OT: Was your HS good at football?

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Where did you go to HS and were they any good at football?

I went to Utica HS in Macomb County. They were not good have never won a playoff game. Only 4 playoff appearances and no state titles despite being one of the oldest teams in the state. 

They do play Romeo HS for a Little Brown Jug that was started in 1948.


Curious to see what football pedigree some on the board came from and if it was big at their school. 




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We were not - until after I graduated in 1992 (details below):

During my time there, we were the smallest school in Division I football with a total student population of just over 1,000.

We were in what was called the Great Lakes League, and played against schools averaging between 5,000 and 6,000 students.

We would trot out about 40 guys, of which most were sophomores and those juniors not yet disheartened by getting your ass beat every week.

We would play against schools like Toledo Whitmer, who would roll out 125 players on the field, and have another 75 in the stands as reserves (believe Max dress # was 125 at the time).

Many of those 40 guys would, for the most part, play offense, defense, AND special teams,  Meanwhile, those teams like Whitmer could plug and play guys all day without getting tired.

And they didn't mind destroying you either.  We were down 48-0 to Fostoria.  They had just scored.  They decided to go for 2 to make it an even 50.  C0cksuckers.  

The year after I graduated, they dropped to Division II aligning with schools much closer in size.  They have done much better since that change.

Go Wildcats!



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was actually pretty good year in and year out. However the GLL was stout. One season we had Woodson (Michigan-Raiders-Packers, Damien Moore-college unknown but played DB for Eagles, and Orlando Pace-colonumbus-St. Louis Rams) and those were just the pro level guys...loaded with talent.


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Damon Moore played for OSU. Also, Fostoria had two bruisers at running back that year as well (Jason Doogs was one of them I believe)

Not unlike some of the teams we played. Sandusky had Pace, Findlay had Rothlisberger, Fremont Ross had Woodson, Fostoria had Moore, Central Catholic had JoJuan Armor, St. Ignatius had Eric Haddad, Drew Haddad, Chris Hovan, Matt Bunsey, John Favret, Chris Della Vella, Dan O'Leary and Scott Mutryn, Canton McKinley had Josh McDaniels and Adrian Brown.

There are probably a few more I am missing but there was a ton of talent around here back then...

The Claw

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That 1992 team was our first State Championship team. We're 2-2 in the finals. Lost in 1990 to Cleveland St. Joe. Beat Akrn Buchtel in 1996. Got beat in 1994 I believe. Last year a story was written on the hudl, I believe, that Fostoria is in the top 10 programs in terms of wins in the state of Ohio. Even had a mythical National Championship team back in the 1920s? In 1991 we were beat in the semis by eventual champs St. Mary's. I got to play on the carpet at OSU stadium in 1990. Several times in Toledo's a Rubber Bowl. Was fun back then.

Presently, they've been bad for a number of years in football and have fallen from div. 2 to div. 4.


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the Mules got kicked because the coaches sucked. There was talent aplenty in every other sport...problem was the coaching staff was a cycle of reruns as former assistant coaches tried their hand at running the same program. What's that old saying about insanity...

The team has a different energy now with Leroy Wood running the show, albeit behind the scenes, the guy is a legend who has had success everywhere he has been. And the kids who have always been good athletes have bought in, and the system uses what they have rather than trying to conform to the hot new offensive plan.

Gucci Mane

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High school football does nothing for me, so I don't even know the answer to the question. I do however have interest in individual high school players if they have major offers.


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I graduated in '91 (With Jason Carr). 'retired' from football my Jr. year when I realized there wasn't much room for a 165 lb tackle. ;-)


CC was always 'good' watching them when my Bro went there. They always made a decent run for the playoffs but didn't always make it. Made their bones on being good in the Catholic League. They did have one State title in '79.

But its funny, I remember thinking, and being told, how it was hard to compete with some of the huge public schools. I also remember watching those schools (like Harrison) facilities and thinking 'Wow! What great stuff!'

Then, in '90-'91, we won our first of a bucket load of State titles. Then they went through a down period, then they were back, and last year they were terrible. Who knows what the future holds.

My nephew just graduated from there and got turned off by the football teams repeated 'failures' because they kept losing to Cass Tech in the State Finals LOL. I tried to tell him about the old days but he didn't get it. 

Absolutely loved the school though. Didn't finish out with football, but with Wrestling. 


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I went to whitmer high school in toledo. My sophomore and junior season we made it to the final 4 in division 1 and senior year we lost in the state championship game. Current wolverine chris wormley and former team captain Kevin Koger attended Whitmer


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they had 9000 kids enrolled at one point and were always well coached and dominant. Really no different than catholic schools who forgive tuition, or Saline with school of choice etc...as many schools now do, it is what it is.


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I believe my HS still holds some type of IHSA loss record. Consecutive losses maybe?

One guy in my class went FCS and we had a couple D1 basketball players on the team so better than usual in my time, but historically just awful at football.

Edit: HD Jacobs in Algonquin, IL.


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I went to Clarkston. We were good at basketball when I was there (woo hoo Final Four 2009!) but sucked at football. After I graduated, future classes got really good at football, and we are the reigning back-to-back D1 State Champions. Our QB was awesome. As was our running game. Our basketball team remains very good but never great. Go Wolves!


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I went to Berkmar HS in Lilburn, GA and our football team was awful but still managed to upset Parkview (main rival and, at the time, state powerhouse) twice while I was there. Otherwise Berkmar was the doormat of the division. 


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Jackson High made the playoffs in 1999, 2000, 2003, 2006, and 2009. They even won a playoff game in 1999.


The worst of the worst that have been around since prior to 1990...


Flint Southwestern Academy

50-193 (.206), never made playoffs, never had a winning season




114-322-3 (.263), made playoffs 2x



New Boston Huron

150-394-8 (.279), made playoffs 2x, 7 winning season in 53 years




154-390-12 (.288), made playoffs once



Detroit Western Intl.

151-368-11 (.295), never made playoffs