OT: Verdict reached in Sandusky trial.. UPDATE: GUILTY 45 OF 48 COUNTS

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OT: Verdict reached in Sandusky trial.. waiting to hear the verdict





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I posted this on another site, but I'll share it here.

CNN is showing the podium outside the courtroom where the announcement of the verdict is going to be made. That does not look too safe or secure, given the crowd. 


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It is amazing to me that Sandusky seems to be more or less unaware that he has not only left a trail of personal destruction in a community and with his victims and their families, but on what is comparatively a minor note, that he may very well have decimated the football program he so loyally served for many years on many levels. The amount of direct and collateral damage is probably unfathomable. 

He exacerbated the destruction of the legacy of his immediate superior, though Paterno failed himself, his school and his own community as well, in my estimation. Jerry Sandusky was aided, it seems, by an atmosphere of complicity, so there was a failure of humanity among the decision-makers at Penn State, and all to preserve the reputation of a program. Whatever the sentence, he's done more damage to his own community than the most powerful ICBM, in my opinion. 

EDIT: New York Times and MSNBC reporting that  Sandusky was found guilty on  45 of 48 counts and has been placed into custody. He is going to prison, never to be seen in public again. Good. 


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Glad he's gone forever. All those complicit in this tragedy should just disappear into a massive sinkhole, never to be seen again.

The victims' lives are irreparably damaged. At least Sandusky will not abuse more children.


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Concurrently, meaning that his sentences could be served all together. So if the longest prison term he is granted is 10 years, and all of his sentences are served concurrently, then he would walk out after 10 years.

I have no expectation that this will happen in the least, but I do raise it as a possibility.

J. Lichty

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he is Medicare eligible, he was getting a state pension - probably still will - and he was probably even getting some benefits from tax payer funded psu.

you'll now be paying for his food and a place to live though he won't be eating lobster thermador where he is going.

Urban Warfare

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Social Security doesn't allow you to collect benefits while in prison, and I imagine most state pension plans have similar restrictions, although I've never checked.  Even if he does keep collecting while in jail, the coming civil lawsuits are going to make sure he doesn't get to spend it. 

Wolverine Devotee

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Enjoy rotting in prison and hell you piece of shit, Sandusky. I hope hitler takes a big piss all over your soul.

Still think the US should have the death penalty in all 50 states but I guess I don't mind these wastes if life rotting in jail forever.

This is one criminal that better not be coddled.


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Death penatly takes too long and costs too much money.  For capitol offenses and the like, lifetime solitary seems to be a better idea.  Just need to streamline the prisons and fix the CJS such that the overcrowding is significantly reduced.  In a lifetime solitary situation, costs could be significantly reduced if done right.