OT: Walking Dead Finale & Game of Thrones premier NO SPOILERS HEREIN

Submitted by An Angelo's Addict on March 31st, 2013 at 5:10 PM

The season 3 Game of Thrones premiere begins tonight at 9:00 pm est with the encore at 10. This has been my favorite show to watch the last couple years and I have been waiting anxiously for this season to begin. 


Any discussion regarding The Walking Dead finale is also welcome as that has been the second best show on TV :). What a day!


Here is a great recap video from the past two seasons of GOT:



Here is the GOT season 3 premiere. Winter is coming... and so are dragons!



edit: Final Four son, Final Four. 



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I guess we could do two threads:

TWD first, then GoT

GoT, then TWD

I would say we stick to one.  I think most people are watching The Walking Dead in real time and are watching the GoT premiere afterwards - which HBO is repeating immediately after the first airing finishes.  Would it be ridiculous to start a thread for that now?

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haha I am so pumped for the season premiere. But I agree, I will most likely watch TWD at 9:00 and then the GOT encore at 10:00. I am just so pumped!! Final Four + these two awesome shows make for an awesome day!


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I read all five books this summer after being told for years by my friends to read them...  I expect this season and next to be the best ones as book 3 was by far my favorite.




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I named my fantasy baseball team, "Dire Wolverines." They're like regular wolverines, only larger and more ferocious, like our basketball team.


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So, I'm finishing up my second viewing of the second season Blu-Rays of GoTs, this time with the audio commentaries on there.

The wildfire used to defeat Stannis' fleet, according to George RR Martin, was well grounded in history. The Byzantine Empire used "GreekFire" as a fire accelerant in battle.  Pretty cool.

There was a short article in WSJ today about Game of Thrones' connection to real history and how that's one of its major things that distinguishes GoT from other fantasy stories.

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Tom From AA that is awesome you have all the Blue-Rays, I have been watching the GOT marathon on HBO2. It has been a glorious day of NCAA basketball and GOT every waking minute. I can't wait for the premier. One thing I have been trying to understand is in the second to last show when Tyrion gets slashed during battle, was he betrayed by one of his own men? He lets down his guard and smiles at the soldier and then the guy raises his sword and slashes him in the face. What's up with that?


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That's awesome that you caught that, because I didn't before just minutes ago.

George RR Martin (who did one of the commentaries for that episode) confirmed that it was a member of the King's Guard that turned (?) on Tyrion.  I'm not sure if that is common knowledge or is supposed to be or will be explained more.

And the BluRays are well worth the money.  Well, I should qualify that. I bought the second season right when it came out at Meijer on sale for $45 (normally 60) and the same weekend ordered the first season for $42 online at BestBuy (normally 60+... no longer in production).  So, I got some very nice deals on them.

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I just caught that two 1 minute ago while watching the final episode from season 2 when the spider is talking with Tyrion. Tyrion is definitely my favorite character in the show, just such a great actor


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Fingers crossed for Herschel to bite the dust tonight.  I've been wanting to refer to him as "Herschel Walker" for a while now. Hey-oh!