and read here in Lubbock and maybe have been bit twice all summer. 


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I think the percentages are like out of all West Nile victims only 1% of those who contract the virus get the one that cause your brain and spinal cord to swell and out of that 1% only 10% of those pass away. I'm sure you can die from it in other complications. Yea I'm sure the numbers are small and most people live still, just figured it wouldnt hurt to remind a few folks.


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I'm not allergic to mosquitos in general... never had a bite in my life.... I wonder if that helps???

Either way, i'd take a little upset stomach/fever from a west nile stint for a michigan win

this guy0531

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But i wanted to put a few cent in. I live in the Metroplex, i can say they have been spraying for mosquitoes for the past few weeks, but I for 1 havent seen one mosquito this year. They are spraying by the big bodies of water around the DFW area. Cowboy Stadium is no where near a body of water, so you will probably be ok... we are currently in a drought so there are no puddles or anything like that around.  just my 2 cent

Mr. Brownstone

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Could be just me but I don't worry about these things. I mean I could die in a traffic accident in Dallas. Doesn't mean I won't drive while there. Hell my plane could crash before I even get there. It always amazes me how people create their own stress.

Jehu the Damaja

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and every single person in there thought they had west nile (news flash: they didn't..its called the flu). It's definitely freaking people out, but I wouldn't worry about it too much.


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I live in Mississippi and had West Nile a couple of years ago.  It doesn't do much but make you feel a little run down and cause you to sweat a little more than usual if you are healthy.  I didn't know I was sick until I tried to lay sod in 100 degree heat and got dehydrated which resulted in kidney stones. 

One thing to know is that the mosquitos in the south are of a different species and much smaller than northern mosquitos.  I was plagued by mosquito bites growing up in Michigan.  I rarely get bitten down here, but my wife and daughter are mosquito magnets.  Hope this helps.


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I wouldn't worry too much.  The mosquitos are most active at dawn and dusk.  In addition, recently they've started spraying pesticides via trucks and crop dusters.  They are doing it multiple times so they can kill the mosquitos that hatch since the last spraying.  This is all happening scheduled to be finished in the next week or two (before you all get in town). 



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I had west nile a couple of days ago, and it's just a glorified fever. It's not something you want to get, but unless you are a todler or elderly, it's not deadly. Either way, wear Off spray.

Eye of the Tiger

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Make sure you get one with DEET, preferrably more than 20%. This is a very good brand.

(Kids under 3 should NOT use DEET, nor should pregant or nursing mothers. They should use repellants with lemon eucalyptus oil instead.)

If you are super paranoid, you can also get clothes that have repellant built in, from places like REI, EMS or other adventure/trekking stores. I've used them when hiking in malarial areas, and they are pretty effective, though you still need to use the lotion or spray on your exposed skin.





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When I lived in Dallas last summer, I don't remember even seeing mosquitos.  

Regardless, it's probably nothing to freak out about.  Just take some basic precautions and things will be fine.  


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My sister works for a company in direct contact with the CDC and she told me to make sure I have repellant on at all times. I'll take her word for it.


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Of this issue.  The uniforms for this game are made of insect repellent materials.  They were purchased directly from Orvis.

They will be on sale in Ann Arbor marked up by 200% in two weeks.


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use repellent and you'll be fine. the city dumped pesticide everywhere this weekend and may do again since it rained last night and i don't think they were able to finish it. while i understand your concern, if you take even the basic precautions you'll be fine.


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the city dumped pesticide everywhere this weekend and may do again since it rained last night

Now you'll have to worry about dying or getting cancer from the pesticide.


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The are spraying the same exact stuff that they use all over the country. Many cities in CA, Houston, a handful on the East Coast as well.  It's called Duet and has a soil half-life of about 10 days.  They started spray last night so it'll be perfectly fine by the time anyone gets down here.  Also, since it's used in so many other cities and has been for many years I really don't think you have anything to worry about.  Houston actually has more people call asking for the spray than asking to not get sprayed.


Yes, I know it's a unique situation that I know I never had to deal with when I lived in Ohio but I really don't think it's going to be anything for any of you guys to worry about now that they've finally sprayed to kill them.


/citizen of Arlington