OT - We are all Geordies today

Submitted by Wolverine In Iowa on May 6th, 2012 at 8:36 AM

Come on, Newcastle -- beat City!  Manchester City are ahead of Man United by goal differential.  Man Utd plays Swansea later on today, and wil hope for a slip-up by City to keep their championship hopes alive with two games remaining, including today.



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Would you dissuade a kid in California from rooting for the Wolverines simply because he saw them on tv and loved the helmets and the good team on the field? And would you blame him further if he then looked up this magical team on the internets and was taken in by their history? A lot of people root for United, City, Arsenal, Liverpool, and Chelsea for these same reasons (as well as the fact that other teams are very hard to follow from the US). I love United and I'm not ashamed to say it.


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I went for Borussia Dortmund in the Budesliga several years ago, back when they were a mid-table team.  So what happens?  They run away with two league titles and have a shot at the German double with a win over Bayern Munich next week.  Oh well, at least we suck in the Champions League...


Don Keypunch

May 6th, 2012 at 10:23 AM ^

And hate both United and City..........It will be interesting to see how both Manchester clubs fare once financial fair play goes into effect........One more chance next weekend for the Toon to get into the Champs league since Emirates City have this one wrapped up.......


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I don't really care who wins the EPL because either way, it will be an evil empire. But I saw a headline this week that said "Sir Alex: We Can't Spend Like City" and he went on to complain about how the transfer market is insane. It's like Mike Scoscia or Jim Leyland complaining that we they can't spend like the Yankees. I had a laugh.

i was rooting for Newcastle though because I'd like to see them get into the Champions League.

City-QPR should be a great match next weekend. One could be fighting for the league title and the other will be fighting for survival.


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Nah, I think it's just him complaining. It's not the first time he's done it and it won't be the last. I don't think complaining about the transfer market is going to pay dividends on the pitch. City players probably didn't even see this. He's won twelve championships because 1) he's a pretty good tactician and motivator 2) His club has better players because they have the money to buy and keep them


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I have no doubt they have a great youth academy and whatnot. But you don't sustain success like that anymore. Most of the top clubs can just buy the quick fix and wait til their youth guys are ready to play at an elite level. Or sell them to the clubs below them.

The Yankees have a decent farm system and have a few players that came up through the system. But they sustain success by getting top notch FA year in and year out.

swan flu

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If you define success as being a top 3 team in one of the top 3 leagues every year and making it to the Champions League knockout round every year, then I agree with you.


But I think teams like Valencia, Ajax, PSV, Lyon (kinda), Marseille, Bilbao, Everton, Porto, and Benfica have been very succesful using their youth systems.  Not as succesful as the biggest clubs, but very respectable and competetive without buying many top players.


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I agree. But even when these guys develop a top player, most of them are destined for the elite clubs anyways. Soccer is the most unbalanced of the sports I follow. Part of it is the nature of the system (so many leagues, relegation, promotion etc etc). I despise all the top clubs. I will watch them because they play the best football (obvious since they have the best players) and I like the sport. One of the reasons why I chose Wolves is because of their sound business. The only club in the EPL that made a profit last year. But the best we can ever really do following this model is a midtable finish. But I am ok with that. And I'm actually not terribly upset with them going to the Championshp. It will be fun to see them in a league where there is more parody. But obviously I'd prefer them to be in the top flight because I'd actually get to watch every one of their matches.



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Spurs drew. Yeah, as an Arsenal supporter, I feel completely different from yesterday. It's nice to have your own destiny in your own hands. Gotta beat West Brom next Sunday.

swan flu

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a) that has absolutely nothing to do with soccer


b) unless you personally fought in WWII.... then by your same logic if it weren't for the western europeans colonizing North America and killing literally millions of natives, you would not BE an American.


So if Europeans somehow owe you a "thank you," then you must reciprocate.


May 7th, 2012 at 3:47 AM ^

i watch alot of Serie A


My club team is Cagliari (that new stadiumneeds to get finished )  but I do love the Italian National team also.


Cagliari needs some offense...


as for the EPL,,,,,,,glad to see Aston Villa go down hill 

good to see some new teams from the EPL get into the Champions League possibly