OT - We are all Geordies today

Submitted by Wolverine In Iowa on May 6th, 2012 at 8:36 AM

Come on, Newcastle -- beat City!  Manchester City are ahead of Man United by goal differential.  Man Utd plays Swansea later on today, and wil hope for a slip-up by City to keep their championship hopes alive with two games remaining, including today.



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You're kidding right? Sir Alex Ferguson is the most decorated manager in history. He's universally respected, he has owned City for over 20 years.

Tell me again how he's like Dantonio. There is no way. If anything, he's like Tom Osborne.


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The European concept of "blaming the ref" for everything that goes wrong during a game is one of the reasons to not watch soccer. Compare it to rugby where the players shut their mouths and do their job.

Manchester United gets more penalties each year because his teams dare to attack. It's not a novel concept.

swan flu

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Ferguson is a dick.  He has a propensity to complain about the FA and the referees when he's losing, he constantly makes derogatory remarks about other managers, and he has refused to give any interviews to the BBC because he thinks they are conspiring against him.


The man is a soccer genius, but he's a total d-bag.


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I'm not a Man U fan by any stretch, but come on.

Name me a manager that DOESN'T complain about the FA and the referees, you cannot name one. Clough, Paisley, Robson (take yer pick), especially Redknapp, Wenger and oh my God how about Mourinho (ruining Rune Hauge's career).

He constantly makes derogatory remarks about other managers? Please provide one. Also, please let me know if the comment was made before or after he invited that manager up for a post-match bottle of wine (which he does after every match).

You just don't like Ferguson because he wins all the time. That's natural. He's anything but a d-bag. You'll be lucky to accomplish 1/50th in your field of work what he has, same as me.

swan flu

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Choosing between Man U and Man City is like choosing which foot I want to have cut off by a rusty saw.


Pulling for Newcastle cause I'd like to see them in the Champions League rather than Tottenham or Chelsea.


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I've tried to get back into Soccer lately, but the English leagues are just ridiculous. Can't stand the amount of flopping and fake injuries going on.

snarling wolverine

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In a way I find Red Sox fans even more insufferable, because they persist in playing the "underdog card" despite having a gigantic payroll themselves.  Yankee fans make no apologies for the fact that they outspend everyone.

BoSox fan: "OK, maybe our payroll is $150M and we've won two WS in the last decade but the Yankees spend more and we've only won two WS in 80 years, so we deserve to win all the time now.  Plus we have a big wall in left field."

Yankee fan: "Yeah, we outspend everybody.  You think Bud Selig's gonna put in a salary cap?  Fuggeddaboutit."



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Red Sox fandom is a lot like Sparty fandom in that they often exert more effort hating their rival than rooting for their own team, except mixed in with the general opinion that the sun revolves around Boston.  So in response to Globules, no, not Red Sox over Yankees any day....in fact, ever since living in New England for a couple years I've been surprised to find myself believing the Yankees the lesser of the two evils.

swan flu

May 6th, 2012 at 12:33 PM ^

I love Bilbao.  Their posession style and the fact that every one of their players is from the Basque region in spain is fucking awesome.


And to needlessly defend myself, I started rooting for Barca 6 years ago because Xavi and Iniesta are little guys who make large defenders look silly.... and I am a small guy who wishes I could make large defenders look silly.


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No kidding. I follow the Wolves and Lecce. The latter because my buddies and I started a manager mode in Fifa and we just picked a random team in Serie B the year of the game. Turned out to be Lecce and we had a good time with it so I still follow them. My #1 is Wolves and I chose them because I like their name, their history and their manager at the time (McCarthy). I didn't want to pick a top team because I hate bandwagon fans and never wanted to be labeled as one.