OT - Wentz torn ACL confirmed

Submitted by reddogrjw on December 11th, 2017 at 12:19 PM

this is why you don't run your QB in the NFL


also why coaches that run that offense in college aren't in demand at the NFL



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Foles looked pretty solid in back up.  Problem is they'll need Wentz for the playoffs.  With the wonders of med tech nowadays I wonder how fast Wentz can return.


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I don't like a ton of their fanbase but my poor grandmother loves the Eagles and has lived a lifetime of seeing them suck. I was hoping she'd finally get to see them win a Super Bowl


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but the point is:


1 - he ran the ball and dove for the end zone

2 - the Eagles DO have designed running plays, so running (and not sliding) are things he does


this isn't college where you have access to 3-4 good QB's - this is why the NFL has tons of rules to protect QB's, and yet he scrambled and dove into traffic to try to score


that game wasn't important enough to do that - playoffs?  sure, but not when you are a cinch to clinch the division

Perkis-Size Me

December 11th, 2017 at 12:50 PM ^

That's brutal. Philly should still be able to sneak in a first round bye if nothing else, but their postseason aspirations probably just got dealt a devastating blow.

Foles isn't a slouch but there's a reason that he's the backup. I could see Carolina or New Orleans roll into Philly and take them out straight away in the divisional round. 


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Being a Browns fan means every single play Wentz made the past two years I got to see, over and over again, so that media here and nationally could mock the Browns for not taking him in last year's draft.  At first I rooted against the guy just to make it stop but the more I watched him play and the more I got to see of him off the field I realized this was a pretty damn good dude and one hell of a football player.

I wish him a speedy recovery and hope he comes back better than ever.  Even if he's not wearing the right helmet or playing in the right city thanks to us.

Perkis-Size Me

December 11th, 2017 at 2:45 PM ^

If it makes you feel any better, I don't think Wentz would've fared well in Cleveland. An upgrade over Kizer for sure (not saying much), but Cleveland is such a poorly run organization from top to bottom that Wentz would never have been put in a position to succeed. He'd also have no talent around him aside from a highly volatile Josh Gordon. One day he's tearing it up on the field. The next, he's back in rehab. In the end, Wentz would just be one more name duct-taped to the back of that guy's QB jersey. 

When you've been this bad for this long, it's not just that you've got bad players, coaches, scouts or GMs. You've got bad ownership continually making poor decisions. They can always blow the team up and start over, but that's been done so many times with this organization that you have to wonder how much good it will really do to just do it again. 

I honestly don't know how anyone can fix the mess up in Cleveland. Easily the most hopeless situation in the league. 

Bigly yuge

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I encourage everyone to check out the E:60 episode that Wentz is in. Carson is one of the best humans there is. I don’t like the Eagles, but I now pull for them against everyone minus my team bc of how awesome Carson is. It really blows for Philly bc I think they could’ve gotten to the super bowl if they locked up home field advantage. With three games remaining, Wentz had already broke the franchise record for TD passes.

Even though I know it won’t happen, I remember when Phillip Rivers played 3 games, including the playoffs on a torn ACL. Wentz seems like the kind of guy that would be open to something like that. But bc of his age and potential I know he will be sat down. Bright future for this team though.


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I also had Wentz as my QB going into the playoffs, but I'm lucky to have Rivers as my backup so I'm not sunk.  Completely sucks for Wentz--he was having an unbelievable year. 


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The vast majority of Wentz runs, including this one, are not designed.  It's just him chosing to scramble and having the athletisicm to make that work.  He's had very few designed QB runs this year.

And when you say "run that offense" I have no idea what you mean.  They run a ton of RPO but those are not QB run options those are RB run options.  He takes hits for a lot of reasons, designed running is not one of them.

to sum up.. .your take was awful

Billy Ray Valentine

December 11th, 2017 at 2:08 PM ^

Stupid, stupid, stupid.  Just stupid.  It was not a designed run.  If you actually watch the Eagles, you woud know that Wentz runs intentionally 2-3 times a game, at most.  Wentz often slides feet-first when he's not trying to get a 1st down or a TD.


Seriously, what a world class stupid post!  Moronic!  Epicly moronic!  Wentz was diving for the endzone in an effort to help his team take the lead in a huge road game against a team the Eagles are in direct competition for playoff seeding.  Any QB that doesn't give it their all in that siutation is a QB that I don't want leading my team.  This wasn't some meaningless play, in some meaningless game.  Granted, it wasn't Elway getting turned into a helicopter in the Super Bowl, but the Eagles season was on the line.  They were trailing.  They just blew a 10-point halftime lead.  Momentum had swung towards the Rams after Blake Countess returned a block punt for a TD.  The Eagles D was on their heels.  A FG would have been a defeat.


Win, and the Eagles win their division, and likely secure a first-round bye, maybe home-field.  Lose, they probably are playing in the Wild Card round, and then facing two super-tough road games just to make the SB.  


Such a stupid post.  I wish you were forced to sit on the 50-yard at the old Veterans Stadium (RIP) wearing a dunce cap while all the 700-level drunks rained down boos at the top of their lungs.  You deserve the Santa Claus treatment.


Go Blue.


December 12th, 2017 at 9:32 AM ^

No it really is an epically stupid post. The play wasn't a designed run and then later on the op said that wentz shouldn't have scrambled that the game wasn't important enough. Can you imagine the audacity it takes to type something that stupid. He's a paid professional athlete and a team leader. He sees a chance to run it in and he takes it that's what he's paid to do. Outside of Michigan football hot takes this is honestly one of the stupidest threads I've ever seen on here.


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I still don't understand how that play resulted in a torn ACL especially considering his leg wasn't planted on the ground when he got hit.


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The Eagles have done a great job developing Wentz, and designed an offense that works very well with him. But I think they'll be OK with Foles, too.

Pederson was the QB coach in Philly when Foles was drafted, and helped turn him into a Pro-Bowler his second season. Then Foles morphed back into a pumpkin and moved on after Pederson left for Kansas City. Point being Pederson knows what he can do for them. I'd still say they can make a Super Bowl run.

In checking Foles' dates, I hadn't remembered he was originally at MSU. He transferred to Arizona after his freshman year.

As for the Browns... they would have turned Wentz into every other QB they've had. There are 31 professional football franchises in the NFL. And then there's Cleveland.