OT: Victor Martinez missing 2012 season

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Sucks for Tigers fans. :( 



#Tigers announce Victor Martinez has suffered torn ACL. Surgery would likely sideline him for the season.


surgery on left knee is anticipated for v-mart, team says. if it is required as believed, he will likely miss '12 season. #tigers



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the only saving grace is it gives DD plenty of time to make a move.  If we somehow can sign Cespedes, we can easily move Delmon Young to DH. 


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Delmon and the Tiger's avoid arbitration today by signing a one year deal. Per the MLB twitter account, also Screhzer and some one else I can't recall and I'm at work where Twitter is blocked so I can't look it up or link it.


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If you can get him at a reasonable price, he will fill a huge whole in the lineup.  But i wouldn't over spend.  Can you imagine a lineup that starts with Jackson Boesch Young Cabrera Fielder.  That would be sweet.  Could even move delmon down and put cabrera 3 and fielder 4.   Don't see it happening but it would really get me excited for next year.

EZ Bud

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I know things happen, accidents happen, but doesn't it seem like the Tigers are especially plagued by devastating winter/spring training injuries/accidents? Crazy DUI stories, getting hurt while rescuing belongings from fires, falling down stairs, trying to find the remote under the couch cushions.. you know, real messed up shit.


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why does this shit always have to happen to the Tigers? DD needs to make a trade for an impact bat now, I don't want Cespedes because he can't hit a breaking ball so cross him off the list. Carlos Pena and Hideki Matsui suck. God this is terrible

Heinous Wagner

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With V-Mart gone (and thus the protection for Miggy), DD might have to think of dangling a Jacob Turner-and-other-prospects package for a big bat. Nothing left to be grabbed in free agency except Son of Cecil, and that ain't happenin'. The Cubs are shopping Soriano, which doesn't sound appealing at first blush, but might be more feasible if he doesn't have to go through the nightmare of playing LF.


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Miggy doesn't need Cabrera, he'll be elite regardless of who is hitting around him. Also, protection is something that many baseball analysts aren't buying in to, they say it's just a myth. I don't know how I feel either way, but here are some reads on it.




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I'll probably get negged for this, but:

A ton of people jumped down Markusr2007's throat when he posted the update of RR and his new QB commit, but this stuff is OK?  Injuries and tidbits from the Tigers/Red Wings/Lions is more OT than RR. (And same thing goes for the Colts fire Caldwell thread.)


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The difference is this has to do with a local sports team that most people here support, even though I don't. RR topics are relevant, but there's no need to post every single recruit he gets. Might as well just post every recruit for every B1G team as well, because that's just as relevant. Maybe at the end of the recruiting period a thread discussing solely RR's class would be fine, but one for each committ is not necessary.


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I agree that this thread is fine.  I just think that if a person believes that this belongs on the board, then that person should also believe that the RR news belongs on the board.  For the past few weeks, everyone has overreacted whenever a RR thread was posted -- but there's only been mayve 5 or 6 RR-related posts (2 per week?).  (And no, I don't support a thread about every recruit or thing RR does, but the other thread wasn't a measely little thing -- it detailed 3 recruits, and, most importantly, a QB recruit.)  


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Brian says this about the blog (emphasis mine):

"So what is this place? It's a somewhat comprehensive Michigan sports blog that promises to cover football, hockey, basketball, baseball, and all other Michigan sports in various levels of detail. These levels are:

  • football: exhaustive, extreme, and debilitating
  • hockey: considerable
  • basketball: moderate when it doesn't overwhelm with ennui
  • baseball: minimal but edging towards moderate of late
  • all others: mentions whenever they threaten to win a national title"

As such, its clear that Tigers news is not OT.

On the other hand, Rodriguez news would not normally be OT as he is a former Michigan coach but he is no longer such a thing.  If this were the on-season, that thread would be gone.  But, since off-season rules are in effect, I let that thread stand.  However, Brian made it clear in a previous front pager that general threads about Rodriguez that are completely unrelated to Michigan football will be considered improper OT during the season.

Knowing is half the battle . . .



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Profit, quick question of clarification: Does "Michigan sports" refer to all sports teams playing within the state of Michigan?  I always interpreted "Michigan sports" as "University of Michigan sports" and since I've been here that's how it has seemed to be taken.  Pro sports talk is allowed in moderation during the offseason and for huge news during the season, but was always considered OT.

That being said, I'm not against this thread by any means and think that this is big enough news to be posted even during the season.  Though, being a Tigers fan, I'm obviously biased.


January 18th, 2012 at 10:40 AM ^

You are correct that the interpretation of "Michigan" is meant to meat "University of Michigan" and not "State of Michigan."

However we have a substantial amount of case precedent of greater lenience about offtopic posts that relate to the local pro teams than other pro teams. Article X, Section 4 of the MGoFAQ suggests a level of ambiguity with pro sports teams being OT, and we have in practice made this mean something that a substantial portion of Michigan fans are interested in (e.g. the NFL Playoffs or major news for local pro teams) is okay.

You'll note there are a lot of open threads for Tigers over the summer, especially for the daytime games when people are at work and don't want to bother with the overflowing Bless You Boys liveblog. I understand that a lot of our readership are not from Michigan and root for the rivals (or former rivals) of Detroit's teams. However many out-of-state alumni adopted Detroit teams while in school, and we have more readers from the Detroit Metro area than any other region.

Plus while Brian's not a big pro teams fan, Ace and I are big Detroit sports fans, therefore to a degree such threads are given higher consideration under the I Like Them, So Na Na Na Boo Boo, Stick Your Head in Doo Doo Clause, which I just made up.

Blue boy johnson

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well that sucks. Tigers should tank the season in order to get the first pick.

Fire Leyland. We need a younger guy now that we are rebuilding

Dombrowski can't judge you talent, we need a new GM too, someone innovative. Someone who doesn't draft guys represented by Scott Boras. Someone with fire in his belly and the will to win. A warrior. You ever see Dombrowski at the games? Sits in a luxury box with his pretty boy hair. What is that going to get you. Where is the passion for excellence?


January 17th, 2012 at 3:53 PM ^

First, we are not the Yankees we can't just simply rebuild again without it taking almost a decade. Second, DD is one of the best GMs in the game even if you don't think so, he is a master of trades and is great with international signings. Last, who would you like to replace DD with? The only thing i agree with is the firing of Leyland and crew.


January 17th, 2012 at 3:56 PM ^

to trade for Ichiro? His contact is up in 2012, I doubt it would take an elite prospect and him hitting in Comerica seems appealng. We'd also have an actual leadoff hitter. 

Every Roh Has …

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I consider myself to be very knowledgeable in terms of the Tigers and baseball in general. Moreso even than Michigan football (gasp). That being said, the Tigers are at approx 110 million in salary, which is where Illitch feels comfortable. Prince Fielder would command probably at least 5 years at approx 18-20 mil per year, as he is a Boras client. I would say that a FA signing is somewhat out of the question, with the possible exception of Yoenis Cespedes, who is struggling mightily in DR winter ball. A trade seems more likely. The top 3 prospects are Turner, Castellanos, and Smyly. The question becomes who are you willing to part with to salvage the season? I for one am more willing to trade Turner than Castellanos, but of course I would expect something substantial in return. Thoughts?


January 17th, 2012 at 4:03 PM ^

as a full-time DH and trade V-Mart for a pitcher next offseason since we will be getting insurance money from V-Mart's contract. I would only move Turner, no touching Castellanos he is a position prospect at a position of need. Casey Kotchman wouldn't be a bad pickup and could give Cabrera a few days off. I wonder if we could grab Hamilton from the Rangers that wouldn't be terrible since they need pitching and could use money to sign Prince and Darvish.


January 17th, 2012 at 4:12 PM ^

The Tiger's will have to pay some serious frieght in prospects when teams know they are urgent to deal for a bat. The Tigers farm system sucks enough as it is. They can still win the AL Central with pulling a Carlos Pena off the scrap heap and see what happens. Revisit the issue in July when teams are more willing to dump salary if you have to.


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Slightly off topic, but the Twins can go screw themselves. Now, getting back on topic, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


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This is especially alarming now, since DD hasn't done anything so far to improve 2nd or 3rd base. Now we have to either watch Omir Santor, Don Kelly, or Brandon Inge spell Avila, or Avila become a dead man walking by season's end. This sucks.