OT: Warren worthy of a 7th rounder?

Submitted by itsallgood65 on April 24th, 2010 at 2:28 PM

What do you guys think about the Lions using one of their 7th rounders to grab Warren? It seems to me that it would be a great value pick even with the Lions already taking a DB in this draft...



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I am still surprised that Greg Matthews has not been given any love. He is 6'3" 209lbs and he has proven the ability to go up and get the ball in traffic and get his feet down. With that size and decent speed I would have thought he would be worth a pick in the late rounds.


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I'm hoping the Pack take him with their next pick. He could learn from the best Michigan DB ever, Woodson. Being from Michigan, Woodson might have more of an interest in teaching him.

Edit: Fail. Guess the Packers don't listen to my opinion. =(


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If there's one thing that would be awful for Warren, it would be coming to the Lions. I think he needs a totally fresh start. You don't perform like he did at the Combine without having some mental issues going on, maybe hanging with a crowd that left him, shall we say, unfocused.

Green Bay sounds good; it got Woodson's head on straight.


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Did people forget to write his name on their draft boards? I get that he probably shouldn't have come out early but I can't see how he doesn't get picked ahead of some of the clowns that are coming off the board. Are there character/off-field issues we don't know much about that are preventing him from being picked? His resume and draft grade look a hell of a lot better than any of the six corners that just went in the 5th round.


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I think at this point we have to take character issues into consideration, because he's obviously got some more talent than some of the people drafted ahead of him.

By "character" I don't mean "bad human being," but I think focus might be a concern.


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I'm not sure it would help for him to be drafted by the Lions (local pressure and all), but I do think he deserves to be drafted at some point. He played well when he wasn't injured, and while he might not be a shut-down corner, he certainly showed he could stay with some top WRs in the Big 10. If nothing else, he'd work as a nickel and dime CB.

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Considering everyone knows his aspirations to succeed in something other than football (neurosurgery), teams are less likely to pick him knowing that football isn't 100% his life and dreams. Intelligence plays a huge role as a safety, which benefits Rolle, but there are a lot of other concerns that are important to NFL GM's as well.

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So if Donovan doesn't get drafted, there is no chance he can come back to Michigan since he was an early entry in the draft correct? Just trying to make sure I understand early entry nfl draft rules.


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A sixth or seventh round pick is pretty much destined for special teams and a backup role, forever.

Also means your NFL career will probably be no more than four or five years, as other sixth and seventh rounders come into the league to take your roster spot at a cheaper price.

Damn, we really could have used you this season, Donovan. Best of luck to you, brother, wherever you land.


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And that view is right. anyone picked in the final 2 rounds of the draft is probably not going to see any type of consistent playing time. Yeah, there are a few that do, but rarely more than 1 a draft.

There are 86 picks in the final 2 rounds of this years draft, I assume thats about usual for a draft, it probably varies due to the compensation picks per year. Even if 1 or 2 make it, that is still 84-85 players that don't. It is much more likely any late pick will end up as a non factor than as a player who sees regular time on the field.


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Hold off on the negging for a second everyone. Fist of all, yes 6th rounders and later usually are labeled as a roster filler or such. However, there are plenty of exceptions to this as well. Also this point seems to have been lost, but this is one of the DEEPEST Dafts ever and a there is a lot of talent. Thus, the level of talent will fade more slowly and better players will still be around in the later rounds.

Plus, a lot of teams are taking needs over available talent on the board pushing better players back.


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Agreed. This isn't any different than the argument over 5*s vs 3*s. 5*s and draft picks in round 1-2 or maybe ever 3 are much more likely to succeed than 3*s and late round/undrafted players. By percentage, I would venture 2x or 3x times more likely.


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but I truly hope Donovan becomes one of those players who proves the evaluators wrong. While we may have watched him through maize-colored glasses during his time here, his play on the field was universally recognized by the media and coaching staffs of the Big Ten as one of our strengths, and I believe his play on the field reflected that.
The NFL draft has become so scientific that the intangibles that translate to performance on the field do not have the value that they once did.
The Donovan Warren I saw on the field is a Player and once he gets into camp the NFL team that is fortunate enough to have him will recognize that right away.


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It was signing an agent. If not for that, if round 7 comes and goes and he isn't drafted, he could still come back, and try again next year. Couldn't do any worse than undrafted.

But I'm still holding out hope for a late pick-up.

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Three CBs that nobody's heard of taken in a row in the bottom half of Round 6 and Warren is still on the board. Tough day for the young man. 27 CBs have now been drafted.


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I posted about this when he announced he was leaving. Between injuries and no bowl games last 2 years, he didn't have as much chance to show against elite competition as scouts would like, so he really had to impress people at the Combine. Didn't happen, apparently. Tough call to make when you're 21, changes the whole direction of your life ...