OT: Walking Back the Crab Legs Story

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FSU has promised to cooperate in a new investigation, while Florida grocery chain Publix has denied any arrangement with FSU players: 


There's a good joke in there somewhere about hook-ups and crab legs but I haven't quite worked it out.



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Nothing will happen to FSU unfortunately. CSB - Just saw Harbaugh on Liberty when I was at Menna's. Anyone know what that brick building is next to Hunter House? Saw him walk in with a guy and then some suits walked in a few minutes later


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is Fisher just hearing this? Through all that he never talked with Winston to find out why he did it? i have a hard time believing that not one coach spoke with the police.I think Fisher acting as if this is the first he has heard of it will really stir things up.Total cover up top to bottom.

Mr. Yost

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The kid got free crab legs...at this point, I'm like, whatever man. If it wasn't that it was going to be free Chick-FIl-A or free food at a resturant or something else.

I get that it's Winston...but I find it hard to see why anyone cares anymore. 

Cars and houses are one thing, thousands of dollars is something, this has somehow become nothing. 


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Publix says the guy committed theft. Winston essentially agreed, saying "oops I forgot to pay". If he is a thief deal with it at that level. If there was some sort of arrangement that FSU players don't have to pay for stuff that's a bigger deal for the NCAA. My guess, Publix is legit and the cops in FLA won't prosecute. Shame on the cops and shame on FSU. Not every jurisdiction acts like this.


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When I first glanced at the headline and saw crabs, thought this was a story about MGrowOld's hijinks on campus in the 70s.

/I'll be here all week.


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"We have become aware of statements made by Jameis Winston during a recent interview with Jim Harbaugh describing the circumstances of his alleged receipt of food from a local grocery store," athletic director Stan Wilcox said Wednesday in an official statement.

Now, here is a store that takes double coupons and rewards programs (like MPerks for those of us who frequent Meijer) very seriously. If I lived in Florida, I would think about walking in with a Seminoles jersey just for the deals. 


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"Still, it remains staggering that Winston would volunteer this information, much less to the Michigan coach. Apparently not to Jimbo Fisher, not to Florida State officials, not to police."

"[We're] talking to our compliance right this morning," Fisher said Wednesday on an ACC coaches' conference call."

"So many layers, so many new questions. On the Florida State level, the school is looking into the revelation. It now brings into play the NCAA, even if it does become a minor extra benefits violation. Fisher said Wednesday, the school "thinks it's a totally isolated instance."

But he also said of Winston, "If he says it is [true], I guess it is."



Lucky Socks

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As just one example, the 5th Quarter in a2 used to let 18 year old Tate Forcier play bartender and pass out drinks to himself, friends, and random customers on Saturday nights.

College athletes get benefits...everywhere...even A2


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Had a buddy who claimed he was in a car with a hammered tare forcier behind the wheel who was flying down stadium when he got pulled over. As the story went, cop was very familiar with tate and told him he needed to clean up his act. So the story goes...who knows if it's true

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One Jimmy glare, and the truth comes pouring out. I'm glad when I came home stoned out of my mind in high school that Jim wasn't the one in the kitchen asking me where the hell I've been.

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dupont circle

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There is no way Jameis earned a legit 26 on the Wonderlic. His agent secured the test beforehand or the NFL gave him an abnormally easy Wonderlic to deflect from him being an illiterate thug that will go #1 overall in light of all the the recent crim charges in the league.