OT: Verdict reached in Sandusky trial.. UPDATE: GUILTY 45 OF 48 COUNTS

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OT: Verdict reached in Sandusky trial.. waiting to hear the verdict





June 22nd, 2012 at 10:29 PM ^

I could try to sensibly react to this news like some of you, but as far as I'm concerned all he deserves is a 12 gauge to the face off a plank in the Atlantic and a big Fuck You.


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This is kind of verdict that makes me feel the world isn't as bad as I originally thought. Hope this helps the victims feel some sort of relief.


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Interesting to hear that the threat of his step-son being brought in as a rebuttal witness for the prosecution is the only reason Sandusky didn't testify on his own behalf.


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Am I the only one bothered by the mood of the audience. I'm happy with the outcome but this seems like a time to reflect rather than celebrate. These people are giddy.


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Forgive me for being ignorant, as the I just don't know anything about the legal system, but can someone clarify what the difference between a life sentence is and sentencing someone for a very long time, like 442 years in this case? 

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A life sentence is a specific penalty, while these penalties are cumulative (i.e. 48 maximum 10 year sentences = 48 x 10 = 480 years). If he had three first-degree murder convictions, he could have been sentenced to three life sentences.

In practice, a theoretical maximum like this is rarely handed out. Much of the time will be served concurrently, which means he's effectively serving multiple sentenced punishments at the same time. Regardless, he'll die as an inmate somewhere.


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I'm thankful for some form of justice. But there are only losers in this situation. The victims will still suffer, Sandusky's family will suffer, and a community will grieve for years in one way or another. Eventually, I believe a higher power will grant Sandusky his true sentence.


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If his family continued to fight for him, then I don't have any problem with them suffering.  If it was my Dad, I would never have supported him during this case.  They just brought on more pain and suffering for the victims.


June 23rd, 2012 at 12:20 AM ^

Can anybody explain to me how he's acquitted of involuntary sexual intercourse with the only victim that a 3rd party actually witnessed?  McQuary described it pretty defintively, yet they acquitted on that count?

Yes, 45 of 48 isn't good enough in my mind.

Clarence Beeks

June 23rd, 2012 at 1:58 AM ^

My guess would be that the jury didn't find McQuery to be a credible witness.  The fact that the jury asked to hear his testimony and the testimony of Dranov (was that his name?), who McQuery had supposedly told a different story to, would seem to support that.


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They never found the boy directly involved, so he wasn't there to testify, and I don't believe McQary saw intercourse; he heard what sounded to him like sexual intercourse, so I don't really have a problem with the jury's decision on this one. To me, it shows they did carefully consider the evidence. And they did find him guilty on one or two other counts related to this incident.

Edit: He was found guilty on more than two counts involving the assault McQeary witnessed.

In reviewing the comments on the trial, it does seem that McQueary witnessed more than I initially thought, but either McQueary didn't keep his story straight through the years, or someone else has done a good job of muddying the waters and making is seem as though his accounts were inconsistant.  This may also play an important role in trials against the AD and president, because everything hinges upon what McQueary told them and how believable McQuary is.


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Verdict is in and justice has worked according to the jury's decision.  Glad to hear the case has been decided before the next season begins.  May the whole thing be over before the end of the summer.  Then let him be forgotten for his past deeds of virtue as a football coach, because he will live on forever in infamy for his deeds of sick perversion and cruelty.  

Now, let's begin to move on live for better things like Bo and all the other Michigan coaches would want!


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I guess I am one of those ppl to think that the cover-up extended into the university and coaching staff. I think people will look @ this and say, well, we got the bad guy. I think that will be the PSU response for one. I want to see the PSU ADs (or whomever) on trial, see another jury where 1/2 of them have a connection the university. See how that plays out next. I see a whole coaching staff that perhaps knowingly sat silent along with the ADs. Could some of these kids been spared?

If this ends with Sandusky getting convicted and nothing more. It's not good enough for me.



June 23rd, 2012 at 1:28 AM ^

I agree that the cover-up probably extended to many people through the school.  As an outsider, you wonder why Spanier and Curly kept quiet in 2001 and continued to keep a child rapist on campus.  Sandusky was already retired by then so JoePa's image probably would not have been tarnished in the slightest had Sandusky been arrested and convicted a decade ago...unless Sandusky had dirt on JoePa and PSU that the higher ups didn't want revealed to the public.  I can't think of any other reason why they would all continue to keep quiet for so long and STILL deny the accusations once they got caught.  

Spanier and Curly's trials are probably next and I will rejoice if they are found guilty on all their charges as well.