OT: WCQ US vs. Guatemala

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Win or draw and we are through.

Parkhurst is getting the start at LB.  I thought this was a possibility when Fabian Johnson went out with his illness.  I'm condifent that Parkhurst will do well since he starts for a CL team.  




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My ini-laws were born in Guatemala.  My father-in-law often tells me how terrible Guate soccer is, so if we lose this he'll give me all kinds of hell.


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If he had scored and the score would have been 4-1, I would have won a pair of cleats signed by Stuart Holden! Ah, to dream. Ha. Either way, happy to have won this game with relative ease.

As an aside, Ruiz is far and away my least favorite CONCACAF player to watch us play against.  I can't stand watching him dive around ridiculously.

EDIT: Guess I should say I had to correctly guess the score and goal scorers, I got every goal scorer right (Dempsey x 2, Boca, Ruiz), just needed Johnson to make it 4-1 and I would have been on the money


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Canada got torn up earlier today, 8-1, at Honduras. Don't think this will get that out of hand, but Guatemala is going to have to start throwing guys forward.


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Don't have enough points to make


Co host of common man and torq in columbus tweeted he wished Desmond Howard would die so he could watch gameday again, and is now suspended. Kirk Herbstreit complained and got him suspended. This guy is a total homer, and it is shocking it took this long for him to get suspended. After all this is just football, what a classless asshole.

swan flu

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With Panama, Jamaica (likely), Mexico, Honduras, there are going to be many teams that want to play dirty against us in the final round of qualifying.


Lets hope we can stay healthy and Jermaine Jones doesn't get convicted of assault.


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The folks on telemundo appear to think that was a penalty on Timmy.  Or as they hilariously referred to it in Spanish "the maximum penalty."  So I hope he doesn't get executed before returning to Liverpool.


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Great game, just wish Dempsey hadn't dove in extra time. Hate to see that yellow card come back to get him in the next round. The whole offense and mids played great tonight and held the ball well with great passing. That was needed on a off night for Howard.