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Sparty looks like an alcoholic.

Indiana looks like how I would expect every person from Indiana to look after a football game.

The Illini tribe member seems pretty racist.

Wisconsin looks pretentious.

The Buckeye looks like a Milk Dud.


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These were on EDSBS about a year and a half ago. I commented on Corn Nation at the time thusly....


This week EDSBS turned up a few old family portraits and did a "What's the SEC thinking?" rundown to go with it. Our SBNation blog promptly followed suit for the Big Ten When Men Were Men (and Ten Were Ten). With all these cute family photos going around, I figured I'd dig up your old one too.

Bunch of Looney Tunes if you ask me....

Colorado: Urrrggggghhhh.....Wessssst? Goooooo wwwwesssst? Hawwwwkins connnnntract ooooovvvver?


Nebraska: Be verrrrwy quiet. We're weaving foaw a  weal confewence with weal cowweges! Good heavens, we weave and da whole confewence disitegwated!


Missouri:Heeey, man, if you be splittin' what about lettin' a cool cat come jive in the Big Ten-to-Twelve too?


Kansas: "I say, I say, I say, son, you can't be goin' off pretending like we're a football conference anymore. Now, watch me play this game called basket-ing ball."



Oklahoma: "Gosh, I get blamed for everything I do. What if I was in the Southwest Conference...[dream sequence in which Ralph Phillips Sooner combines SWC and Big Eight, then gets to pay players through oil tycoon boosters and get away with it].


Oklahoma State: Why you no-good, long-eared varmint, I oughtta....uh....oh, nothing Sooner...sir. (someone's clearly suffering from an abusive relationship at home).


Kansas State: "Thufferin' this Thuckatash thince Eighteen-Ninety-Three!"


Iowa State: "I tawt I tode you: DOTE PWUT ME NETT TO TH' PUDDY TAT!"


Lookin' forward to making new legends together!*

-signed: Taz1_medium

(Closest thing to a Wolverine, okay?)


* U.S.A., America, and all support/patriotism thereof property of Iowa.

snarling wolverine

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That one is so odd.  Why did they represent the Iowa State Cyclones with what looks like a baby bird?  Why is the Sooner (i.e., a white settler who came in sooner than officially allowed) wearing a tribal headress?  What crazy drugs is that Jayhawk on?   So many questions...