OT: Vote for Michigan lax

Submitted by laxalum on September 20th, 2010 at 1:38 PM

Inside Lacrosse magazine does Laxie Awards every year (I know, lame name for the awards) to recognize fan picks for things like player of the year, team of the year, best highlight, etc.  Michigan Lacrosse is represented in quite a few of the categories this year.  Trevor Yealy for MCLA player of the year (he deserves it).  Michigan vs. Colorado game for upset of the year (boo).

The eye openers this year are that Michigan is listed as a finalist for Team of the Year (along with powerhouses Duke, Notre Dame, Maryland women and US National Team) and that John Paul is listed for Coach of the Year (along with some huge names in the sport).  Pretty incredible recognition for a club team.

The link to the awards voting is: http://survey.insidelacrosse.com/.  C'mon Michigan fans.  Stack the ballot box.  You have to vote for every category, so a lot of you may have to just randomly pick all the non-Michigan ones.