OT- USC/UCLA melee

Submitted by Marshmallow on November 30th, 2009 at 12:03 PM

Did anyone see the end of the SC / UCLA game on Saturday night? Neuheisel called a timeout on defense down 21-7 with a minute remaining and it looked like he was going to call the other two as well. Carroll dialed up a long play-action bomb that scored on the next play and chaos erupted in the Coliseum. The SC players were hopping and the UCLA players came to midfield before the officials separated the teams. I have mixed feelings; I like Carroll and the "right-back-at-ya" move at Neuheisel, who deserved it, but I don't think it sends a good message to the kids he talks to about gang violence on the midnight drives through LA. But it is always fun to see a good melee.



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Saw it. I thought it was pretty tasteless.

He said something in the post-game about how he didn't like the TO call. I think that most coaches call a TO when they have 2 or 3 at the end of the game and the other team takes a knee. Carroll over-reacted after they threw the TD pass too, acting like he'd just won the game on a last second play. I thought Neuheisel enjoyed getting the ball back and making USC wait 3 or 4 more downs to leave (and taking TOs in between too). That play does add fuel to the fire for next year.

Pete should be happy, at least he didn't challenge a meaningless play in a blowout. Then I'd say throw the bomb.


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They were only down 14. HIGHLY HIGLY improbable that they win the game, but you get the ball back, try for a quick score, onside kick. It's still possible. Don't blame Neuheisal at all for the timeouts. Carroll is a choch, through and through.


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I tend to agree with this. Harbaugh and Neuheisel have rightly tried to take shots at Carroll and USC. While I admire their gusto, they shouldn't be surprised when USC hits back. I guarantee Stanford won't win next year's game, any money.


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Let's be honest:

If Jim Tressel called the timeout, and then Tate threw a long bomb to Junior Hemingway next year to ice a 28-7 win, how would this board react? With righteous indignation, or "in your face sweatervest?"


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If UCLA is going to act like they are still in the game, then USC should act the same way. I see nothing wrong with the call and I think UCLA got what they deserved for calling a TO when they had almost no shot at winning.


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This definitely happened (maybe not vs. Wisconsin but at some point in 2006), although we didn't convert it.

IIRC, we were up by 10 or so points, and Lloyd was just Lloydballing the clock out at that point. Opponent calls a TO, we play action the next pass.

I remember thinking "Ahahaha fuck you guys" as the play developed.


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Yeah it was against Wisconsin. You can see UM just trying to run the clock out but Beilema called a TO. Then Henne bombed deep, but it was picked off.

Basically I don't fault Caroll for doing what he did, but his reaction as if he had just won a championship on a meaningless TD shows he's a major d-bag.


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I see nothing wrong with either side her. Neuheisel was trying to force them to run the ball instead of conceding and letting them kneel out the clock. Although it was risky, Carrol's play call was genius. UCLA was forcing and expecting the run, so dumping over the top was smart, not classless.


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I was at this game and can kind of see both sides to the call itself. UCLA had all three timeouts in a three score game but Carroll still went into victory formation with less than a minute to go. If Neuheisel doesn't call the timeouts he looks like he's just given up (even though his team had essentially zero chance to win). If anything, UCLA got what they wanted. SC's beat writer pointed out that after employing a conservative gameplan all day, the play-action pass was the one call that could have given UCLA a chance to get back in the game. Of course Carroll didn't want to be accused of playing Tressell-ball by his now very spoiled fanbase and the Bruins couldn't defend the play, so instead Carroll either looks like a Sensei Creese inspired genius or an asshole running up the score.

The stuff after the play was pretty much all on UCLA. They were the team whose players were well on the other side of midfield basically complaining about a call they would have loved if only they had defended it better (if they pick it off or sack Barkley they would have laughed at Carroll's hubris).