O/T Washington Nationals Anthony Rendon may have had greatest hitting day ever?

Submitted by chomz14 on April 30th, 2017 at 5:22 PM
I thought the Tigers bullpen was awful but the New York Mets let Nationals third baseman put up these numbers today. 6 AB's 6 hits 4 runs 3 homeruns 10 RBI In my 30 years of watching the game. This is the best I've seen. Any top it?



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in a single game.  That was the 2nd half of a DH, as I recall he went 1-for-5 in the first game. So his "day as a whole" wasn't that great (still pretty damn good though!).

BTW, on a side note --- I was watching some Rockies and D-Backs late last night.  Fernando Rodney is still out there setting fire to ballgames!  The Tigers bullpen could be worse ....

G. Gulo of the Dale

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... that one of Rendon's hits that wasn't a homerun today actually hit the scoreboard in right-center field, approximately 12 ft. up the wall.  He was that close to hitting four homers.  Incredible, and thanks for sharing, OP.


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According to wiki, a number of players have hit 10+ RBIs with 4 HRs. The record is 12 RBIs with 4 HRs, most recently in 1993. If the hits count, someone had 7 hits, 4 HRs & 11 RBIs, but that was 1890s.

rob f

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knocking in 10 once when he played for the Oakland A's early in his career. But I have no idea how many of those RBIs came via homers.

Best RBI day for the Tigers? I think Jim Northrup had 9 ribbies once, 8 of them coming on a pair of Grand Slams.


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...one of fantasy baseball's all-time bench performances. Rendon's a "name" player that's prolly owned in 95% of leagues, but he's been so bad this season (see above comment) that the only teams still starting him most likely have no other options. Plus, it happened on a Sunday, so he wouldn't even get a boost in daily lineup leagues (since every team had a scheduled game).

rob f

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a certain well-fed, crafty left-hander named Ramón Tatís that Randy Smith signed to a free agent contract back in the late 90's.

Ramón (a former Chicago Cub) never made it back to the big leagues in Detroit, washing out after a spring training or two, only to resurface for a time in the Japanese Baseball League.

If I recall correctly, Smith didn't do his homework prior to signing Tatís and they soon discovered he had arm trouble, from which he never fully recovered. Tatís was pretty typical of the acquisitions for Detroit during Randy Smith's reign of error as Tigers GM, an era during which Detroit was one of the worst teams in MLB.


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both HR came off the same pitcher!  That's one way to inflate an ERA in a hurry!

Not to give you a hard time - but I'm going to go on the record and not use the word "may." That record may be tied, but it WILL never be topped.  That would require, at minimum, a team scoring 20 runs in an inning and sending 22 batters to the plate!


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Lost in the stats perhaps is that Blake Treinen actually had the audacity to walk a batter on four straight pitches with a pretty huge lead . Pretty sure you can get sent down for that shit on some teams anyway.

In all seriousness, if I had to choose between the Tigers bullpen and the Mets bullpen, I would take the Tigers bullpen.  


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I was present for one of them. Fred Lynn's rookie season, at Tiger Stadium, he hit three home runs, added a triple and a single, for 16 total bases and 10 RBI. He ruined this kid's summer evening at the ballpark, for sure. 15-1 Red Sox.


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Recently, Kris Bryant went 5-5 with 3HRs and 2 doubles (last season vs the Reds). Obviously there are better games in history, but that's a recent one that came to my mind.


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I think Mike Trout went 1-4 with a BB and scored two runs once. Advanced statistics gave him an 8 WAR for that game and it is determined to be the best single hitting game in history. 


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Hedl pass the following players in May (among many others):

  • Kirby Puckett
  • Lance Berkman
  • Norm Cash

In June:

  • Jimmy Collins
  • Wee Willie Keeler
  • George Sisler

In July:

  • Chet Lemon
  • Will Clark

In August:

  • Willie Stargell
  • Hank Greenberg

In September:

  • Vladimir Guerrero
  • Yogi Berra
  • Willie Stargell

He'd close out the year at #115, next year at #53 (passing Jeter along the way), pass Mantle by age 30.



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At the risk of being "that guy," the OP said the greatest hitting DAY ever, so I'll submit two:

1. Stan Musial's 1954 doubleheader of 5 HR: 3 HR in the first game and 2 HR in the second. Along with a single in the first game, he set a record of 21 total bases in the doubleheader.

2. Nate Colbert's 1972 doubleheader feat of 5 HR and 13 RBI, which broke the previous doubleheader RBI mark of 11.

The quirky thing about this: When Musial set the record in 1954, one of the fans in the stands at St. Louis was a young Nate Colbert.


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Most of you might not have been alive on July 3, 1966 when Atlanta Braves pitcher Tony Cloninger hit two grand slams in a game and drove in nine runs as the Braves beat the Giants 17-3. LINK

Of the 14 times when a Major League player has had at least 10 RBI in a game, four have been by a member of the Boston Red Sox (Rudy York, Norm Zauchin, Fred Lynn and Nomar Garciaparra.) LINK  York and Garciaparra also are among the four Red Sox players to have hit two grand slams in one game. LINK